54 min 6:34
Refugees filling job gaps created by drugs
As the percentage of American workers testing positive for illegal drugs has climbed to its highest level in a decade, employers are turning to refugees to fill gaps in the labor market. 27 Mar 2017, 11:33
1 hour 4:12
Humanitarian crisis In Yemen is worst in the world – Oxfam report
Thousands of protesters in Yemen have vented their anger at the relentless bombing by the Saudi-led coalition, as the conflict in their country rages on. 27 Mar 2017, 10:34
1 hour 2:03
Russian helicopters in action against ISIS heavy vehicles in east Homs
Website: almasdarnews.com Facebook: facebook.com/TheArabSource Twitter: twitter.com/TheArabSource "If you enjoy our work, please consider supporting our mission. 27 Mar 2017, 10:55
2 hours 1:59
Navalny arrest: Russian press on opposition protests - BBC News
The BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Moscow assesses responses in the Russian press to the mass protests that sparked the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Sunday. 27 Mar 2017, 10:08
2 hours 0:45
Nightmare rollercoaster: At least 18 injured as Hong Kong escalator changes direction & speeds up
Visitors to a luxury 15-storey Hong Kong shopping mall were sent hurtling down a massive escalator when it suddenly went into reverse. RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 27 Mar 2017, 9:37
2 hours 1:28
Russia protests: Crowds take to streets over corruption - BBC News
Russia's main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has been arrested at an anti-corruption protest he organised in the capital, Moscow. 27 Mar 2017, 9:36
1 hour 5:47
Surviving Mosul: Residents who've escaped the fighting - BBC News
Iraqi forces have launched a renewed attack against jihadists in Mosul's Old City. The United Nations has warned that four hundred thousand people are "trapped" there, in siege-like conditions. 27 Mar 2017, 11:27
30 min 2:39
Germany: Turks abroad cast ballots in Hanover as polls open for referendum
A reported 100,000 Turkish citizens are set to visit polling stations in Hanover over the next few weeks, as voting opened for Turkey's constitutional referendum, Monday. 27 Mar 2017, 11:56
1 hour 2:56
News in Brief -- March 27th -- 10:30 GMT
1. Iraqi officials say rescue operations continue to recover bodies of civilians who were killed in US airstrikes in Mosul. 2. 27 Mar 2017, 11:24
47 min 0:56
Theron pleads for AIDS work in South Africa
At an amfAR gala in Hong Kong, Charlize Theron urges the audience to consider the children of AIDS victims in South Africa. 27 Mar 2017, 11:40
1 hour 1:54
Russia: Lavrov and Italian FM Alfano tout bilateral ties in Moscow meeting
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov welcomed his Italian counterpart Angelino Alfano in Moscow on Monday, to discuss bilateral relations as well as current international issues. 27 Mar 2017, 11:25
42 min 2:16
March against police brutality in Paris, France (in 360)
Protesters have gathered in Paris to rally against police brutality. 27 Mar 2017, 11:44
4 hours 0:39
Hong Kong shoppers injured when escalator goes into reverse – video
Up to 18 people have been injured after an escalator suddenly changed direction in a Hong Kong shopping centre. 27 Mar 2017, 7:38
1 hour 1:26
Thousands evacuated as Cylone Debbie approaches
25,000 people have been ordered to evaucate their North Queensland homes as Cyclone Debbie nears the Australian coast. Report by April Brown. 27 Mar 2017, 11:15
1 hour 1:36
Pro-EU party leads in Bulgarian elections | DW News
The pro-EU center-right party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is projected to win a plurality of 32 percent in Bulgarian elections, with the pro-Russia party conceding defeat at 28 percent. 27 Mar 2017, 11:15
1 hour 1:02
Train passes through residential building in Chongqing, SW China
Train passes through the middle of a 19-storey residential building in China's 'Mountain City'. Hear what residents have to say 27 Mar 2017, 11:19
1 hour 3:15
Korean businesses in Beijing on front line of China's THAAD backlash
중국 북경 교민사회 사드 보복에 압박 상태 China's backlash against the South Korean government's decision to deploy the U.S. 27 Mar 2017, 10:59
1 hour 1:14
Legend celebrates the magic of Disney
John Legend performs at Disneyland Paris' 25th anniversary celebration. 27 Mar 2017, 11:22
1 hour 1:19
Raw: Exhausted Runner Helped to Finish Line
Raw: Exhausted Runner Helped to Finish Line Subscribe for more Breaking News: smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Get updates and more Breaking News here: smarturl.it/APBreakingNews The Associated Press is 27 Mar 2017, 10:46
1 hour 1:25
Syria: US-Backed rebels retake strategic airbase near IS Group's stronghold Raqqa
Subscribe to France 24 now: f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 f24.my/YTliveEN Syria: US-Backed rebels retake strategic airbase near IS Group's stronghold Raqqa Visit 27 Mar 2017, 11:03
1 hour 0:36
Steady Lah!
Just how well do you know Singapore? 27 Mar 2017, 11:11
2 hours 6:32
‘Destruction, not liberation’: War atrocities become part of Mosul’s daily life
As the U.S.-backed operation to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State intensifies.. 27 Mar 2017, 10:10
1 hour 0:57
At Indian restaurant, deaf and mute staff a talking point
A restaurant in the Indian city of Mumbai is promoting social inclusion by hiring staff who are deaf and mute and encouraging diners to use sign language to communicate. 27 Mar 2017, 10:59
32 min 0:53
The West defenseless against Russian Zircon missiles
Russia is developing a hypersonic Zircon missile, which would become the main clout of the Russian fleet. Production will be started next year. 27 Mar 2017, 11:54
1 hour 1:31
Sewol-ho ferry to be transported to Mokpo Thursday
해수부 "세월호 목포신항 30일 전후 출발" The Sewol-ho ferry, which sank three years ago in the West Sea, killing 304 people, has been raised to the surface. 27 Mar 2017, 10:59
36 min 0:37
Philippine Navy gets training aircraft from Japan
The Philippine Navy received two Japanese patrol aircraft on Monday that will help the country bolster its maritime patrol and surveillance capabilities. 27 Mar 2017, 11:51
2 hours 2:15
'Sound hatred' a genuine problem, say UK scientists
Scientists from the UK's Newcastle University say their research on misophonia shows the hatred of sound can cause noticeable changes in the brains of sufferers, as Jim Drury reports. 27 Mar 2017, 10:04
51 min 1:12
Police seize £68 million of crystal meth in Australia
Australian and Chinese authorities have seized a huge container of drugs bound for Australia. Report by Hettie Maylam. 27 Mar 2017, 11:36
9 min 1:22
GOP Rep.: Health law failure on Freedom Caucus
Republican Rep. Charlie Dent, a co-chairman of the moderate Tuesday Group caucus, says the conservative House Freedom Caucus is responsible for the GOP's failed Obamacare repeal effort. 27 Mar 2017, 12:17
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