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Published on 19 Sep 2018, 4:55
전문가 기자 대담
And for insight from what we just heard from the two leaders.... Professor Song Se-ryun of Kyung Hee University and our unification ministry correspondent Oh Jung-hee joins us in the studio today.
So good to see you again.

1- First and foremost, the two leaders signed a joint summit agreement and held a press conference together....
Alot came out it... as we just heard... what can we get out of it?

Nuclear facilities - shutting them down permanently.

President Moon invites Kim

2- What about the military agreement that was signed between South Korea's defense minister Song Young-moo and No Kwang Chol, minister of the People’s Armed Forces
How is this agreement aiming to carry out the Panmunjom Declaration signed back in April?

4- During their first round of the summit, President Moon highlighted the great responsibility he and the North Korean leader owed to their nation and the entire world... saying... "I feel the great weight we must bear, along with a heavy responsibility. I wish this will be a summit that produces abundant results as a gift to the 80 million people of this nation for Chuseok."

5- Also talks on Koreas jointly holding the summer olympics 2032

Talking about reducing military tensions on the Korean Peninsula... South Korea's defense ministry on Wednesday dismissed a claim that Seoul and Washington have been pushing for the transfer of wartime operational control (OPCON) with a specific timeline in mind.

And of course eyes are on whether this week's inter-Korean summit will help to get the stalemated negotiations between the North and the U.S back on track again.
Since the historic summit between Kim and Trump in Singapore in June.... the U.S. has been calling for concrete steps by the North to prove denuclearization,.. while North Korea has been calling for a regime-security guarantee that includes declaring an end to the Korean War and signing a peace treaty first.

President Moon, before leaving for Pyeongyang today told his aides that his trip to North Korea would "have a great meaning if it could lead to the resumption of North Korea-U.S. dialogue."
What can we make of this and would we see our president accomplish this during his visit there?

7- Can we expect something more detailed, more specific agreements to come out of the third summit especially in regards to the denuclearization process?
Moon's special envoy to North Korea Chung Eui-yong was in Pyongyang this month and has said that Mr. Kim reaffirmed his commitment to denuclearize.

8- Depending on the outcome of this week's summit... where do you see the U.S.-North Korea talks going from here on out?
What are the chances that we'll see a second summit between Kim and Trump before the year's end?

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