1 hour 7:34
Trump’s order won’t reunite kids already separated
President Trump’s executive order that ended his policy of separating families at the border will not reunite families already separated, according to HHS spokesman Kenneth Wolfe. 21 Jun 2018, 0:38
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2 hours 5:03
'I didn't like the sight': Trump signs executive order ending family separation
President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that prohibits separation of families under prosecution for illegal immigration. 20 Jun 2018, 23:46
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1 hour 8:28
Bernie Sanders reacts to Trump's executive order
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) discusses President Trump's executive order that ended his policy of separating families at the border. 21 Jun 2018, 0:47
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5 hours 12:25
Jake Tapper: Trump surrendered for the first time
CNN's Jake Tapper breaks down President Donald Trump's decision to back down from his administration's practice of separating immigrant families at the US-Mexico border. 20 Jun 2018, 20:44
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1 hour 4:52
Gov. Cuomo explains why New York will sue Trump
New York intends to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration over family separations at the border, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced. 21 Jun 2018, 1:05
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2 hours 3:37
Trump supporters glad at Trump's tough stand on immigration
Families along the Texas border spoke to ABC News about the President's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. 20 Jun 2018, 23:39
2 hours 15:40
Trump contradicts himself, reverses his own policy
President Trump reversed course after days of digging in on a policy that resulted in immigrant family separations at the border, signing an executive order that will keep far more families together at the border. 20 Jun 2018, 23:40
1 hour 3:41
Family reunion overwhelms traumatized adolescent boy
Samuel, 10, was sent to foster care eight months ago after his dad was arrested and deported for illegally trying to cross the border. 21 Jun 2018, 1:04
4 hours 9:04
The Trump administration is holding infants here
Following President Trump's reversal on separating families at the border, many wonder how soon separated children will be reunited with their families. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports. 20 Jun 2018, 22:31
1 hour 1:04:52
President Donald Trump holds a "Make America Great Again" rally in Deluth, Minn. | ABC News
The president addresses supporters in AMSOIL Arena. 21 Jun 2018, 1:06
5 hours 4:01
Russia Sells Off Record Amount of US Treasury Bonds
The US Treasury Department report for April published on June 15 revealed that Russia sold $47.4 billion out of the $96.1 it had held in Treasury bonds (T-bonds). 20 Jun 2018, 21:22
13 min 1:26
Trump Rails Against FBI Probe of Clinton
President Donald Trump is railing against the treatment of his 2016 rival Hillary Clinton at a rally Wednesday in Duluth, Minnesota. 21 Jun 2018, 2:18
1 hour 1:20:00
Live: Trump holds MAGA rally in Minnesota
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe US President Donald Trump holds a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday, June 20. 21 Jun 2018, 1:00
5 hours 6:47
GOP congressman mocked by Trump speaks to CNN
GOP Rep. Mark Sanford responds to President Trump calling him a "nasty guy" during a Capitol Hill meeting. 20 Jun 2018, 20:44
1 hour 2:03
Iran: Tehran fans take the positives despite narrow 1-0 loss to Spain
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Football fans, male and female alike, enjoyed a World Cup viewing at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran on Wednesday, even though Iran suffered a 1-0 loss to Spain. 21 Jun 2018, 1:30
4 hours 22:33
Zero Tolerance Policy & Italy First: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)
This is the June 13, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 20 Jun 2018, 22:00
1 hour 22:58
The Debate - US-Israel Appeasement
Is the US withdrawal from the UN Human Rights council a big deal? Let’s count the ways: fist off: the reason makes this a noteworthy headline. The US states it is due to the constant bias against Israel at the UN. 21 Jun 2018, 1:29
32 min 26:17
[Arts Avenue 2018] Ep.25 - Works 1975-2018 / DOLLS Speak about BEAUTY / THE BEST COLLECTION
Chun Kwang-young: Works 1975-2018 DOLLS Speak about BEAUTY Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Orchestra -THE BEST COLLECTION- 전관영 [Works 1975-2018 展] 도자인형 [쥬쥬스튜디오] 서울시청소년국악단 [청춘가악] 21 Jun 2018, 2:00
4 hours 6:21
‘Iran team poses danger’: Peter Schmeichel on Iran chances & Ronaldo’s goal
Denmark goalkeeping great Peter Schmeichel talks Iran team's surprising World Cup perfomance, predicts tough matches for Portugal. Find out why Check out rt.com RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 20 Jun 2018, 21:33
4 hours 2:12
Melania Trump Calls In Secret Service On Peter Fonda After He Made Tweets Targeting Barron
The office of the First Lady called the Secret Service on Peter Fonda after the Hollywood actor sent out Tweets on Barron. 20 Jun 2018, 22:18
39 min 50:02
[LIVE/ARIRANG NEWS] A conversation on balancing prosecution/police investigative authority
▪ A conversation on balancing prosecution/police investigative authority 21 Jun 2018, 1:53
11 min 2:01
Russia: Fans come to life after tense Spain v Iran clash
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Celebrations were in full swing outside the Kazan Arena on Wednesday after Spain won 1-0 against Iran. 21 Jun 2018, 2:21
47 min 2:31
North Korea's Kim completes third visit to Beijing
North Korea is trying to expand relations with other countries. Leader of the country Kim Jong-un has paid a visit to China. Reports say the two have plans for stronger economic ties. 21 Jun 2018, 1:45
1 hour 40:48
06/20/2018: Battle over tariffs & refugees remembered
China calls for restraint amid the worsening battle over tariffs with the US, after the Trump administration made threats of a far broader 10-percent duty. 21 Jun 2018, 0:37
1 hour 3:16
4 hours 1:24
Trump shuns internationalism
Trump's latest move to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council is just one more potentially isolating move. … READ MORE : euronews.com/2018/06/20/trump-shuns-internationalism What are the top stories today? 20 Jun 2018, 21:50
1 hour 19:20
Remembering refugees with ex chief of Doctors Without Borders
In remembrance of World Refugee Day, Tian Wei gets up close with a former chief of the humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders. Dr. 21 Jun 2018, 0:53
5 hours 4:11
'Not bad guys' - US teens playing border patrol - BBC News
With international attention this week on US border policy, teenagers who hope to become patrol agents speak to the BBC as they receive training. 20 Jun 2018, 21:11
1 hour 2:21
USA: 'He needs a haircut more than I do!' - Trump slams protester in Duluth
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe US President Donald Trump spoke at a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Duluth, Minnesota, where he slammed a protester who interrupted his speech. 21 Jun 2018, 1:28
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