1 hour 1:11
The Launch Of Icebreaker "Siberia"
The world's most powerful nuclear icebreaker "Siberia" was launched. 23 Sep 2017, 11:00
13 min 4:08
Hurriyat bats for Pakistan
Republic accesses the details of the separatists as Hurriyat bats for Pakistan 23 Sep 2017, 12:43
5 hours 23:02
《吃饱没?3》第六集 - “Eat Already? 3” Episode 6
一连串的麻烦和霉运似乎笼罩着王家和周遭的友人。头家王的妻子拿贵重的首饰去典当时,差点儿堕入老千设下的圈套。陈小姐在工作的地方遇到高力不请自来;而另一边厢,琪琪获悉关于亲生母亲的真相后,感到茫然且伤心欲绝。就在大伙儿重新振作之际,高力向众人下战书,要以厨艺一争高下,而赌注竟然是“老金记”的拥有权!点击收看完整剧集: sg.sg/eatalready3 Troubles and bad luck seem 23 Sep 2017, 7:29
15 min 3:49
Boycott Pakistan
In the biggest sporting controversy, Indian cycling body invites Pak 23 Sep 2017, 12:42
1 hour 3:39
Musa Attacks His Own Now
Musa's Al Qaeda front releases video 23 Sep 2017, 11:31
15 min 1:38
Noida: Woman alleges abduction and gang rape
In a shocking case, a 24-year-old woman was allegedly abducted from Noida's Golf Course metro station and gang-raped in a moving car. The victim was later dumped near Delhi's Akshardham. 23 Sep 2017, 12:42
14 min 3:21
CM's Cavalcade Blocked
Deputy Chief Minister's Cavalcade was blocked due to protests in Jammu 23 Sep 2017, 12:43
1 hour 1:09
New Zealanders voting in closest general election in years
New Zealand is holding its general election to determine membership in the country's 52nd parliament. More than three million voters will vote for 121 members of the House of Representatives. 23 Sep 2017, 11:06
4 hours 25:01
Is Kenya's democracy in crisis? - UpFront
In this week’s UpFront, we speak to Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga about the annulled election. Will he present himself for the re-run? And could the recent Supreme Court ruling finally lead him to victory? 23 Sep 2017, 8:57
5 hours 2:12
Puerto Rico: Thousands evacuated after Hurricane Maria damages dam
Tens of thousands of people in Puerto Rico are being moved amid fears a dam that was damaged in Hurricane Maria will break. At least six people were killed when the Hurricane hit the island on Wednesday. 23 Sep 2017, 7:31
15 min 1:01
Mass rally in Pyongyang in support of leader Kim Jong-Un
Tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents gather in Pyongyang's Kim Il-Sung square to laud leader Kim Jong-Un's denunciation of US President Donald Trump. IMAGES 23 Sep 2017, 12:41
5 hours 43:29
Indian Economy In Slowdown: Five Things PM Modi Can Do To Fire Growth
Worried over a slowdown in the economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is expected to soon announce measures to revive growth that decelerated to a three-year low of 5.7% in the quarter ended-September. 23 Sep 2017, 7:55
4 hours 1:16
Russia: Putin peruses top picks of public transport in Ulyanovsk
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the industrial park of Zavolzhye in Ulyanovsk on Friday, where he inspected different modes of public transport. 23 Sep 2017, 8:11
3 hours 1:40
Trump: 'Little rocket man should've been handled'
US President Donald Trump has said 'little rocket man' should've be dealt with a long time ago as the war of words continues between Trump and N.Korea. Report by April Brown. 23 Sep 2017, 9:41
3 hours 10:33
Dr. Subramanian Swamy On Karti Chidambaram
Dr. Subramanian Swamy speaks about Karti Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi and Former PM Manmohan Singh 23 Sep 2017, 9:32
5 hours 2:39
Pressure on Barcelona to stop Catalan independence vote
Pro and anti-independence protesters have met on the streets of the Catalan capital, Barcelona before next month's vote on independence from Spain. The central government in Madrid is trying to stop the vote. 23 Sep 2017, 7:47
14 min 4:03
Senior Journalist Found dead
Senior Journalist and mothe found dead in Mohali 23 Sep 2017, 12:43
4 hours 3:16
EX-AAP Leader Anjali Damania's Sensational Claim
___ About Channel: India Today TV is India's leading English News Channel. 23 Sep 2017, 8:39
4 hours 2:43
Kurdish leader Barzani: Independence will not disrupt fight against ISIL
Iraq's Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani has promised Monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead, despite international pressure to stop it. 23 Sep 2017, 8:48
4 hours 2:58
Shiv Sena To Hold Rallies Across Mumbai From Today
The Shiv Sena will be holding rallies across Mumbai from Saturday to protest rising inflation and higher prices of petrol. 23 Sep 2017, 8:13
5 hours 3:18
Honeypreet's Relative Makes Big Revelation
Honeypreet Insan, the adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, has been on the run ever since he was convicted of rape, spent a night at one of her relative's home in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh. 23 Sep 2017, 7:22
7 hours 14:48
German federal elections upcoming this Sunday (Special Coverage)
It's the eve of the German federal election, with the country going to the polls on Sunday to elect members of the next Bundestag RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 23 Sep 2017, 5:19
4 hours 1:58
Mexico continues search for survivors after earthquake
Three days after an earthquake killed at least 286 people, Mexican rescuers are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors. 23 Sep 2017, 8:20
14 min 3:43
Petitioner Decides to take u-turn
Aditya Varma, the petitioner against BCCI has taken a U-turn by threatening to withdraw the case against the BCCI 23 Sep 2017, 12:43
2 hours 1:56
Show me your guns! Bodybuilders flex in front of sport's veteran Schwarzenegger
Arnold Classic Europe professional bodybuilding festival kicked off in Barcelona, on Friday, attended by the Hollywood actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 23 Sep 2017, 10:40
12 min 0:59
Dam fails in Puerto Rico, 70,000 told to evacuate
Some 70,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes after a rain-swollen dam in Puerto Rico failed in the latest disaster caused by Hurricane Maria, which was on Saturday expected to head into open waters. 23 Sep 2017, 12:45
16 min 1:00
Brazilians demonstrate for gay rights after 'cure' controversy
Thousands of Brazilians march for gay rights after uproar over a judge's ruling that psychologists can administer so-called "cures" for homosexuality. 23 Sep 2017, 12:41
2 hours 2:25
Russia: First Russian serially-produced nuclear icebreaker launched in St Petersburg
St. Petersburg's Baltic Shipyard launched Russia's first serially-produced nuclear icebreaker, the 'Sibir', on Friday. 23 Sep 2017, 10:05
4 hours 10:14
Srinivasan: Lied About Amma's Deteriorating Health
In July 2015, then Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa slapped a criminal defamation case in a Chennai court against a news portal for carrying a story on her health. 23 Sep 2017, 8:35
5 hours 1:35
Iran: State TV broadcasts new Khorramshahr ballistic missile test
Iran tested a new ballistic missile in Tehran on Friday as President Hassan Rouhani stepped up pressure on the United States after promising to boost his country's missile capabilities, footage from Iran's state TV 23 Sep 2017, 7:34
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