Day-2 of inter-Korean summit in Pyeongyang: Will leaders come out with answers?

Published on 19 Sep 2018, 4:56
화기애애한 첫 날 보낸 남북 정상,…오늘 오전 2일차 정상회담, 비핵화 결실 볼까
And for more on the first round of talks as well as on what we can expect from today's meeting between the two leaders... let's turn to our Blue House correspondent Shin Se-min who's standing by at the Main Press Center in Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul.
Se-min, so how did the first day go for the two leaders?

Ji-yoon,... it sure was a full first day in Pyeongyang.
President Moon Jae-in spent most of his day with his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un on day one.
In fact, they were together the whole time except the luncheon-- which they had separately.
Let me go over some of the key moments that were caught on camera.
From that warm welcome by the leader Kim-- with a tight hug,... the motorcade through the streets of Pyeongyang,... the moment when the leaders received a standing ovation at the grand theatre after the welcoming ceremony,... to separate moments reserved for the first ladies-- all of these series of events are an indication that the talks between the two is once again,.... getting off to a good start.
And of course,.... keeping that positive mood may be important-- especially at a time when President Moon is on a mission to save the recently stalled nuclear talks.

Right indeed. The first day seems to have gone smoothly,... but what can we expect from today's meeting between the two leaders?.

If we were to rate,... today would be the biggest day of the three-- in terms of fleshing out concrete agreements and related measures on denuclearization.
The two leaders' official schedule for day two begins in a little over an hour and half,... at 9:40 when they will gather at the garden of Baekwhawon, where President Moon had stayed overnight-- for their friendly event and a photo-op.
They will then go into a second round of their meeting at 10:30 for another half-an hour.
From 11 this morning,... the two sides will announce the results of their discussion-- which many speculate... could be delivered by the leaders themselves.
And the presidential office did hint,... prior to the delegations' departure to the North,... that there may also be a joint presser following that announcement,... so I'll keep you posted on that.
And, again... I keep stressing this,... President Moon needs something out of today,... as he will need some sort of progress before sitting down with U.S. President Donald Trump in New York... when he leaves for the UN General Assembly this weekend.

And we should be able to learn more details later today hopefully,... with a daily briefing scheduled at the main press center, where you are now.

Right. Unlike many other summits we've seen before with other world leaders,... we are learning things as we go-- even the presidential press corps.
Things like the exact timing and location of various events... and any unexpected occurences... are being released in a delayed manner... probably because of the limited resources and constraints being faced by the South Korean delegation to relay information to the Main Press Center here.
But yes, in short time,... we should hear from the chief presidential secretary Yoon Young-chan regarding the details of today's schedule.
That's coming up in less than half-an-hour. Mark?

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