On to the next Vox Borders location!

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Опубликовано 23 августа 2018, 19:28
Our next location: Colombia! / Nuestro próximo destino: Colombia!

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Vox Borders is traveling to Colombia this fall! So many of you have asked me to cover this specific border situation, and I'm so excited to start reporting on it.

Colombia is a fascinating a place, full of so many stories, including an urgent migrant crisis on the border with Venezuela. I’m looking forward to going and capturing some of these stories.

As always, I’m looking for help form locals. If live or have lived in Colombia, head to vox.com/borders-colombia to join our local network. Or, if you know someone who fits the bill, forward this email (or this specific form) their way.

I’ll be following up with the locals network for advice and perspectives as I report these stories in the coming weeks.

As always thanks for being a part of this journey. Can’t wait to share more as it all unfolds!

- Johnny

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