West Bengal: Farmers using paddy transplanter machine to sow paddy for the first time

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Published on 10 Aug 2018, 10:00
Paddy transplanter is being used to sow paddy for the first time at Bhagabanpur area in East Midnapore district, West Bengal. The paddy transplanter machine is made with technological help from Japan and is being installed with the support from Agricultural Department, Government of West Bengal. Mrinal Kanti Bera, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Plant Protection says that due to unavailability of skilled agricultural labour in paddy cultivation the production is affecting and annual yield are decreasing every year. A four-row paddy transplanter machine takes just one hour to sow seed in half acres of land which actually requires 7 to 8 skilled agricultural labourers and about 4-5 hours in the traditional manual process. The automated paddy transplanting mechanism cost around 2,46,000 in the Indian market and West Bengal Govt. gives financial support to the interested farmers under a different scheme.

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