[LIVE/NEWS] Joint policy consultation body to hold its inaugural meeting at Blue House - 2018.11.05

Published on 5 Nov 2018, 1:31
▪ National Assembly's budget committee set to review 2019 budget

▪ Gov't hiring more low-paid workers; private sector fewer: Data

▪ Pompeo says he will meet N. Korea's Kim Yong-chol in New York this week

▪ Two Koreas begin joint waterway inspection on Han and Imjin Rivers for peaceful use of estuaries

▪ Koreas hoist yellow flags at DMZ guard posts to show they are being dismantled

▪ S. Korea, U.S. resume joint marine exercise

▪ Second round of U.S. sanctions on Iran takes effect Monday

▪ Two families die in Sicily, death toll from Italian storms now reach at least 29

▪ Pacific's New Caledonia votes 'no' to independence from France

▪ Giant Boris Johnson effigy burns for UK bonfire night

▪ Japan FM says no more compensation for past use of forced labor

▪ S. Korea's FX reserves edge down on-month in October

▪ S. Korea launches social movement for candid dialogue on N. Korea

▪ Korean medical team succeeds in implanting 3D-printed ribcage in patient

▪ Local researchers discover bacteria that fends off disease from tomatoes(10) Wide daily temperature gap with high levels of ultra fine dust

*Updated: 2018-11-05 - 10:30:00(KST)
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