17 hours 0:38
Tanker Truck Catches Fire on Ohio Highway
One person was killed after a tanker truck caught fire on the highway in suburban Columbus, Ohio Monday morning. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 21:18
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22 hours 2:32
Japan considering special law to allow emperor to abdicate
A Japanese government panel is considering a special law to allow 83-year-old Emperor Akihito to abdicate.Current Japanese law doesn't allow Akihito, who wants to step down, to give up his throne. 23 Jan 2017, 17:02
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19 hours 0:49
Dubai is using jetpacks to fight fires
Dubai authorities are testing a new floating system that uses a jet ski and a water-powered jetpack to stop fires. 23 Jan 2017, 19:19
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12 hours 1:55
Pompeo Sworn in as CIA Director
Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo was sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence Monday night to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, just an hour after being confirmed by the Senate. (Jan. 24 Jan 2017, 3:00
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2 hours 5:57
President Trump open to joint US-Russian strikes against ISIS in Syria
When asked if the Trump administration is ready to work with Russia in the fight against Islamic State, White House press secretary Sean Spicer replied that the president is ready “to work with any country that helps 24 Jan 2017, 12:39
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23 hours 2:54
'A Dog's Purpose' Premiere Canceled
The film has received backlash after TMZ released a video showing a dog appearing to be in distress while filming a stunt for the movie. 23 Jan 2017, 15:32
4 311
16 hours 6:07
Big day for Trump and trade agenda
CNN's Jim Acosta and Sara Murray report on the Trump administration's first White House briefing. 23 Jan 2017, 23:08
4 290
18 hours 8:11
WH criticizes media for crowd size coverage
In a statement to the press, Press Sec. Sean Spicer slammed the media for coverage surround Trump's inauguration crowd size. 23 Jan 2017, 20:25
4 237
16 hours 3:43
What 'The Apprentice' can teach us about Trump
Will White House officials be more willing to give President Trump hard truths than did producers and editors of "The Apprentice"? 23 Jan 2017, 23:06
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17 hours 1:34
President Trump Meets With Union Leaders
U.S. President Donald Trump is telling union leaders that he is redoing the nation's trade deals. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 22:03
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23 hours 2:03
President Trump Reacts to Women's Rights Marches Across the Nation
President Trump weighed in on the Marches Across the Nation on Twitter, sending two tweets with two different tones. 23 Jan 2017, 15:30
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23 hours 2:36
Deadly Tornadoes Slam the South
A violent system of storms made its way across the South from Mississippi to the Florida panhandle and parts of Alabama and Georgia, leaving more than a dozen people dead. 23 Jan 2017, 15:29
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2 hours 2:29
UFOs, telekinesis & spies: 12 million pages of CIA secrets online for 1st time
The CIA has released online a large collection of declassified records, after yielding to pressure from activists. It means decades of US intelligence files are now accessible to the general public. 24 Jan 2017, 12:27
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13 hours 0:57
Puppy swallows 8-inch knife
A lucky pup is making a full recovery after swallowing an 8-inch kitchen knife. 24 Jan 2017, 2:04
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9 hours 2:01
President Trump signs executive order withdrawing U.S. from TPP
트럼프 'TPP탈퇴' 행정명령 서명…"美우선 양자무역협정 시대로" He's only a few days into the job,... but U.S. President Donald Trump is already making good on his campaign pledges. On the first full business day of his presidency,... 24 Jan 2017, 6:14
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23 hours 1:57
Officer Pulls Woman From Burning Car BODY CAM FOOTAGE | ABC News
Dramatic body cam video shows heroic City of Spokane Police Department officer smash out window, and with help from bystander, pull woman out of burning vehicle. 23 Jan 2017, 16:01
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23 hours 4:41
Malema "We will be the Public Protector ourselves"
EFF leader Julius Malema on Monday lashed out at current Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane saying her office has become the 'State Protector". 23 Jan 2017, 15:53
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10 hours 1:59
Gambia: West African troops secure presidential palace
Soldiers from regional force ECOWAS are securing Gambia's presidential palace as they prepare for the return of President Adama Barrow from neighbouring Senegal. 24 Jan 2017, 4:28
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16 hours 1:30
Watch Trump's press secretary go off on reporters over perceived bias
Sean Spicer's first White House briefing got a little tense as he discussed perceived media bias with CNN's Jim Acosta. 23 Jan 2017, 22:19
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20 hours 2:06
Northern Ireland: Sinn Fein names Michelle O'Neill new leader
The Republican Sinn Fein party in Northern Ireland - which wants independence from the United Kingdom - made history as it chose a new leader. 23 Jan 2017, 18:51
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18 hours 3:05
How Americans Can Fight Hate Under Trump
Rev. William Barber started a successful weekly protest in the North Carolina legislature. And he believes the fight can go national. Subscribe for more videos: youtube.com/channel/UCV3Nm3T-XAgVhKH9jT0ViRg? 23 Jan 2017, 21:00
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23 hours 0:42
KC Pitcher Yordano Ventura Dies in Car Accident | ABC News
Flags lowered outside Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, after 25-year-old pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in car accident in the Dominican Republic. 23 Jan 2017, 16:01
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23 hours 1:40
Trump: Border Tax On Companies That Move Abroad
Opening his first official week in office, President Donald Trump warned business leaders Monday that he would impose a "substantial border tax" on companies that move their manufacturing out of the United States. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 16:03
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13 hours 2:02
President Trump signs executive order withdrawing U.S. from TPP
트럼프 'TPP탈퇴' 행정명령 서명…"美우선 양자무역협정 시대로" He's only a few days into the job,... but U.S. President Donald Trump is already making good on his campaign pledges. Starting his first full week as president,... 24 Jan 2017, 1:43
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23 hours 5:31
Lawyer Convicted of Hypnotizing Clients: Victim Speaks Out
Ohio divorce attorney Michael Fine sentenced to 12 years for hypnotizing six female clients after he pleaded guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping with sexual motivation. 23 Jan 2017, 15:44
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15 hours 0:58
Navy SEALs method for focusing on long term goals
Former Navy SEALs and "Extreme Ownership" authors Jocko Willink and Leif Babin know how hard it is to focus on a long-term goal. Willink breaks down the importance of short-term goals when planning for the long term. 24 Jan 2017, 0:00
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15 hours 0:42
Raw: Trump Meets with Congressional Leaders
President Donald Trump is meeting with congressional leaders in the White House as he starts his first week as president. 23 Jan 2017, 23:42
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23 hours 2:57
Patriots to Face Falcons in Super Bowl LI
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will take on Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in Houston for Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5. 23 Jan 2017, 15:22
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10 hours 2:31
UK Supreme Court to rule on Brexit process
Britain's Supreme Court is expected to rule on who can trigger negotiations to allow the UK to leave the European Union on Tuesday. An earlier court decision said the parliament had to have the final say. 24 Jan 2017, 4:36
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15 hours 1:46
Committee OK's Tillerson for Secretary of State
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved former Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Tillerson's nomination now moves to a vote in the full Senate. (Jan. 24 Jan 2017, 0:00
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