6 hours 7:04
We Turned LG’s WALLPAPER TV into a WINDOW!
Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video! 17 Oct 2017, 19:11
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21 min 3:26
Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch, ZTE Axon M & more - Pocketnow Daily
Watch today's Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the new Microsoft Surface Book lineup. We also talk about the new ZTE Axon M and what to expect from its design. 18 Oct 2017, 1:26
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9 hours 15:21
Pixel 2 Classic Unboxing
Today’s video has me declaring the iPhone 8 to be my new daily driver but then this arrived… 17 Oct 2017, 16:06
8 hours 5:32
Robocalling and Phone Spam Explained
How can you fight against the torrent of robodialers and scammers that light up your phone? 17 Oct 2017, 16:57
3 hours 2:03
Introducing the new Surface Book 2
Powerhouse performance. The new Surface Book 2 features up to 17 hours of battery life and the most powerful graphics performance ever from a Surface laptop. Learn more at bit.ly/2ihlD1q 17 Oct 2017, 22:16
9 hours 11:13
Intel i7-8700K vs i7-2600K - FINALLY Time to Upgrade Sandy Bridge?
Is it FINALLY time to upgrade? User of older Sandy Bridge systems have been asking themselves that for years. But now with Coffee Lake here, could this FINALLY be the time to upgrade. Maybe.....but then again, maybe not! 17 Oct 2017, 16:00
11 hours 4:39
ZTE Axon M Hands-On: The Clamshell Is Back
The ZTE Axon M is a specimen not seen in the world of the smartphone in some time: it's a clamshell. 17 Oct 2017, 14:40
6 min 5:30
Original Xiaomi Mi TV 4A - Gearbest.com
Product link(Buy here): gbe.st/aDWpZs ☛【Flash Sale Up to 80% Off】: gbe.st/FVjr1c ☛【 Today's top coupons & offers】: gbe.st/DQVw6O ☛【New Arrivals & Bestsellers】: gbe.st/L4d50D ☆【 Xiaomi 18 Oct 2017, 1:42
6 hours 6:43
Dual Chamber Gaming Headset - HyperX Cloud Alpha
HyperX has added another model to their Cloud lineup with dual chamber drivers to separate bass from the highs. So should you pick up the Alpha instead of another Cloud? 17 Oct 2017, 19:30
11 hours 12:03
Behind the Scenes with Tested at New York Comic Con 2017!
Join us for a brief look at what our New York Comic Con experience was like this year! 17 Oct 2017, 14:00
3 hours 6:53
Logitech G613 | The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard Ever?
Check out the G613 here: gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g613-wireless-mechanical-gaming-keyboard Store: epicpants.com, Music: bit.ly/Trk2ik Game Deals: teksyndicate.com/gamedeals 17 Oct 2017, 21:54
1 hour 1:15:59
Resilience and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems: Self-Driving Cars and Smart Devices
The future will be defined by autonomous computer systems that are tightly integrated with the environment, also known as Cyber-Physical systems (CPS). 18 Oct 2017, 0:43
2 hours 3:09
Huawei Mate 10 Pro HD Wallpapers For Your Phone!
phoneinf.com/2017/10/17/new-huawei-mate-10-pro-wallpapers-download-link Sign up for my success email newsletter: phoneinf.com/success We are back today with another interesting video for all 17 Oct 2017, 22:53
3 hours 1:02
Automatic Network Optimization - AdMob Quick Tip #5
AdMob's automatic network optimization can help your mediated ad units generate as much revenue as possible, and setting it up just takes a moment. Learn how in Quick Tip #5 from the Mobile Ads Garage. 17 Oct 2017, 22:04
11 hours 4:19
Meet the ZTE Axon M!
Watch our hands-on video of the brand new ZTE Axon M! What do you get when you revisit the idea of having a smartphone with two full displays, at a time when software has matured enough to make good use of them? 17 Oct 2017, 14:40
8 hours 2:53
What's New in Windows 10, version 1709 for IT Pros
Find out what's new for IT Pros in Windows 10, version 1709, also called the Fall Creators Update. 17 Oct 2017, 17:00
6 hours 3:43
Chrome 62: Improved Network Information API, Support for OpenType Variable Fonts and more!
Chrome 62 improves the network information API with network quality indicators, support for OpenType Variable Fonts has landed, and you can now capture and process media streams from HTMLMediaElements with the Media 17 Oct 2017, 18:51
2 hours 8:12
4 effective cloud approaches to tackle today’s biggest cyber threats
Data compromise, ransomware, phishing, and denial of service attacks dominate today’s headlines, and traditional defences are under pressure. 17 Oct 2017, 22:49
5 hours 14:00
What's New for G Suite Admins - September 2017 Edition
Get a recap of all the G Suite features relevant to Admins released in September 2017. 17 Oct 2017, 20:17
1 hour 1:23:05
AWS Public Sector Summit 2017 | Canberra: Keynote
Learn more about AWS at - amzn.to/2y7NveT. The 2017 AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra was opened by a Keynote address delivered by a line up of seriously credible speakers from the Public Sector. 18 Oct 2017, 0:41
1 hour 1:43:11
AWS Summit Series 2017 - Bahrain: Keynote
Learn more at - amzn.to/2xMnf5p. 18 Oct 2017, 0:25
2 hours 3:10
How fraud detection company Ravelin approach security at scale with Google Cloud
We hear from Google Cloud customer Ravelin on helping their customers tackle fraud, building security at scale and embracing open source 17 Oct 2017, 22:49
9 hours 1:12
Use Lines and Curves in Paint 3D
Check out some of the new creation tools and features in Paint 3D, including Magic select and the Line and curve tools. 17 Oct 2017, 16:07
2 hours 7:20
Stay in control: Working with Google Cloud enterprise technology partners
Many businesses have invested large amounts of time and money in on premise security policies and controls. 17 Oct 2017, 22:49
2 hours 11:27
Preparing for a connected future: Reducing risk and complexity at scale
Modern security challenges exist whether you’re on premise or in the cloud and enterprises need to be prepared for a complex, connected future. Just as IT is becoming automated and software driven, so will security. 17 Oct 2017, 22:49
3 hours 1:28
How Google Cloud protects your business from DDoS attacks
Matt O’Connor, security lead from the office of the CTO, shows how Google Cloud has default protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. 17 Oct 2017, 22:47
3 hours 1:58
How Google Cloud protects your business from ransomware
Matt O’Connor, security lead from the office of the CTO, shows how Google Cloud has multiple layers of protection to protect from ransomware and malware. 17 Oct 2017, 22:46
3 hours 2:39
How Google Cloud protects your business from data compromise
Matt O’Connor, security lead from the office of the CTO, shows how Google Cloud keeps data safe from being compromised. 17 Oct 2017, 22:48
6 hours 4:41
Trust but verify: Google Cloud's commitments to you and your data
Data is the life force running through today’s enterprise and you should know exactly how your cloud provider handles it. At Google Cloud we aim to earn your trust through extensive transparency and visibility. 17 Oct 2017, 19:40
9 hours 0:55
Introducing the Microsoft 365 powered device
At Inspire, Satya Nadella introduced Microsoft 365 which brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. 17 Oct 2017, 16:16
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