23 hours 2:38
Mobs in Myanmar target non-Rohingya Muslims
As the crisis spirals, Muslims in Myanmar who are not Rohingya fear they too will be targeted. There have already been a few angry mobs in central Myanmar, where a Muslim shop owner’s business was ransacked. 22 Sep 2017, 9:15
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14 hours 5:28
‘Where are the Russians?’: US far-right aiming to influence German election - analysts
Despite Germany's unfounded fears that Moscow could meddle in its upcoming election, analysts say they “haven't seen any trace of the Russians.” Instead, they say there is evidence that America's far-right is trying to 22 Sep 2017, 18:16
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16 hours 1:09
Oil spills from pipeline after SAA retake Al-Taym field from ISIS (EXCLUSIVE)
The Syrian Arab Army and its allied units recaptured the al-Taym oil field and nearby areas as pro-government forces continued to make advances against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in the Deir ez-Zor region. 22 Sep 2017, 16:29
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15 hours 41:56
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov holds press conference on UNGA sidelines (Streamed live)
Sergey Lavrov holds press conference on UNGA sidelines RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 22 Sep 2017, 17:49
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20 hours 1:47
Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump "mentally deranged US dotard."
Korean state television reads out a statement by leader Kim Jong Un in which he calls US President Donald Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard.". Report by Charlotte Brehaut. 22 Sep 2017, 12:33
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16 hours 1:57
Theresa May's Brexit speech in Florence
The British prime minister speaks in Florence on Friday, outlining the UK's plan on Brexit. Some of the key points Theresa May touched on included the transition period, money, citizens' rights and security 22 Sep 2017, 16:21
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20 hours 9:14
Siachen Controversy
In a Republic exclusive, 3 different interviews reveal details on Siachen 22 Sep 2017, 12:29
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10 hours 2:49
North Korean defector trekked 6,000 miles on crutches to escape
Ji Seong-ho sat down to talk with Business Insider about his 6,000 mile journey from North Korea after his inspiring speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum. 22 Sep 2017, 23:00
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20 hours 2:45
Rohingya refugees: Baby born while fleeing Myanmar - BBC News
Conceived in their homeland Myanmar but born as a refugee in Bangladesh, many children were in their mothers’ womb as they made a tough journey to Bangladesh, to save their lives from alleged attacks by army and 22 Sep 2017, 12:27
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13 hours 20:46
Aaron Hernandez had CTE, celebrities' religion/morality and more on 'Real Live'
Michael Rothman, Candice Frederick, and Mike Muse discuss the latest pop culture news. 22 Sep 2017, 19:45
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18 hours 1:31:46
LIVE: British Prime Minister Theresa May lays out Brexit transition in Florence speech
UK POOL - archiving for 30 days only British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to deliver a speech that is expected to outline the UK's future relationship with Europe in Florence, Italy, Friday 22nd September. 22 Sep 2017, 14:25
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19 hours 2:27
Facebook to turn over Russian-linked political ads to Congress
Founder Mark Zuckerberg says company can "do better" with transparency and vows to cooperate with investigators in ongoing probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. 22 Sep 2017, 13:59
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15 hours 0:58
‘There’s nothing better than cats!' Yandex virtual assistant tells Putin
‘There’s nothing better than cats!' Russian search engine Yandex’s virtual assistant tells Putin RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 22 Sep 2017, 17:36
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21 hour 0:55
Rescuers continue search for survivors of Mexico earthquake – video
Rescue workers in Mexico City continue to search the precarious ruins of collapsed buildings on Thursday after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday. 22 Sep 2017, 12:04
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18 hours 3:17
Desperation grows in Puerto Rico after Maria
The hurricane wiped out the island's power grid and has left some residents desperate for basic supplies like water. 22 Sep 2017, 14:18
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12 hours 0:58
Helicopter rescues family from capsized boat near Puerto Rico
A British Royal Navy helicopter hoists a woman and two children from a capsized vessel off Puerto Rico near the island of Vieques on Thursday as  swept across the region. 22 Sep 2017, 21:07
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10 hours 1:24
Video: Iran successfully test-fires new ballistic missile
The Islamic Republic’s domestically manufactured Khorramshahr ballistic missile is capable of carrying multiple warheads. 22 Sep 2017, 22:41
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20 hours 3:34
Ex-husband makes starting revelations about Honeypreet-Ram Rahim's relation
Honeypreet’s ex-husband Vishwas Gupta makes startling new revelations about Dera chief Ram Rahim and her adopted daughter. 22 Sep 2017, 13:05
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15 hours 25:01
Is President Donald Trump to blame for a rise in hate crimes?
The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC celebrates its first anniversary this week. 22 Sep 2017, 18:06
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4 hours 0:58
Boosting capabilities: Iran tests new ballistic missile
Iran tested a new ballistic missile in Tehran on Friday as President Hassan Rouhani stepped up pressure on the United States after promising to boost his country's missile capabilities, footage from Iran's state TV 23 Sep 2017, 4:28
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18 hours 20:19
To The Point : India Exposes Pakistan At United Nations
Responding to Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's charge that India was supporting terrorism against his country, India gave a befitting reply at the UN General Assembly session describing the neighbouring 22 Sep 2017, 14:35
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13 hours 2:45
'An Inconvenient Border' clip 2: China's Hidden Bridge to North Korea | ABC News
ABC's Bob Woodruff travels the 880-mile border between China and North Korea as tensions rise with the United States. Stream the full documentary, starting Sept. 21 on ABCNews.com/features. 22 Sep 2017, 19:21
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17 hours 2:25
S Korea promotes peaceful solution to N Korea nuclear issue
The South Korean President’s U-N General Assembly address has urged a peaceful resolution of the North Korea nuclear issue. Moon Jae-in’s comments came following U.S. 22 Sep 2017, 16:00
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11 hours 1:13
Kim slams Trump as "mentally deranged"
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has riposted strongly to President Trump's UN declaration he would "totally destroy" his country. 22 Sep 2017, 21:18
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23 hours 7:06
Shocking Revelations Made By Dawood's Brother Iqbal Kaskar's
India's most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is still in Pakistan, his brother Iqbal Kaskar has told the Intelligence Bureau officials. ___ About Channel: India Today TV is India's leading English News Channel. 22 Sep 2017, 10:03
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21 hour 0:45
Lavrov Jokes With Swiss Journo After Giving Him "Russian Answer": Now, Get Out!
Credit to RT Play facebook.com/RTvids Watch Russia's FM Sergey Lavrov give a 'typical Russian' reply to a journalist before meeting with his Swiss counterpart on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly 22 Sep 2017, 12:00
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21 hour 6:11
PM Modi Launches Facilitation Center for Handicraft Workers In Varanasi
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is in Varanasi for a two-day visit and is expected to inaugurate many developmental projects in his constituency. 22 Sep 2017, 12:06
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21 hour 3:37
Desperate situation in Bangladesh ‘could lead to more Rohingya refugee deaths’
Karline Kleijer, MSF spokesperson, talks to Al Jazeera about the urgent humanitarian situation Rohingya refugees face in Bangladesh. 22 Sep 2017, 11:12
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5 hours 1:45
Russian submarine hits terrorist group with Kalibr missiles
Russian submarine has destroyed several targets in Syria with a barrage of Kalibr cruise missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. READ MORE: on.rt.com/8nvd RT LIVE rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! 23 Sep 2017, 3:52
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18 hours 1:01
Dad builds daughters a dream house
In an attempt to craft something special for his daughters Avery and Violet, Michigan dad Adam Boyd built a two-story playhouse complete with hardwood floors and light fixtures. 22 Sep 2017, 14:39
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