Iranians, companies suffer as country faces worst economic crisis ever

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Published on 7 Aug 2018, 12:28
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Three months ago in Tehran''s Zarivar printer shop, this HP printer sold for the equivalent of 400 €. Today, salesman Javad Kabiri says the same printer sells for the equivalent of 1800 €.Javad KabiriPrinter SalesmanEveryone''s in shock. It''s never been like this - where you have items double and triple in price.
The soaring prices of imported goods is the outcome of one of Iran''s worst economic crises ever. In the three months since US president Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, Iran''s currency has lost almost half its value.Companies have retreated from investments in Iran, fearing violating US sanctions. Kabiri says business is so bad, he and his colleagues spend most of the day watching TV.Javad KabiriPrinter SalesmanSales have been cut in half. These days we may have 2 or 3 sales.This silence you see here is what it''s like all day.For Sanaz Allah Bedashti, the struggle is life and death. Sanaz''s mother is recovering from breast cancer. Finding her mother''s life-saving drug, she says, has become increasingly difficult.Sanaz Allah BedashtiCaring for motherThere''s a worry people with cancer will die. It''s really bad, for example for buying medicine. We discovered her cancer just as the sanctions came.For some, the pressure is reaching a boiling point. Scattered protests have broken out throughout Iran. The crowds are small, numbering in the 100s, but increasingly angry.Reza SayahTehran IranMany here say the key to resolving the crisis is not to escalate tensions with the US, but instead to enact long-overdue reform to address decades-long mismanagement by Iran''s leadership.Marzieh JavadiPolitical Analyst I think the first thing that all people are demanding is fighting corruption.Until then, it''s harder days ahead for Kabiri and millions of Iranians stuck in a spiralling economy.

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