29 days 3:04
13-year-old shark attack survivor returns to school
Keane Webre Hayes made a triumphant return to his classroom less than a month after being attacked by a great white shark off the coast of California. 18 Oct 2018, 13:29
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8 days 10:53
Jim Acosta responds after heated exchange with Trump
CNN's Jim Acosta responded to an exchange with President Trump during a press conference, in which Trump called reporters "the enemy of the people." #Acosta #CNN #News | 7 Nov 2018, 20:01
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16 days 10:05
Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle talk Trump and comedy tour
Comedians Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart discuss President Trump and their comedy tour. #CNN #News | 30 Oct 2018, 20:29
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8 days 7:59
Trump clashes with Jim Acosta in testy exchange
President Donald Trump defended his characterization of the migrant caravan as an "invasion" before attacking CNN's Jim Acosta, calling him a "rude, terrible person." | 7 Nov 2018, 18:58
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9 days 0:31
Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut
Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday. 7 Nov 2018, 13:12
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28 days 15:19
The Bootleg Nikes that Got Banned by Big Tobacco
In 2006, New York City designer Ari Saal Forman dropped a limited run of Menthol 10s, a one-of-a-kind sneaker that drew inspiration from and took a shot at Nike and Newport. 19 Oct 2018, 16:00
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28 days 4:24
Mom, son accused of groping woman speak out
Jeremiah Harvey, 9, speaks exclusively to ABC News about his fear of being taken away by police after the viral incident. 19 Oct 2018, 14:21
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25 days 2:18
World's longest sea bridge! Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to boost logistics
Bridge of opportunity: The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is expected to boost logistics in the Pearl River Delta region, after it opens to traffic later this week. 22 Oct 2018, 8:49
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25 days 8:23
Saudi operative dressed as Khashoggi, Turkish source says
CNN's Clarissa Ward reports a senior Turkish official says a member of the 15-man team suspected in the death of Jamal Khashoggi dressed up in his clothes and was captured on surveillance cameras | 22 Oct 2018, 10:53
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7 days 22:40
Trump reacts to heated exchange with CNN's Jim Acosta
President trump reacts to the heated exchange between CNN's Jim Acosta and himself at a news conference at the White house one day after the midterm elections. 9 Nov 2018, 15:45
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8 days 3:30
White House pulls Jim Acosta's press pass
CNN's Jim Acosta describes his interaction with President Donald Trump during a press conference and then later finding out his press pass has been suspended. #CNN #News | 8 Nov 2018, 3:17
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9 days 10:18
Democrats take control of House, CNN projects | Midterm elections
CNN projects that the Democrats have won enough seats to take control of the US House of Representatives from the GOP. #midterms #elections #CNN #News | 7 Nov 2018, 4:40
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29 days 1:41
GRAPHIC WARNING - WATCH: 'Hit it between the eyes'- elephants charge at hunters after one shot down
A video has surfaced online that shows an elephant being hunted in the Nakabolelwa Conservancy in Namibia. Subscribe to News24: youtube.com/user/News24Video | 17 Oct 2018, 18:58
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20 days 7:15
Inside the Making of “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” - Created with Columbia Pictures & MGM Pictures
"The Girl in the Spider’s Web" is the much-anticipated fourth installment in the Millenium series, and the second to be adapted to the big-screen in the U.S. 26 Oct 2018, 23:00
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20 days 25:51
🇲🇾 Malaysia: Najib Speaks | 101 East | Najib Bercakap
In May, after more than 60 years in government, Malaysia’s ruling party were kicked out, plagued by growing corruption allegations, financial scandals and even claims of m urder. 27 Oct 2018, 6:54
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19 days 9:49
Synagogue shooting suspect targeted Jews online
Robert Bowers, the suspect in the deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting left an extensive anti-Jewish digital footprint. CNN's Brian Stelter details what Bower's posts revealed. #CNN #News | 27 Oct 2018, 22:55
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24 days 14:54
How Trump's approval rating could affect midterms | CITIZEN by CNN
CNN's John King analyzes President Trump's rising approval rating at the CITIZEN by CNN political forum and how it could affect congressional races in toss-up states in the 2018 midterm elections. 22 Oct 2018, 16:23
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10 days 8:49
President Donald Trump's awkward rally moment with Ivanka
Citing political correctness, President Donald Trump lamented to a crowd in Ohio that he can no longer call his daughter Ivanka "beautiful." #CNN #News | 6 Nov 2018, 1:03
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8 days 1:34
White House accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of 'placing his hands' on young 'intern'
Acosta has had his White House credentials revoked after engaging in a fiery exchange with Donald Trump during a press conference after the mid-term elections. 8 Nov 2018, 5:04
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27 days 10:39
Migrant caravan hit with tear gas on Mexican border
A chaotic scene unfolded as a massive caravan of Honduran migrants reached the Guatemala-Mexico border Friday. A surge of migrants broke through a steel fence that had been padlocked shut. 20 Oct 2018, 1:06
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21 day 5:53
Chris Cuomo takes on Sarah Sanders over bomb response
CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out Sarah Sanders' response to the suspicious packages that were sent to President Trump's prominent critics. #CNN #News | 26 Oct 2018, 3:45
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11 days 6:46
Dan Crenshaw responds to 'SNL' Pete Davidson's mockery
Dan Crenshaw, the Republican congressional candidate whose eye was destroyed while he served in Afghanistan, responds to "Saturday Night Live" comedian Pete Davidson's jokes at his expense. 5 Nov 2018, 15:09
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14 days 0:28
Dispute, fistfight blamed for deadly China bus plunge
A dispute and fistfight between a passenger and a bus driver was found to have caused the bus to plunge into the Yangtze River in SW China's Chongqing, leaving at least 13 dead | 2 Nov 2018, 4:11
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5 days 7:41
California declares state of emergency; entire city of Malibu evacuated
The Woolsey fire is not contained at all, and conditions are not expected to improve anytime soon. 10 Nov 2018, 17:31
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25 days 4:36
Gillum: DeSantis' monkey comment says it all
During a CNN debate between Florida's gubernatorial candidates, Andrew Gillum (FL-D) responded to Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis on his "monkey it up" comment. #CNN #News | 22 Oct 2018, 1:15
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15 days 3:53
Trump’s Troop Surge On The Mexican Border Is Unprecedented (HBO)
President Trump announced late on Wednesday that his military surge along the border with Mexico could eventually see 15,000 troops deployed, three times the number previously been reported. 1 Nov 2018, 15:58
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24 days 3:13
🇸🇦 Review of facts around Khashoggi murder | Al Jazeera English
Despite the differing narratives about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, some facts are indisputable, pieced together using security footage and Turkish intelligence. 22 Oct 2018, 19:01
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17 days 9:05
Bob Woodward: We are being had
Journalist Bob Woodward discusses President Trump’s relationship with the media and his rhetoric surrounding recent tragedies. #CNN #News | 29 Oct 2018, 21:51
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8 days 3:09
Trump has testy exchange with reporters at White House
The president admonished reporters from CNN and NBC when asked about the migrant caravan. 7 Nov 2018, 18:11
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6 days 10:36
Cooper: Of course Trump knows Whitaker
CNN's Anderson Cooper debunks President Trump's claim that he doesn't know acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. #CNN #News | 10 Nov 2018, 3:07
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