"TEXTBOOK BIAS" Blistering Opening Statement From Trey Gowdy On FBI Agent Peter Strzok

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Опубликовано 12 июля 2018, 14:41
A defiant Peter Strzok said the scrutiny he is facing over his anti-Trump text messages amounts to “just another victory notch in Putin's belt,” according to the FBI official's remarks prepared to be delivered before House committees Thursday morning.

Strzok, who arrived on Capitol Hill to testify in a public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee Thursday morning, has been in political crosshairs for months over revelations of anti-Trump text messages exchanged with his lover, and former bureau colleague, Lisa Page.

Strzok will say in his opening statement that he has never allowed personal opinions to affect his work, that he knew information during the campaign that had the potential to damage then-candidate Donald Trump but never contemplated leaking it to the press, and that recent congressional focus on him is misguided and plays into “our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.”

Strzok’s messages were first revealed by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The latest text, which was revealed in the inspector general’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, showed Strzok vowing to “stop” Trump from becoming president.

GOP leaders are expected to grill Strzok over the slew of Trump-bashing texts he exchanged on his FBI phone while he worked on bureau investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton’s email sever. Lawmakers are also expected to press Strzok on the impact of his political bias on any investigative decisions, though Horowitz ultimately found that despite the politically charged messages, there was no evidence that the bias had an impact on any prosecutorial decisions in the Clinton probe.
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