10 hours 5:26
Syrian armed opposition & Assad govt reps meet for peace talks in Astana
Negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups, which include Jaysh al-Islam, a major armed group, have kicked off in the Kazakh capital of Astana as part of an initiative led by Russia, Turkey, and 23 Jan 2017, 14:04
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WATCH: Grace Bible Church guest pastor calls homosexual relationships unnatural
Subscribe to News24: youtube.com/user/News24Video 23 Jan 2017, 10:14
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9 hours 25:06
Moldovan President: I don’t think we’ll ever join EU, Brussels understands this
While his predecessors opted for Brussels, the newly elected leader of Moldova has come to Moscow on his first official visit as President. 23 Jan 2017, 15:35
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9 hours 5:39
Trump Sits Down With Business Leaders, Vows to Cut Regulations
The president says companies leaving America will face a "substantial border tax" on their products. 23 Jan 2017, 15:45
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20 hours 0:21
19 buildings demolished in 10 seconds in C China
19 buildings demolished in 10 seconds in Wuhan, central China. The demolition is to make way for a new business district, which will include a 707m-high skyscraper. 23 Jan 2017, 4:36
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9 hours 5:09
How will Trump affect ties with China?
Jing Ulrich, Yvonne Chiu and Willy Lam sit down with Kristie Lu Stout to discuss the future of ties between Washington and Beijing 23 Jan 2017, 15:06
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12 hours 1:45
Melania Trump's Hometown
Melania Trump's hometown of Sevnica in Slovenia hopes their new-found fame will boost trade and tourism. 23 Jan 2017, 12:50
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6 hours 0:57
Actor shot dead while filming music video
Australian actor Johann Ofner was shot and killed during the filming of a music video for hip hop group Bliss n Eso. 23 Jan 2017, 18:19
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11 hours 2:16
'Spectators are murderers': Protesters clash with Columbian police over bullfighting return
Hundreds of protesters clashed with police forces in Bogota as bullfighting returned to the Colombian capital for the first time in four years. 23 Jan 2017, 13:12
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20 hours 0:49
Trump vows to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada and Mexico
트럼프, 캐나다, 멕시코와 NAFTA 재협상 추진 U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to renegotiate the terms of the North American Fair Trade Agreement with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. 23 Jan 2017, 4:51
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19 hours 2:38
Astana talks: Will change in Turkey-Russia ties bring end to Syria's war?
A new set of talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict is set to kick off in Kazakhstan’s capital on Monday. Diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis have repeatedly failed over the past six years. 23 Jan 2017, 5:01
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20 hours 2:16
Gambians return home as political crisis ends
Hundreds of Gambians, who had fled their homes because of the country's political crisis, are now making their way home. 23 Jan 2017, 4:18
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15 hours 3:50
Moenjodaro 360 – A walkthrough of the ancient civilisation
Moenjodaro is located in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. This archaeological site dates back to 2,500 BCE. It was discovered in 1922. 23 Jan 2017, 9:21
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7 hours 1:30
Trump Signs Executive Order to Withdraw From TPP
President Donald Trump signed multiple executive orders in the Oval Office Monday including a memorandum to leave the proposed Pacific Rim trade pact known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 17:24
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9 hours 1:01
Raw: 19 Buildings Demolished in 10 Sec. in China
To make way for a new business district in the city of Wuhan, China, 19 apartment buildinges were demolished in 10 seconds. 23 Jan 2017, 15:09
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7 hours 0:50
President Trump Pulls US From TPP
President Donald Trump signed an executive order this morning which called for the U.S.'s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, fulfilling a promise made on the campaign trail in a move he says will help 23 Jan 2017, 17:31
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7 hours 1:28
Rep. Cassidy introduces Obamacare alternative
Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana introduces the "Patient Freedom Act," a proposed replacement to Obamacare backed by him and fellow Republican Rep. Susan Collins of Maine. 23 Jan 2017, 17:38
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10 hours 1:26
Ariane 6
Decided in Luxemburg by the European Space Agency council meeting at Ministerial level, Ariane 6 is a modular three-stage launcher (solid–cryogenic–cryogenic) with two configurations using: four boosters (A64) or two 23 Jan 2017, 14:43
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4 hours 3:08
Right-wing, Trump's US & Putin's Russia: Former French PM Valls names ‘enemies of state’
In a speech during the presidential primaries, Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls claimed that right-wing politicians, Donald Trump and Russia pose the biggest threats to his country. 23 Jan 2017, 20:16
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10 hours 1:56
Samsung confirms battery behind Galaxy Note 7 fires
Samsung has released its report on last year's exploding phones' scandal, which forced them to recall millions of devices. 23 Jan 2017, 14:46
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14 hours 5:18
A new breed of autonomous car?
Supercharged presenter Nicki Shields gets an exclusive look inside Faraday Future's FF 91 electric car. 23 Jan 2017, 10:14
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14 hours 1:33
Deadly Storms Strike South Georgia
Authorities said at least 14 people died in south Georgia on Sunday, when severe winds and possible tornadoes struck the region. Severe weather killed four people in Mississippi on Saturday. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 10:12
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7 hours 1:33:54
White House Press Briefing (Sean Spicer Press Secretary) - BBC News
Press Secretary Sean Spicer holds the first official White House press briefing for the Trump administration. 23 Jan 2017, 17:54
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15 hours 8:29
Putin's Press Secretary Peskov: Big mistake to think Trump is 'our' man, he is 'America's
Subscribe to Vesti News youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 - Dmitry Sergeevich! Is Donald Trump our man? - He is not our man. He's America's man. 23 Jan 2017, 9:52
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'Grandpa it's enough now, let go' – Malema tells Mugabe
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has called on Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe to step down. Subscribe to TimesLIVE here: youtube.com/user/TimesLive 23 Jan 2017, 13:53
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On thin ice? Soviet-era prison turned into epic skating rink
Rummu’s underwater prison is located in northwestern Estonia. WATCH MORE: facebook.com/RTvids/?ref=nf RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 23 Jan 2017, 16:36
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10 hours 4:27
Julius Malema slams Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Monday fired a barrage of criticism at South Africa's Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane‚ despite his party approving her appointment last year. 23 Jan 2017, 14:00
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15 hours 1:22
VIDEO: ‘Homophobic’ sermon at Grace Bible Church
Johannesburg, 23 January 20167 - A sermon delivered at Grace Bible Church in Soweto on Sunday has caused a social media storm. 23 Jan 2017, 9:24
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3 hours 2:44
Trump Sued for Allegedly Violating Constitution
To fight what it called a "grave threat" to the country, a watchdog group on Monday filed a lawsuit alleging that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by allowing his business to accept payments from 23 Jan 2017, 21:49
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