2 hours 41:42
Confiscated vote? Escalation over banned Catalonia referendum
Authorities in Madrid have taken their standoff with Barcelona to a whole new level, raiding government offices, arresting Catalan cabinet members, confiscating 10 million ballot papers, all to thwart a banned October 21 Sep 2017, 18:46
7 hours 31:00
Kamal-Kejriwal Meet : New Anti Modi Third Front For 2019 ?
Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has met Kamal Haasan over a lunch in Chennai and both of them jointly held a press conference after the meet. They praise each other for their stand against corruption and communal forces. 21 Sep 2017, 14:00
2 hours 16:14
LIVE: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Addresses U.N. General Assembly
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi addresses U.N. General Assembly Thursday at UN headquarters in New York. 21 Sep 2017, 19:15
2 hours 1:17
Trump Announces New Sanctions Targeting Business With North Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump issued a new executive order imposing new sanctions on North Korea and those who do business with the country on September 21. 21 Sep 2017, 18:50
2 hours 1:21
UN: Lavrov attends BRICS ministerial meeting on UNGA sidelines
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took part in the BRICS ministerial meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Thursday. 21 Sep 2017, 19:13
3 hours 2:38
‘There’s nothing better than cats’ Yandex’s virtual assistant tells Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin got an advanced preview of Russian search engine Yandex’s upcoming ‘Alice’ virtual assistant during his visit to the company’s headquarters in Moscow, Thursday. 21 Sep 2017, 17:23
6 hours 1:29
Royal Bengal tigers attack white cousins at Bannerghatta safari
Panic gripped Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) when two Bengal tigers attacked two white tigers. 21 Sep 2017, 14:22
9 hours 21:42
Kejriwal - Kamal Haasan Joint Press Conference From Chennai
India Today has accessed exclusive visuals of Kamal Haasan - Arvind Kejriwal meet over a lunch in Chennai. Both of them held a joint press conference after the meet. 21 Sep 2017, 11:39
4 hours 1:52
A 360 virtual tour of the Bob Barker
The Bob Barker is one of 10 vessels in Sea Shepherd’s flotilla. Ironically, though the ship now protects whales, it was actually built as a Norwegian whaler in the 50s. 21 Sep 2017, 16:20
9 hours 3:34
What is at stake in Iraqi Kurdish vote for independence? - BBC News
Next week's referendum in Iraq on the demands of ethnic Kurds for independence is a 'destabilising' exercise according to the White House. 21 Sep 2017, 12:12
2 hours 1:45
Trump "barking dog", says North Korean diplomat
North Korea’s Foreign Minister described Trump’s UN address as "the sound of a barking dog". Mr. Trump said the US could ‘destroy’ North Korea. . Report by Ferdia Carr. 21 Sep 2017, 19:06
8 hours 8:21
Watch how long coin can balance on high-speed train traveling at 350 kph
Watch how long a two-euro coin can balance on a Fuxing train traveling at a steady speed of 350 kph. 21 Sep 2017, 12:56
10 hours 25:01
Looking for love in the Faroes - 101 East
With its harsh, windswept hills and six-month long winter, the remote Faroe Islands are hardly where you would expect a large ethnic minority from tropical South East Asia. 21 Sep 2017, 10:44
2 hours 4:34
France: Thousands take to Paris streets to protest Macron’s labour law amendments
Thousands of people took to the streets in Paris, and other cities in France, on Thursday to protest against French President Emmanuel Macron’s labour law reforms, which he plans to pass on Friday by executive order. 21 Sep 2017, 19:11
4 hours 1:15
France: Tear gas clouds Nantes as thousands march against labour reforms
Police deployed tear gas against protesters opposing French President Emmanuel Macron's planned labour law reforms in a heated protest in Nantes on Thursday. 21 Sep 2017, 17:04
4 hours 4:22:25
LIVE: Largest workers’ union hits the Paris streets against proposed labour law reforms
Ruptly is LIVE from Paris on Thursday, September 21, as France’s largest workers union French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) is set to march against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned reforms to the 21 Sep 2017, 16:43
2 hours 2:13
Trump Signs Order Targeting Business with NKorea
President Trump announced Thursday he signed a new order to help the U.S. target people, companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with North Korea. 21 Sep 2017, 18:36
6 hours 1:49
Asian Indoor Games give martial arts international exposure
Martial arts are a major part of the Asian culture. Sports like Sambo, Kurash and Muay Thai are not major spectator sports, but are taking centre stage at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Turkmenistan. 21 Sep 2017, 14:59
6 hours 1:13
Trump struggles to pronounce ‘Namibia’
President Trump mispronounced ‘Namibia’ while addressing African leaders in New York. Report by Ferdia Carr. 21 Sep 2017, 14:56
6 hours 2:47
Beat Break: Beach Fossils Breaks Down How They Composed "St. Ivy"
In a new series called Beat Break, Beach Fossils breaks down how they composed Saint Ivy, a song from their upcoming album Somersault, out this Friday Subscribe to VICE News here: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News 21 Sep 2017, 14:32
7 hours 4:09
Children play garba with roller skates in Surat
A group of children in Surat are rehearsing round the clock to play garba with roller skates on. 21 Sep 2017, 13:46
8 hours 0:45
Russian Aerospace Forces Help Break Through Jebhat-an-Nusra Blockade
The Russian Aerospace Forces have helped military police break through a Jebhat-an-Nusra blockade in Idlib province.Twenty-nine Russian soldiers, as well as a detached unit of the Muali tribe, repelled a militant 21 Sep 2017, 12:46
10 hours 1:51
British supermarket adopts ‘finger vein’ payment tech
A supermarket in the UK has become the first retailer in the world to allow customers to pay for items using vein-mapping technology. 21 Sep 2017, 10:54
10 hours 2:02
Maharashtra Congress Leader Narayan Rane QUITS
Subscribe Now For More Latest News & Updates ► bit.ly/2gWogFc Click Here To Watch Arnab Goswami's Latest Debates► bit.ly/2uASgcy 21 Sep 2017, 10:51
2 hours 1:43
JSE welcomes African retail giant to the bourse
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange welcomed another African retail giant to the bourse. Shares in Steinhoff Africa Retail surged 10% as it listed on the JSE's main board in the broadline retailers sub index. 21 Sep 2017, 18:34
6 hours 1:28
France: Police and protesters battle in Paris during Labour reforms demo
A contingent of protesters, many of whom were masked, clashed with police during a huge demonstration against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned reforms to the nation's labour laws, in Paris, Thursday. 21 Sep 2017, 15:16
10 hours 15:43
Government Sues Citizens for Requesting Information - #NewWorldNextWeek
Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. 21 Sep 2017, 11:13
11 hours 1:31
Rihanna: 'It's not rocket science' - BBC News
We spoke with Rihanna about the response to her make-up brand's diverse foundation range. Industry analayst Basma Khalifa explains why Fenty Beauty is causing a stir in the make-up world. 21 Sep 2017, 9:50
2 hours 7:55
Kenya signs accord with China to eliminate double taxation
Kenya and China have signed an agreement to eliminate double taxation. Trade between the two countries has been rising consistently in recent years. 21 Sep 2017, 18:48
2 hours 1:44
South African Reserve Bank surprises market by keeping rates on hold
The South African Reserve Bank took the markets by surprise as it decided to keep rates on hold. The markets had priced in a second rate cut considering inflation is comfortably within the 3 - 6% target band. 21 Sep 2017, 18:36
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