Why France produces the most World Cup players

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And some of the best.

For source material, make sure to check out the work of Darko Dukic here: runrepeat.com/most-football-talent-franc...

This video has been updated. The following corrections were made:

0:17 Annotation has been updated to include all foreign-born Moroccan players.
0:40 Map has been edited to include additional players.
3:07 Inaccurate annotations of player origins have been removed.
5:20 A previous version of the map included all French-born players, not only those who were born or raised in Paris.

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France has had the most native players and coaches in the last 4 World Cups… and their dominance has been on the rise. Players like Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba are the children of immigrants and the product of the French soccer academy system. French- born players have played for Togo, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, Portugal, and many more.

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