Serbia: Hundreds of Christians march for anti-LGBT+ rally in Belgrade

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Published on 14 Sep 2018, 21:21
Around 300 people took part in an anti-homosexuality march held in Belgrade on Friday, two days ahead of the planned LGBT+ Pride parade.

SOT, Biljana Nikolic, Belgrade resident (Serbian): "I have children and I work with children. I am a teacher at school. I want them to have future, to know what moral and family values are. That's possible to learn only in healthy family which consists of parents and their children - parents of course being: mother and father."

SOT, Branislav Stefanovic, Belgrade resident (Serbian): "I am here for one important reason: Christ's army must win over the anti-Christ's army. Today we see here orthodox activism. We want to show that there is still some Christians willing to fight since many have given up Christ and the Christian fight. We want to build Christ's empire on the earth."

SOT, Damjan Knezevic, Belgrade resident (Serbian): "This is Orthodox liturgy for salvation and to help of our people. The God is the only one left from whom we could ask for help. Great powers have imposed some things we don't want here such as destruction of the family and family values. We have gathered here today to show the face of Serbian family."

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