5 hours 1:45
Texas Flooding Crushes Bridge, Raises 35 Feet In A Day
Heavy rain caused a central Texas river to rise to a near-record level in about a day, leading to a bridge collapse, flooded homes and evacuations. 16 Oct 2018, 22:11
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13 hours 3:02
Olympic gymnasts speak out against USA Gymnastics hire
Simone Biles and Aly Raisman are protesting the hiring of Mary Bono, whose former law firm represented USA Gymnastics in its initial investigation of Larry Nassar. 16 Oct 2018, 14:02
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11 hours 1:03
Texas flooding causes bridge collapse, evacuation
(16 Oct 2018) Raging floodwaters have destroyed a bridge over the Llano River in Kingsland, Texas. The community is about 65 miles northwest of Austin. (Oct. 16 Oct 2018, 16:41
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20 hours 4:33
Singer Accuses Kailash Kher, Toshi Sabri Of Sexual Misconduct #MeToo
Singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa, in a YouTube video, has alleged that Kailash Kher and Toshi Sabri of sexual misconduct and demanded that Kher's Padma Shri award be taken back. 16 Oct 2018, 7:10
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14 hours 2:31
Unique Durga Puja Pandal Made Entirely Of 4000 Kgs Of Turmeric!
Puja pandals go organic in Kolkata! Subscribe to India Today for NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY and make sure to enable Push Notifications so you'll never miss a new video. 16 Oct 2018, 13:33
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14 hours 11:43
Heated cross-examination continues in Omotoso rape trial
Cheryl Zondi broke down during cross-examination at Timothy Omotoso's rape trial at the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday. 16 Oct 2018, 13:15
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9 hours 2:46
🇪🇺 🇬🇧 Fears Brexit could lead to food shortages in EU and UK l Al Jazeera English
The leaders of the European Union are meeting on Wednesday as a deal over Brexit looks to be as far away as ever. 16 Oct 2018, 18:51
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16 hours 3:01
Behave yourself! Ecuadorian Embassy imposes new rules for Assange
#Assange #WikiLeaks WikiLeaks supporters were thrilled to hear that Ecuador would restore Julian Assange’s internet connection. 16 Oct 2018, 11:31
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14 hours 0:28
Man plows tractor into cars on way to protest at Israeli embassy in Ankara
A man, who was allegedly driving his tractor to a protest at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, was shot in the leg by police. Before he was apprehended, his rampage destroyed several nearby vehicles. 16 Oct 2018, 13:49
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18 hours 4:59
Republic TV Confronts VVIP Brat Ashish Pandey's Uncle Pavan Pandey | #JailVVIPBrat
Watch:- Live Update On #GujaratHatePolitics - bit.ly/GujaratMassExodus #TanushreeVsNanaPatekar - bit.ly/TanushreeVsNana Also watch - Rafale Controversy | 16 Oct 2018, 9:59
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3 hours 9:07
Anderson Cooper dissects Trump’s ‘rogue’ theory
CNN's Anderson Cooper breaks down President Trump's theory surrounding the disappearance and suspected killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. #CNN #News | 17 Oct 2018, 0:37
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21 hour 1:39
Prince Harry, Meghan get baby gifts in Australia
(16 Oct 2018) Prince Harry and his wife the former Meghan Markle received a toy kangaroo and a small pair of boots from Australia's Governor General. 16 Oct 2018, 6:15
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15 hours 4:05
Arun Jaitley Repeats 'Clown Prince' Attack
Watch:- Live Update On #GujaratHatePolitics - bit.ly/GujaratMassExodus #TanushreeVsNanaPatekar - bit.ly/TanushreeVsNana Also watch - Rafale Controversy | 16 Oct 2018, 12:55
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16 hours 5:13
Mpofu on why EFF hasn’t taken action on Shivambu
EFF leader Julius Malema says he is happy with the appointment of Tito Mboweni as finance minister. Courtesy #DStv403. 16 Oct 2018, 11:15
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3 hours 4:48
EPA official says she was put on leave for lead study
Environmental Protection Agency official Dr. Ruth Etzel is speaking out after being put on administrative leave by the EPA. #CNN #News | 17 Oct 2018, 0:25
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8 hours 7:56
