How Pakistan's cricket superstar became prime minister

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Опубликовано 29 августа 2018, 12:00
Why the world is watching Imran Khan.
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Imran Khan was sworn in as Pakistan’s new prime minister on August 18, but he is no ordinary politician. Before rising to power, he was a dashing cricket superstar. He lead the Pakistani cricket team to victory in the 1992 World Cup against England and became a global celebrity. He settled in England, where his popularity grew and where he was known as a bachelor.

He eventually resettled in Pakistan, where he shed his lady’s-man image and established the political career that lead him to become the head of Pakistan’s government. His strong anti-corruption message and opposition to the political dynasties that have ruled Pakistan for decades helped him ascend to power. But many have accused him of also getting help from Pakistan’s most powerful authority: the military. As Khan starts his tenure, we explore his rise to power and how Pakistan’s political climate might affect his term as prime minister. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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