3 min 19:19
Robert Mugabe sacked from Zimbabwe's ruling party
Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party has sacked long-time President Robert Mugabe from the party. The party, led by ousted Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has also urged Mugabe to step down as president. 22 Nov 2017, 1:47
14 min 4:21
Huge Earthquakes In 2018 Will Put Up to 1 Billion People at Risk Warns Scientists
Scientists warn that fluctuations in the speed of Earth's rotation could trigger a swarm of devastating earthquakes across the globe, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions. 22 Nov 2017, 1:37
23 min 20:22
Globalization at a crossroads
During the recently concluded APEC meetings, US President Donald Trump stuck to his “America First” agenda, complaining free trade had cost millions of American jobs, while Chinese President Xi Jinping won applause by 22 Nov 2017, 1:27
24 min 3:27
Trump defends Roy Moore
The president publicly addressed allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore for the first time Tuesday, saying, "You have to listen to him also" and "He totally denies it." 22 Nov 2017, 1:27
30 min 1:29
Sticker price savings on cars sold on Black Friday
ABC News correspondent Clayton Sandell shares details on car savings this Black Friday. 22 Nov 2017, 1:21
30 min 1:23
An urgent manhunt across state lines in the South
ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about. 22 Nov 2017, 1:21
35 min 1:32
New details on the fallen Border Patrol agent
A federal Border Patrol agent may have been bludgeoned to death with rocks, a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council said Monday. 22 Nov 2017, 1:16
47 min 2:00
St. Helena tourism cleared for takeoff as airport opens
Cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, St. Helena, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is now reachable by plane for the first time. 22 Nov 2017, 1:04
51 min 4:51
Inmates Are Left Waiting After Harvey Flooded A Houston Courthouse (HBO)
Hurricane Harvey brought the court system in Harris County, TX - one of the busiest in the nation - to a screeching halt. Hundreds of people are now waiting in jail for indefinitely suspended hearings and trials. 22 Nov 2017, 1:00
1 hour 3:02
Russia Confirms Toxic Cloud, Source Still Remains A Mystery
One month after a mysterious radiation cloud was observed over Europe, whose source remained unknown last week speculation emerged that it may have been the result of a "nuclear accident" in Russia or Kazakhstan, on 22 Nov 2017, 0:50
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1 hour 2:04
Cold to ease, mix of snow and rain in some parts along with yellow dust _ 112217
추위 누그러들지만 새벽부터 비...황사 유입 We've had negative morning lows for about a week here in the capital,... but today we are seeing temperatures much higher than yesterday. The lows are about 7 degrees higher than Tuesday. 22 Nov 2017, 0:42
1 hour 4:56
Grassroots self-help movement of parenting budding in S. Korea
마더센터, 공동육아방...싹 틔우는 '풀뿌리 육아' Being a parent is a full-time job, and a tough one at that. One of the biggest challenges: finding places outside the house to spend quality time with your kids. 22 Nov 2017, 0:42
1 hour 0:36
Blue House cabinet decides on new laws that improve labor welfare
'난임 휴가' 신설된다…남녀고용평등법 개정안 등 의결 Korea's Cabinet approved three laws aimed at improving labor welfare. 22 Nov 2017, 0:42
1 hour 1:02
Tuesday's market wrap
화요일 증시 라운드업 Now for your closing figures on the market,... Wall Street is back on track,... finishing the day at record highs,...something we haven't seen over the past couple of weeks,... 22 Nov 2017, 0:42
1 hour 0:37
iPhone X assembled with illegal high-school student labor: report
FT "고교생 불법 노동이 아이폰 X 조립한다" Apple has been accused of relying on high students working illegal overtime to build the iPhone X, through its contractor Foxconn, which manufactures the devices in Zhengzhou, China. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 0:30
CBS News and PBS cut ties to Charlie Rose following sex allegations
CBS 뉴스, 성추문 의혹 찰리 로즈 해고 CBS News and PBS have cut ties with famed talk show host Charlie Rose after a series of sexual harassment allegations were made against him. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 2:04
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigns, ending 37-year rule
짐바브웨 무가베 사임...37년 장기 집권 마침표 Now for a look at stories making headlines around the world… Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has finally resigned resigns,... ending decades-long dictatorship,... 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 2:25
President Moon calls for swift restoration of Pohang earthquake and measures to minimize damages ...
대통령 "포항 수험생 힘내시길…취약시설 내진 보강 시급 And the president, also emphasizing once again that more must be done to ensure the country is well-prepped for future quakes. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:07
Emergency workers to be deployed to college entrance exam test sites following earthquake
포항 수능시험장 소방•경찰 등 안전요원 13명씩 배치 Last week's earthquake in Pohang prompted the government to take the unprecedented step of postponing the nationwide college entrance exam by one week. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:46
Tax cuts, deadline extensions to be provided for earthquake-affected Pohang citizens
특별재난지역 포항에 징수유예 등 추가 세정지원 It's been a week since the mega 5-point-4 earthquake hit the southeastern city of Pohang,.... and still,... the region is being constantly shaken up by smaller aftershocks. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:09
Wounded North Korean soldier regains consciousness after two major surgeries
귀순병사 의식 돌아와, 스스로 호흡, TV 켜달라, 먹을것 달라 회복중 Now for a progress report on the North Korean soldier shot multiple times by his comrades last week... as he ran across the Joint Security Area at the demilitarized zone. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 0:44
ASEM participants adopt chair statement condemning North Korea
아셈 외교장관회의 의장성명…"北도발 규탄•긴장완화 중요" Top diplomats from Asia and Europe have denounced North Korea's recent provocations... while renewing calls on the regime... to lay down its nuclear weapons. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 2:39
Impact of N. Korea's designation of a state sponsor of terrorism
北 테러지원국 재지정…주변국 관계 영향은? The U.S. government has rebranded North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism,... putting the regime back on the list... nine years after it was removed. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 0:40
U.S. announces new sanctions on North Korea and Chinese entities
美, 개인 1명•기관 13곳•선박 20척 대북 제재…中기업 포함 The United States has imposed additional sanctions on North Korea... as well as Chinese firms with suspected business ties with the regime. The Treasury Department on Tuesday... 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:41
U.S. trade commission calls for safeguard measures on Samsung, LG washers
美무역위, 삼성•LG세탁기 120만대 초과물량에 50% 관세 권고 The U.S. International Trade Commission has recommended a tariff-rate quota on imported large residential washing machines made by Samsung and LG. The move comes as U.S. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:03
Massive Gas Line Fire in Michigan Burns Out
Massive fire breaks out on Detroit-area gas pipeline, but no injuries reported. (Nov. 20)(Nov. 22 Nov 2017, 0:41
1 hour 24:28
Debate: The end of Daesh and its caliphate
A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Qassem Soleimani, released a message to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, declaring the end of Daesh 22 Nov 2017, 0:30
1 hour 3:53
Another Big Anomaly Stretching from Africa Toward Antarctica
We have another anomaly. This time it stretches from the western edge of Africa and down toward Antarctica. You can find more info at the link below. 22 Nov 2017, 0:27
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1 hour 0:37
UK Brexit minister says agreement likely, but UK ready for no deal
UK Brexit minister David Davis has admitted it is possible the UK will not reach a deal with the European Union over Brexit. 22 Nov 2017, 0:09
1 hour 1:09
AP Top Stories
Here's the latest for Tuesday, November 21st: Rose fired from CBS; Trump talks Roy Moore; Zimbabwe president resigns; and Trump pardons turkeys. (Nov. 22 Nov 2017, 0:01
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