[LIVE/NEWS] U.S., European stocks stumble hard again - 2018.10.12

Published on 12 Oct 2018, 1:32
▪ KOSPI opens slightly higher than Thursday's trading

▪ No. of newly employed increased by 251,000 y/y in Sept.

▪ Pres. Moon to firm up support from European nations on his peace initiative on Korean Peninsula

▪ Parliamentary inspection continues with rival parties exchanging barbs over various issues

▪ President Moon attends Int'l Fleet Review in Jeju

▪ S. Korean Navy holds international fleet review in Jeju

▪ Trump says U.S. has good relationship with North Korea, Pompeo has been "a star"

▪ Trump says he has 'a lot more to do' on China trade

▪ Hurricane Michael leaves 6 dead

▪ Belgium's top football league being investigated for corruption, match-fixing

▪ Contemporary issue on reading habits in South Korea

▪ S. Korea's 1st 'Internet Peace Prize' promotes cyber etiquette

▪ Sweater weather this morning, first frost of season in Seoul

*Updated: 2018-10-12 - 10:30:00(KST)
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