Fired Scott Pruitt: God Chose Donald Trump To Be President

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Опубликовано 9 июля 2018, 23:30
Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt is resigning because the public is being mean to him.

That’s the message of his official resignation letter, accepted by President Donald Trump on Thursday and obtained by Fox News reporter John Roberts shortly after the resignation was announced.

Pruitt amassed a truly remarkable number of corruption scandals during his time in office, including having staffers spend official time trying to find a lucrative DC job for Pruitt’s wife. But instead of acknowledging those scandals as the reason he’s leaving, Pruitt blames “unrelenting attacks” on himself and his family — the “attacks” presumably being either the audacity to report Pruitt’s wrongdoing, or the occasional confrontations he (like other Trump officials) has had with citizens upset about the Trump administration’s policies...

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