Russia: Belgium players set sights on World Cup third place

Published on 12 Jul 2018, 17:27
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Belgium national team football players Thomas Meunier and Youri Tielemans took part in a press conference and open training session in the Russian town of Dedovsk on Thursday.

"I think in the team we really want to end the journey well so we really want to win this game and go on vacation," Youri Tielemans said.

"It's just part of the life of a football player, you lose and next week you win so now for me it's really important to play for the third place," Meunier added.

Talking about Russia's organisation of the event, Tielemans said "I think we have to say Russia did an incredible work, everything was perfect for everybody the hotels were perfect and the travelling was not too hard for us because everything was well organised."

Belgium lost to France in the World Cup semi-final on Tuesday. France will play Croatia in the final of the competition in Moscow's Luzhniki stadium on 15 July.

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