12 days 1:31
Google just killed Burger King's newest TV ad that had a disastrous flaw
Burger King's new ad encourages people to ask Google Home to say what a Whopper is. The problem is that people can edit the Wikipedia page. 13 Apr 2017, 12:31
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15 days 1:52
Video shows a passenger forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane
A passenger was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight by law enforcement on Sunday after refusing to give up his seat. 10 Apr 2017, 16:15
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18 days 3:20
Syrian survivor to Trump: Thank you
Kassem Eid, who survived a 2013 chemical gas attack in Syria, expresses his gratitude to President Trump for his missile strike of a Syrian airbase. 7 Apr 2017, 20:16
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18 days 2:20
Warner Bros. might have to pay $900 million if they can’t prove ghosts are real
The studio and filmmakers behind the successful "Conjuring" franchise are being sued by an author for $900 million. 7 Apr 2017, 13:54
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15 days 1:37
New video shows United passenger bleeding after incident
CNN's Don Lemon spoke with a passenger who interacted with the man who was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight before the incident and revealed new video from when the man ran back onto the flight. 11 Apr 2017, 2:47
2 229 797
12 days 14:26
US Army Helmet Cam Of Humvee Machine Gunners Taking Out SVBIEDs During Simulated Combat Training
Video shows helmet cam footage of US Army Humvee machine gunners taking out mock SVBIEDs and other targets in a simulated firefight during live fire combat training. 13 Apr 2017, 15:00
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20 days 0:30
Vigilantes tie up, thrash female 'thief' in Mumbai
In a shocking display of vigilante violence recorded on video, a mob in Mumbai’s Virar area tied up a woman they believed to be a thief to a building gate and thrashed her last week. 5 Apr 2017, 8:11
1 565 492
16 days 1:06
News anchor reports husband's death
Supreet Kaur, a news anchor in India, was reporting on a deadly accident and later learned that her husband was one of the victims. 9 Apr 2017, 19:09
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15 days 2:34
United Airlines passenger apparently dragged off flight after refusing to give up seat
The airline randomly selected four passengers to give up their seats for crew members being sent from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky. 11 Apr 2017, 0:47
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27 days 0:53
A Navy SEAL explains why you should end a shower with cold water
Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of "100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation," explains why it can be healthy for you to end a 29 Mar 2017, 16:00
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15 days 1:35
Distraught parents await news outside school
The father of two students who attend North Park Elementary in San Bernardino, California, anxiously awaits news about the reported shooting on school grounds. 10 Apr 2017, 19:47
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13 days 23:03
The Mormon War on Porn: Slutever
Utah has started a war against pornography. 12 Apr 2017, 16:30
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28 days 8:04
What If the Soviet Union Reunited Today?
The USSR died decades ago. But what would the world look like if for whatever reason the Soviet Union reunited today? What would the modern USSR look like in the world? 28 Mar 2017, 20:01
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15 days 1:01
Police: 8-year-old shot at school has died
Jonathan Martinez, 8, one of two students hit by gunfire, has died after a shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said. 10 Apr 2017, 23:31
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11 days 0:31
FIRST VIDEO: US mega-bomb strike against ISIS targets in Afghanistan
Courtesy: USForces Afghanistan US Forces in Afghanistan have released aerial footage of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) strike on an Islamic State cave and tunnel systems in the Achin district on Thursday. 14 Apr 2017, 12:05
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28 days 3:01
Will circular runways ever take off? BBC News
Could circular runways be the future of air travel? Aviation expert Henk Hesselink of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre believes so. A film for BBC World Hacks by Dougal Shaw. 28 Mar 2017, 10:31
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10 days 3:37
Pyongyang Parade: North Korea displays new ICBMs & submarine-based missiles
Amid regional “military hysteria,” North Korea has marked the 105th birth anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military parade in Pyongyang, where it for the first time publicly showcased its 15 Apr 2017, 9:35
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11 days 0:29
Moment Mother Of All Bombs (M.O.A.B.) struck IS cave systems - BBC News
The United States has used its largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in combat, killing at least 36 militants in Afghanistan. 14 Apr 2017, 12:22
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12 days 0:58
MOAB bomb originally developed for Iraq war
The US military's largest non-nuclear bomb has been used in combat for the first time. 13 Apr 2017, 19:32
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18 days 7:34
What's On the Opposite Side of the World From You?
Somewhere on Earth thousands of miles beneath your feat is someplace that's exactly opposite of you. What's going on there right now, where is it and how can you go about getting there? 7 Apr 2017, 14:30
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15 days 3:19
Tragic shooting at San Bernardino elementary school
An 8-year-old student, teacher and the suspect are dead in the apparent murder-suicide, with another student hospitalized. 11 Apr 2017, 1:32
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8 days 6:58
How Big do Tornadoes Get?
Check out Life Noggin's video on volcanoes here! youtube.com/watch?v=aRBfzlt59z0 Tornadoes can get extremely large, and that's terrifying. 17 Apr 2017, 13:00
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12 days 1:25
Test video shows massive force of the "Mother of All Bombs"
How big is the GBU-43 bomb that the U.S. dropped today on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan? 13 Apr 2017, 21:02
641 048
11 days 1:16
Afghans React To 'Horrific Bomb' In Nangarhar Province
After the U.S. military dropped a massive bomb on an Islamic State hideout in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province, locals described their villages being shaken by the powerful blast. 14 Apr 2017, 16:26
622 524
12 days 1:46
US drops largest non-nuclear bomb
According to military officials, the US has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. CNN's Barbara Starr reports. 13 Apr 2017, 18:02
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10 days 7:28
What Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley say new 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer might reveal
In an exclusive ABC News interview, the cast, director Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy discuss what fans can expect in the new movie. 15 Apr 2017, 8:50
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21 day 44:15
Illegal Raves in Europe's Only War Zone: BIG NIGHT OUT Ukraine
Ukraine is a politically polarised nation in the midst of a destructive civil war. 4 Apr 2017, 16:35
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18 days 2:46
European Allies Offer Cautious Welcome to US Missile Strikes, Urge UN Action
Washington’s allies in Europe have offered a cautious welcome to the United States’ missile strikes on Syrian military targets. 7 Apr 2017, 16:03
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26 days 5:17
Beli: "I'm lying to my people & they're reacting well" BBC News
Despite announcing his candidacy just a few weeks ago, a Serbian university student has come second in opinion polls just days ahead of the presidential election on 2 April. 30 Mar 2017, 16:30
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8 days 0:51
What Sean Spicer thinks of his 'SNL' impression
CNN's Jim Acosta took a moment to ask Sean Spicer about Melissa McCarthy's impression of him on "Saturday Night Live" at the White House Easter Egg Roll. 17 Apr 2017, 21:17
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