Mexico local: "In Tijuana, all the time new tunnels are found"

Published on 20 Nov 2018, 6:20
The Epoch Times interviewed a local resident of Tijuana who said that that there have been a lot of discoveries of tunnels throughout the years.

"Actually, no, I think this could be called a ‘wild card’ for something that the government has already stabilized.

"I think they are from the left wing. This is just a bunch of people they brought. I don’t think it’s because they really want to cross or for the American dream.

"What I think it should’ve happened… There were many people, that I thought about and talked about it with certain people, like the house of the LGTB, the gay circle, they are in a house in Playas de Tijuana, and that’s very close to the border.

"So who could deny that many people that are arriving are actually being sent through an underground tunnel, which is what’s used here?

"In Tijuana, all the time new tunnels are found, used to smuggle drugs or people to the US. Actually, for the amount of people they talk about, I think we don’t see so many people as what could be seen all throughout the caravans.

"I think many are already crossing. And I hope that’s the case, so they don’t stay, but many Hondurans have been asking the costs of having a job here, the cost of living here, the cost of rent here.

"So I think more than 50-70% will end up staying here in Mexico."
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