The Precipitous Fall of Paul Manafort Explained | The Russia Desk | NowThis World
Paul Manafort was one of the president’s top campaign officials and a long-time confidant. So what inspired the former lobbyist to flip on the president and plead guilty to conspiracy? 16 Oct 2018, 19:59
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14 hours 3:00
Trump, first lady visit Hurricane Michael storm zone
President Trump praised the federal response but six days after the storm ravaged Florida's Panhandle, some residents are still struggling. 16 Oct 2018, 13:18
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20 hours 1:00
Mexico Beach video shows most buildings gone
(16 Oct 2018) Drone aerial video from Mexico Beach, Florida shows a stretch of the town with almost every structure no longer standing. 16 Oct 2018, 7:50
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14 hours 22:39
Would BJP Have Backed Sabarimala Protests If BJP Was In Power In Kerala? | News Today
On September 28, the Supreme Court struck down an age-old tradition banning the entry of women into the temple, starting a domino chain of events which has caused protests in three states, majorly | 16 Oct 2018, 13:25
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13 hours 0:25
Shocking footage shows driver on wrong side of the motorway just before deadly crash
Three people reportedly died after a car pulling a caravan drove down a motorway near Oxford the wrong way on Monday. 16 Oct 2018, 14:03
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13 hours 5:12
Overconfidence Bias: Asking Couples About Their Relationships | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Overconfidence bias is our tendency to be more confident in our abilities than is objectively justified. Do you really think your marriage will last forever? 16 Oct 2018, 15:00
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22 hours 14:17
Morning Newswrap: Tensions High In Sabarimala, AMU Showdown, MJ Akbar #MeToo, Delhi Chokes
In top headlines today, Kerala is on the edge with the Sabarimala temple reopening today, Aligarh Muslim University is locked in a bitter battle between Kashmiri students and the saffron party, MoS | 16 Oct 2018, 5:12
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17 hours 2:12
📕 Stephen Hawking's final book entreats readers: 'Shape the future' | Al Jazeera English
The final writings of world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking have been compiled in a book. 16 Oct 2018, 10:44
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20 hours 3:40
Shocking Visuals Of VVIP Brat Threatening Woman With Gun Outside Delhi's Hyatt Hotel
A shocking video has gone viral of the son of a BSP MP abusing a couple and threatening them with his gun outside the Hyatt Hotel in Delhi. Watch the disturbing video here. 16 Oct 2018, 7:20
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15 hours 5:54
Kerala Cop Evades Questions On Sabarimala Mob Taking Law Into Their Hands
Young journalism students were heckled after Sabarimala protestors stopped the KSRTC bus they were in and started threatening them for wearing black and attempting to visit the temple. 16 Oct 2018, 12:45
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17 hours 10:33
Sabarimala Row: Kerala DGP Chairs Meet To Finalise Security Arrangements
Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan directed the Kerala DGP to ensure that enough security arrangements were in place to ensure the Supreme Court verdict on the Sabarimala temple was carried out safely. 16 Oct 2018, 10:43
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17 hours 7:45
"Audio proves Saudis killed journalist"
The Turkish Attorney General's office reportedly says evidence supports suspicions that the dissident Saudi journalist was killed in the Kingdom’s consulate-general in Istanbul. 16 Oct 2018, 10:02
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14 hours 17:10
3 278
8 hours 16:26
Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women | Direct From with Dena Takruri - AJ+
Thousands of Indigenous women and girls have gone missing or been murdered across Canada. 16 Oct 2018, 20:00
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10 hours 19:10
Did Omotoso's lawyer cross the line with Cheryl Zondi?
Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso's lawyer, Advocate Peter Daubermann, locked horns with Judge Mandela Makaula and witness, Cheryl Zondi. 16 Oct 2018, 17:11
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