Trial of US Pastor Brunson resumes in Turkey

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Published on 12 Oct 2018, 12:38
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Before becoming the American pastor taken from prison, to court and house arrest...Andrew Brunson - was in charge of a small evangelical church in Izmir....for 2 decades - he, his wife and three children lived in Turkey - ....but their lives were shattered shortly after the failed coup attempt against President Recep Tayip Erdogan. ..for weeks - authorities arrested tens of thousands of people - who they believed were involved in the coup...among them 20 Americans - including Pastor Brunson...Turkish authorities accuse him of spying - and being linked to groups fighting Erdogan:- the outlawed Kurdistan workers party - or PKK - and the preacher Turkey accuses of organising the coup: Fetulah Gulen... exiled in the US...Erdogan - has suggested the US should deliver Gulen - in exchange for pastor Brunson...SOT ERDOGAN"They say: ''give us our pastor back'' - but they too have a preacher and we will do anything to have him tried... The Americans say: ''don''t involve Gulen in this case'' what does that mean? you''re not even putting him on trial.. he lives in a manoir in Pennsylvania. You could easily extradite him!'' Gullen denies any involvement in the failed coup... while Brunson swears he has never acted against the Turkish leadership...his arrest - has brought relations between long time allies US and Turkey to a new low....with both countries taking sanctions against one anotherthe crisis has hit the Turkish economy - with Lira plummeting...

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