17 hours 1:18:59
White House Correspondents Dinner 2017 hosted by Hasan Minhaj
The comedian and ‘Daily Show’ correspondent hosts the annual event, which will not be attended by President Donald Trump. 30 Apr 2017, 3:09
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21 hour 2:31
US Armada Enters Sea of Japan Off the Coast of Korean Peninsula
“South Korea and US strike forces began a drill in the East Sea from 6pm (09:00 GMT) today against the backdrop of the current security situation,” South Korean Navy officials announced, referring to the Sea of Japan, 29 Apr 2017, 22:58
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20 hours 1:27
Trump slams WH correspondents' dinner
At a campaign-style rally on his 100th day in office, President Trump mocks the White House correspondents' dinner, saying he would rather be with the "better people" at his rally. 30 Apr 2017, 0:18
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21 hour 4:01
North Korea Threatens Israel with 'Merciless, Thousand-Fold Punishment'
Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman hurt the "dignity of the supreme leadership" of North Korea, state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported Saturday. 29 Apr 2017, 23:08
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11 hours 23:44
Theresa May (FULL) interview on Andrew Marr Show - BBC News
PM Theresa May talks to Andrew Marr about the upcoming General Election. 30 Apr 2017, 9:17
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21 hour 2:27
All Hell Breaks Loose In Brazil As First General Strike In 21 Years Paralyzes Nation
Less than a year after former president Dilma Rouseff was impeached and ousted for corruption, Brazil's economy continues to deteriorate at an alarming pace, and on Friday Brazilian police tear-gassed demonstrators and 29 Apr 2017, 23:32
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19 hours 1:00
Reagan adviser: Trump speech deeply disturbing
Former presidential adviser David Gergen called President Donald Trump's speech at a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania "deeply disturbing." 30 Apr 2017, 1:31
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20 hours 0:59
US troops deployed at Syrian border to prevent Turkish & Kurdish forces clashes
US forces and vehicles were deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border near Darbasiya on Saturday, to monitor the situation after dozens of Kurdish forces were killed in Turkish airstrikes in the region less than a week ago. 29 Apr 2017, 23:39
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17 hours 1:10
Comedian: Who tweets at 3 a.m. sober?
At the White House correspondents' dinner, "The Daily Show" correspondent Hasan Minhaj asked who tweets at 3 a.m. sober. 30 Apr 2017, 3:31
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18 hours 2:01
'Death to enemies of homeland': Nationalists march through Warsaw, heckled by counter-protesters
Antifa activists heckled a march of hundreds of nationalists on the streets of central Warsaw, Saturday. 30 Apr 2017, 2:35
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17 hours 56:43
President Donald Trump 100 days rally full speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2017
The president marked his first 100 days with an event in the New Holland Arena. 30 Apr 2017, 3:36
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23 hours 3:07
Trump: My 100 days just about most the successful
On day 100 in the White House President Trump is touting his record so far in office, saying he believes his first 100 days have been just about the most successful. CNN's Jim Acosta reports. 29 Apr 2017, 21:32
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14 hours 1:44
Trump skips annual White House dinner with media, hosts 100-day rally in Pennsylvania
Thousands of Trump supporters gathered at a campaign-style rally in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, to hear him give a speech about his time in office so-far. 30 Apr 2017, 6:15
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16 hours 1:39
Trump: We all bleed the same red blood
Donald Trump closed his 100th-day rally in Pennsylvania with a message of unity, saying no matter the color of our skin "we all bleed the same red blood." 30 Apr 2017, 4:02
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7 hours 1:06
Traffic Stop: Tornado rips through city near Dallas, Texas
Courtesy: Jody Vincik Authorities said on Saturday that fatalities have been reported and dozens of people were taken to hospitals after a tornado hit a small city in the eastern part of the US state of Texas. 30 Apr 2017, 12:47
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17 hours 22:07
“Eat Already? 2” Episode 10 -《吃饱没?2》第十集
Uncle Soon agrees to see a psychiatrist and learns to manage his depression. 30 Apr 2017, 2:57
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19 hours 1:06
Trump rates media's 100 days at rally
At his campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump rated the media's first 100 days of his term. 30 Apr 2017, 0:47
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21 hour 28:36
TRUMP: Nationalist or Globalist?
Is Donald Trump the hardcore nationalist he portrayed himself to be during his campaign, or is he really a globalist who is ready to flip flop on most of the promises that got him elected? 29 Apr 2017, 23:30
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21 hour 3:38
Are Police Training Antifa to Use Guns In Arizona?
You can find more info at the link below! Learn More: archive.is/ZzZws Help Support Independent Media: paypal.me/dahboo7 undergroundworldnews.com My Other Youtube Channel- youtube. 29 Apr 2017, 23:07
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15 hours 3:28
Bob Woodward: The media is not fake news
Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of Watergate fame spoke Saturday night at the annual White House correspondents' dinner. 30 Apr 2017, 4:47
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7 hours 1:35
Tapper to McCain: Will Trump strike N. Korea?
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) discusses the ongoing tensions with North Korea and whether President Trump is considering a preemptive strike. 30 Apr 2017, 13:31
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21 hour 1:50
Here's what business casual actually means
Lilliana Vazquez, style expert and founder of The LV Guide, discusses one of the most difficult types of dress to understand, business casual. Originally published on Business Insider on November 21, 2016. 29 Apr 2017, 23:00
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8 hours 4:29
Comedy, politics collide as Trump skips event
Comic blasts absent Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner. 30 Apr 2017, 12:03
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18 hours 1:39
WHCA president: We are not the enemy
White House Correspondents' Association President Jeff Mason made an impassioned speech about the role of the free press in America. 30 Apr 2017, 2:16
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22 hours 24:31
What change has Trump brought to Washington? - Inside Story
Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States with fewer votes than his opponent. And his approval ratings after 100 days are lower than any previous president. 29 Apr 2017, 22:14
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9 hours 1:52
Aftermath Footage: Tornadoes rip through east Texas
At least five people were confirmed dead and dozens more injured following tornadoes in Canton, east Texas. 30 Apr 2017, 10:53
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18 hours 1:04
Trump slams Democrats and Sen. Schumer
President Trump slammed the Democrats and Sen. Chuck Schumer at his rally in Pennsylvania. 30 Apr 2017, 2:16
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16 hours 25:27
Hasan Minhaj full White House Correspondents Dinner speech
The comedian and ‘Daily Show’ correspondent hosts the annual event, which will not be attended by President Donald Trump. 30 Apr 2017, 4:05
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6 hours 2:01
Operations MEGADEATH & HEARTLAND In Dayton, Ohio May 5th and 6th
You can find more detailed info on these two training exercises at the link below. 30 Apr 2017, 14:34
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12 hours 3:24
Vault 7: WikiLeaks reveals CIA tool to find leaks
The CIA’s tool for tracking potential leaks is out in the open, in the latest WikiLeaks release of classified documents under its code name ‘VAULT 7’. RT’s Eisa Ali has more info on the latest leak. 30 Apr 2017, 7:56
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