31 min 1:01:38
Watch Live: Space X Launch: Falcon 9 rocket takes off
The space craft, launched from Cape Canaveral, will carry Bulgarian communication satellite into orbit. 23 Jun 2017, 20:01
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1 hour 13:48
SpaceX launches Bulgarian satellite on recycled rocket
Launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center carrying the BulgariaSat 1 communications satellite. RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 23 Jun 2017, 19:22
1 hour 1:29
F-16 Crashes at Airport During Practice for Dayton Air Show In Ohio
There has been an accident involving a U.S. Military F-16 at the Dayton International Airport In Ohio. Stay tuned for more details. 23 Jun 2017, 19:15
7 hours 1:14
BREXIT negotiations - Tusk: UK offer for EU citizens "below expectations" - BBC News
UK offer for EU citizens "below expectations" & "risks worsening the situation" - EU Council President Donald Tusk Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures 23 Jun 2017, 12:55
1 hour 5:37
Maca Plant Pirates in Peru (HBO)
A root called maca, said to boost sexual stamina, became a national craze in China in 2013. Farmers in Peru, where maca is grown, made huge sums of money for a few seasons, until one day the Chinese buyers disappeared. 23 Jun 2017, 18:50
1 hour 1:37
Here’s how the American diet has changed in the last 52 years
The average American consumes more than 3,600 calories daily – a 24% increase from 1961, when the average was just 2,880 calories. 23 Jun 2017, 19:00
1 hour 2:28
Lebanon: Saudi Arabia too 'cowardly' for war on Iran – Hezbollah Secretary General
Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on Quds Day, Friday in Beirut in which he discussed the day’s historical background and the broader situation in the Middle East. 23 Jun 2017, 19:30
6 hours 4:16
People Outside a Trump Rally Told us Why They Hate the Media (HBO)
Evan McMorris Santoro went to Cedar Rapids, IA and sat outside Trump’s campaign rally in a booth to find out if attendees really hate the media. 23 Jun 2017, 13:43
2 hours 7:52
Qatar blockade: Arab states give Doha 10 days to cut ties with Iran & close Turkish base
The Arab states which have imposed an economic blockade on Qatar over its alleged financing of terrorism have issued a severe list of demands, which includes giving Doha 10 days to cut ties with Iran, shutting down Al 23 Jun 2017, 18:12
4 hours 9:45
Canadian Billionaire Kidnapped and Tortured in China | China Uncensored
Yet another wealthy Canadian is disappeared by Chinese police. Sign the petition! change.org/p/justin-trudeau-let-s-bring-sun-qian-home Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! 23 Jun 2017, 16:00
1 hour 1:13
Gorilla goes crazy having fun in paddling pool
This video of a gorilla at Dallas zoo splashing, spinning and dancing in a blue paddling pool has gone viral. 14-year-old Zola loves a good bath. . Report by Jennifer Cordingley. 23 Jun 2017, 19:03
1 hour 2:14
Conway defends WH opioid epidemic plan
President Donald Trump's special counselor, Kellyanne Conway, tells CNN the administration is devoting numerous departments and resources to tackling the US opioid epidemic. 23 Jun 2017, 18:47
8 hours 0:57
Three men on Friday hijacked a Toyota Hilux in less than a minute in Isipingo
Subscribe to News24: youtube.com/user/News24Video 23 Jun 2017, 11:54
8 hours 0:37
Dashcam: Road rage sparks massive car crash
A driver with a dashboard camera caught a road rage incident, which resulted in a chain reaction crash on the 14 Freeway north of Los Angeles. 23 Jun 2017, 11:47
5 hours 7:41
Long-term US anti-Iran agenda begins with destabilizing Syria – Martin Jay
Two Russian Navy frigates and a submarine have fired six Kalibr cruise missiles on Islamic State targets in Syria, the Defense Ministry said. Militants who survived the attack were later killed in airstrikes. 23 Jun 2017, 15:16
3 hours 6:01
Mysterious 'Unseen Planetary Mass' Lurking at Edge of Solar System?
A mysterious, unseen, planetary object with a mass somewhere between that of Mars and Earth may be lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research. 23 Jun 2017, 17:14
4 hours 26:52
President Donald Trump signs VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017
The law aims to help fix problems in the department of veterans’ affairs and protect whistleblowers. 23 Jun 2017, 16:18
37 min 2:35
Afghanistan: Opium addiction grows rapidly since US invasion
The number of opium addicts living outdoors in squalor in Kabul, Afghanistan has shot up since the USA invasion of 2001. 23 Jun 2017, 19:55
11 hours 3:48
EXCLUSIVE : Inside Islamic State 'capital' Raqqa - BBC News
The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse is the first British journalist to report from the Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of so-called Islamic State's "caliphate". 23 Jun 2017, 9:29
4 hours 2:51
Russia: Turkish Stream ‘ready to supply gas to South and South East Europe’ - Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin said "If our partners want it to happen” the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline would be “ready to supply South and South East Europe through Turkish territory”, while speaking over 23 Jun 2017, 15:34
6 hours 21:20
Kellyanne Conway's full 'New Day' interview
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses Trump's views on Russian President Vladimir Putin's US election hacks directives, the GOP's health care bill and the alleged taped conversations with former FBI 23 Jun 2017, 14:06
4 hours 2:02
North Korea will not co-host the Olympics
South Korea wants North Korea to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but there's simply not enough time to consider co-hosting the event. CNN's Paul Hancocks reports. 23 Jun 2017, 15:47
30 min 3:08
UAE warns Qatar over demands by Arab states
The United Arab Emirates has called on Qatar to accept a list of demands issued by the Arab states that have cut ties with Doha. 23 Jun 2017, 20:03
6 hours 2:32
Arab states issue list of demands to end Qatar crisis
Saudi and other Arab nations have asked Qatar to shut Al Jazeera, close a Turkish base and scale down Iran ties within 10 days. Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports. 23 Jun 2017, 13:49
38 min 2:11
US violates UN Charter with its war of aggression on Syria: Analyst
The United States is violating the UN Charter and the International Criminal Court by conducting a war of aggression against Syria, according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist. 23 Jun 2017, 19:55
1 hour 2:10
Cosby juror speaks out about trial
The jury in Bill Cosby's assault trial agreed on many points in the case and accepted his accuser's testimony as true, but they remained at a hopeless deadlock because some were confused by how the charges were worded, 23 Jun 2017, 18:46
4 hours 1:38
Trump signs VA accountability legislation
President Trump signs a Veterans Affairs accountability bill after it was passed by Congress. 23 Jun 2017, 16:32
3 hours 3:20
Whoa! 2 Million Gallons of Toxic Fluid Spilled On Ohio Wetlands, Feds Investigating
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is overseeing the development of a new interstate natural gas pipeline, has opened an investigation into the spill of 2 million gallons of toxic drilling fluid on 23 Jun 2017, 17:04
6 hours 3:09
Syrian War Report – June 23, 2017: Army Regaining More Ground Near Palmyra
If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. 23 Jun 2017, 14:29
5 hours 10:41
British Army Vs Canadian Army - Face To Face Between British & Canadian Soldiers In Simulated Combat
Video shows simulated firefights between British Army vs Canadian army during a close face to face mock battle between British and Canadian Soldiers during simulated combat training booth nations took place in. 23 Jun 2017, 15:00
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