Panama Canal bridge with Chinese design finishes its structure

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Published on 10 Aug 2018, 2:48
Panama is adding yet another civil engineering gem to its skyline. The Atlantic Bridge is a 4-lane cable-stayed vehicle channel near the Panama Canal that connects the province of Colon to communities to the west of the important port city. At 4 thousand 605 meters long, the bridge is truly a modern marvel.
The bridge will benefit the more than 40 thousand inhabitants of the Costa Abajo de Colón, in addition to the large numbers of tourists that come every day to visit the Canal. The new vehicle passageway also points to how Panama is increasing its connections with the world, particularly with China, as the structure was designed by the China Communication Construction Company.
Construction began on the bridge in 2013, and as a finished structure, it will be symbol of welcome and modernity to the thousands of ships that pass through the canal each year.
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