Poland is pushing the EU into crisis

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Опубликовано 13 сентября 2018, 12:00
Poland’s far-right party is subverting democracy, and setting the country on a collision course with the EU.

For more detail on the 2017 Independence day march, read this excellent piece by Christian Davies in the Guardian: theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/18/more-g...

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Poland is changing. In 2015, the far-right Law and Justice party, or PiS, won both the presidential election and a slim parliamentary majority. Since then, they’ve been working to cement their power by firing judges, purging the military and civil service, and cracking down on protesters and the media. All of this has put the country on a collision course with the European Union that could threaten Europe’s hard-won peace and prosperity following centuries of conflict.

To truly understand the international conflicts and trends shaping our world you need a big-picture view. Video journalists Sam Ellis and Liz Scheltens use maps to tell the story and chart their effects on foreign policy.

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