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Family and Admirers Remember Rev. Billy Graham
Mourners stopped by the Billy Graham Library on Saturday to pay tribute to a man who touched their lives, even if they never met him. His casket arrived later that day where his family was waiting to receive him. (Feb. 25 Feb 2018, 1:28
7 min 8:03
Heartbreaking question kid had for his mom
CNN's Van Jones is joined in his van by Las Vegas shooting survivors and a gun shop owner to discuss guns in America. 25 Feb 2018, 1:24
11 min 7:06
Democrats release memo countering Republican claims of FBI abuse
The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has just released a Democratic Party memo, countering Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuses. 25 Feb 2018, 1:20
13 min 1:44
Estonia: Military parade and march honour 100th anniversary of Estonia
Thousands of people attended a commemorative military parade in Tallinn on Saturday, marking the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. 25 Feb 2018, 1:18
26 min 1:26
Czech schoolboy maps his life from disabled to designer
A 13-year-old autistic boy suffering from Asperger syndrome has found solace in drawing real and imaginary city and underground maps which have made their way onto t-shirts, bags and bed linen produced by his family’s 25 Feb 2018, 1:04
36 min 1:33
Human Rights Watch report slams Turkey for civilian casualties in Syria’s Afrin.
Watch Live: presstv.com/live.html YouTube: youtube.com/user/videosptv Twitter: twitter.com/PressTV LiveLeak: liveleak.com/c/PressTV Facebook: facebook.com/PRESSTV 25 Feb 2018, 0:55
43 min 3:01
Trump Administration Considering Confiscating Guns from "Dangerous People"
President Trump confirmed on Friday that he would support stricter firearms regulations, including a proposal to strengthen the federal background check system and raising the minimum age for buying a semi-automatic 25 Feb 2018, 0:48
52 min 9:41
Stephen Curry opens up about Trump feud
NBA star Stephen Curry sits down with CNN's Van Jones to talk about President Trump tweeting that Curry was not invited to the White House. 25 Feb 2018, 0:39
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1 hour 3:00
Mexican Gun Control Ensures Cartels Outgun The Good Guys
2017 may have been the worst year for homicide in Mexico since the government began keeping track in the 1990s. 25 Feb 2018, 0:10
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1 hour 3:28
Here's The Main Reason Why Russian Tsar Nicholas II Was Made a Saint By The Orthodox Church
Credit to Tsargrad TV youtube.com/user/tsargradtv Credit for subs to Russian Faith russian-faith.com/saints/heres-why-nicholas-ii-was-made-saint-n1107 Subscribe to Russia Insight 25 Feb 2018, 0:00
1 hour 3:14
How many stories does Trump Tower contain?
Trump Tower contains many stories—58 stories according to city records, or 68 stories according to Donald Trump who had the residential elevator buttons skip 10 floors to make the building seem bigger. 24 Feb 2018, 23:59
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1 hour 1:30
Violent clashes erupt in Italian cities ahead of election
Clashes have broken out in Milan. Police there have stepped in to break-up a student protest against the centre-right Lega Nord party and its anti-immigration platform. RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 24 Feb 2018, 23:44
2 hours 10:28
UNSC adopts document on 30-day ceasefire across Syria
World powers have approved a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire for Syria. A resolution was passed in a unanimous vote, at the UN Security Council headquarters in New York. RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 24 Feb 2018, 22:51
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2 hours 0:57
UN: UNSC vote cannot be used as pretext for military action - Russian ambassador
Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said that negotiations were prolonged "to make sure that is not used as a pretext for any military action" speaking after the UNSC meeting in New York, Saturday. 24 Feb 2018, 22:42
2 hours 2:32
UN: Russia tried 'every possible way to avoid' resolution - Nikki Hailey
American ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accused Russia of deliberately stalling the vote on the Syrian resolution, speaking from UN Security Council in New York City, Saturday. 24 Feb 2018, 22:32
3 hours 1:13
AP Top Stories 24 P
Here's the latest for Saturday, Feb. 24 Feb 2018, 22:28
3 hours 7:29
Dems release rebuttal memo after FBI redactions
President Donald Trump on Saturday agreed to release a redacted version of a Democratic memo that seeks to undercut Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuses. 24 Feb 2018, 22:21
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LIVE: UNSC votes on Syria cease-fire draft resolution
Subscribe to our channel! 24 Feb 2018, 22:15
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3 hours 3:46
Stephen Hickey (UK) on Syria - Security Council Media Stakeout (24 February 2018)
United Nations - Informal comments to the media by H.E. Stephen Hickey, Acting Deputy Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, on the situation in the Middle East (Syria). 24 Feb 2018, 22:08
3 hours 2:20
USA: Hundreds rally in DC for rights of working class ahead of Supreme Court vote
Hundreds of workers and labour union representatives from across the US rallied at the Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, Saturday, to defend the rights of working class people. 24 Feb 2018, 22:04
3 hours 3:22
Haley: We are late to respond to crisis in Syria
Following the unanimous vote for a ceasefire resolution in Syria, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley blames Russia for the delay. 24 Feb 2018, 22:00
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3 hours 1:42
South Korea's new high-speed rail line is connecting the country | CNBC International
The new rail line connects South Korea’s capital to some of the country’s most remote villages. 24 Feb 2018, 22:00
3 hours 1:57
Blast From the Past: Russian Cadets Show Off Their Waltzing Skills at Special Defender’s Day Ball
Subscribe to Vesti News youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 At this moment, the first ball of the Federal Protective Service cadets is coming to an end on the Red Square, in the 24 Feb 2018, 22:00
3 hours 2:45
Latvia: Russian community protest bill ending Russian language in schools
About 1,000 protesters flocked to central Riga, Saturday, to protest against a bill, which would gradually shift all lessons in Latvian schools to the official national language only. 24 Feb 2018, 21:58
3 hours 4:59
Vassily Nebenzia (Russian Federation) on Syria - Security Council Media Stakeout (24 February 2018)
United Nations - Informal comments to the media by H.E. Vassily Nebenzia, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, on the situation in the Middle East (Syria). 24 Feb 2018, 21:57
3 hours 2:38
Italy: 'Italians first' - Lega Nord leader Salvini rallies in Milan
Leader of Italian right-wing Lega Nord (Northern League) party Matteo Salvini held a rally in Milan’s main square on Saturday, under the slogan 'Italians first' and ahead of the March 4 general elections. 24 Feb 2018, 21:52
3 hours 2:42
USA: Thousands rally ahead of Supreme Court vote on labour union funding
Thousands of people flocked to Foley Square in New York City, Saturday, to protest ahead of a Supreme Court vote that could influence the financing of US labour unions. 24 Feb 2018, 21:52
3 hours 1:00
UN: UN Security Council votes for Syrian ceasefire
The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously in favour of a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, meeting in New York City on Saturday. 24 Feb 2018, 21:52
3 hours 2:46
Italy: 'Make Italy anti-fascist again' – Thousands rally against fascism in Rome
Thousands of people rallied against fascism and racism in Rome on Saturday, as part of a nationwide day of anti-far right demonstrations. 24 Feb 2018, 21:51
3 hours 6:07
Mansour Al-Otaibi (Kuwait, Security Council President) on Syria - Media Stakeout (24 February 2018)
United Nations - Informal comments to the media by H.E Mr. 24 Feb 2018, 21:46
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