10 hours 26:29
Bolivian DNA: Russian Traces. Old Believers, intermarriage & Soviet students
Journalist Pavel Selin and his friend Ramiro Rivero travel across Bolivia in search of a Russian legacy. 19 Aug 2018, 21:30
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21 hour 1:10
Kofi Annan: Former UN Secretary General passes away at 80
Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan passed away at the age of 80 after a short illness, announced United Nations on Saturday. Annan had served two terms as the Secretary General spanning from 1997 to 2006. 19 Aug 2018, 9:39
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22 hours 2:44
Kerala floods: Celebs urge fans to help victimsCelebs seeks help for flood victims new
As Kerala faces worst flood in 100 years, celebrities have sought help from their fans for flood victims. 19 Aug 2018, 9:16
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16 hours 1:27
Putin's dance with Austrian minister raises eyebrows
Vladimir Putin stole the show and raised a few eyebrows internationally by attending the wedding of Austria's Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl. Report by Ferdia Carr. 19 Aug 2018, 15:11
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14 hours 1:54
On Sunday, Catholics React to Abuse Report
(19 Aug 2018) Some Catholics across the U.S. shaken by the latest revelations of priests sexually abusing children say they will stand behind the church while encouraging efforts to hold leaders accountable. (Aug. 19 Aug 2018, 17:18
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11 hours 0:33
Contact lenses end up in the ocean endangering sealife
We're being warned not to throw contact lenses down the loo or sink. 19 Aug 2018, 20:18
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1 hour 1:23
🕋 Flying to Hajj | Al Jazeera English
Over 2 million Muslim pilgrims from around the world are expected to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Here’s what you need to know about their journey. 20 Aug 2018, 6:16
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19 hours 3:11
Egyptian president visits Saudi Arabia's $500 billion city
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah EL Sisi has visited Saudi's Mega City project NEOM. The 500 billion dollar project aims to connect Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia . 19 Aug 2018, 12:05
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23 hours 2:08
Five years on, BRI brings changes to local life in Kenya
Five years after the Belt and Road Initiative was launched, Kenyan people have seen many changes in their lives brought by Chinese-built infrastructure project. 19 Aug 2018, 8:16
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15 hours 1:38
Greek government claims better times ahead as bailout ends
As Greece's bailout programme comes to an end the government claims the main causes have been solved and unemployment will come down… READ MORE : 19 Aug 2018, 16:24
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23 hours 0:47
Chinese Valentine's Day sees Russian, Chinese couples' group wedding
Twenty-two Russian and Chinese newlywed couples participated in a group wedding ceremony upon the Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, in Jiayin, a small town bordering with Russia, in northeast China's 19 Aug 2018, 7:38
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21 hour 5:19
Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in Syria
Russia’s president has stressed the necessity of stepping up humanitarian efforts in Syria where people have been bearing the brunt of war since 2011. 19 Aug 2018, 9:35
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19 hours 0:46
First day of annual hajj pilgrimage begins in Mecca
More than 2 million Muslims began the annual hajj pilgrimage Sunday in Saudi Arabia, circling the cube-shaped Kaaba from first light in Mecca. Report by Ferdia Carr. 19 Aug 2018, 12:05
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18 hours 3:03
South Africans remember Aretha Franklin
Tributes are continuing to pour in for global superstar Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul, as Franklin was popularly known, died this week after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. 19 Aug 2018, 12:42
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8 hours 5:26
"U.S. can't pull off coup in Iran via pressure"
Iran’s foreign minister says the United States’ dream of subjugating the Iranian nation through pressure and sanctions will never materialize. 19 Aug 2018, 23:26
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18 hours 2:30
Up, up and away! World's first flying scooter floats over Dongguan
Chinese inventor Deli Zhao took to the skies above Dongguan aboard his latest creation - a flying scooter. 19 Aug 2018, 13:27
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Ukraine: Buk missile system crashes into Kiev business centre *STILLS*
A Buk missile system ran into the front facade of the business centre in Kiev during the rehearsal of an Independence Day parade, as photos released on Sunday show. Subscribe to our channel! 19 Aug 2018, 15:14
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2 hours 0:47
RAW: Moment Buk missile launcher slams into building in Kiev
Driver of the 30-tonne launcher caused panic on the sidewalk, as he lost control of the vehicle after a rehearsal of the Independence Day parade. 20 Aug 2018, 5:33
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10 hours 1:19
Iran FM: US wants to overthrow Iranian state but will fail
On the anniversary of a US-backed coup in Iran, Iranian FM says US wants to overthrow Iranian state but will fail. 19 Aug 2018, 20:35
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2 hours 23:44
Kochi Airport Open For Passenger Flights From Monday | Kerala Floods
Alternative arrangements have been made for passenger flights to Bengaluru and Coimbatore at the Kochi Naval Airbase from today. Flights from the Kochi International Airport will be operational on the naval base. 20 Aug 2018, 5:20
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23 hours 3:52
Israel closes Erez crossing into coastal enclave
Israel has closed the besieged Gaza Strip's only pedestrian crossing into the coastal enclave. 19 Aug 2018, 8:28
7 hours 2:08
Bannon Warns Republicans Ahead of Elections
(19 Aug 2018) Sounding alarms about the midterm elections, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon says Republicans must rally behind President Donald Trump to survive or risk losing dozens of seats in the Midterm elections. 19 Aug 2018, 23:37
11 hours 2:12:34
22 hours 1:11
Professional bellyflop divers compete in Norway
They call it 'Dødsing', meaning 'death plunge diving', and it's a professional sport in Norway. Report by Ferdia Carr. 19 Aug 2018, 9:34
17 hours 3:44
Russia: Normandie-Niemen fighter discovered after 75 years
A joint Russian-French expedition recovered parts of a wartime Yakovlev Yak-1 aircraft from the bottom of a swamp in Smolensk, as seen in footage released on Sunday. 19 Aug 2018, 14:02
21 hour 2:11
Iran marks 65th anniversary of CIA coup
Iran marks the 65th anniversary of the coup by American and British governments that brought down the democratically elected government of then Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953. 19 Aug 2018, 10:06
19 hours 0:36
Chinese president urges to strengthen CPC's leadership and development of military
Chinese President Xi Jinping urged to strengthen the leadership of the Communist Party of China by strengthening the country's armed forces. 19 Aug 2018, 12:30
23 hours 1:02
Love can be crazy! Chinese Valentine's Day sees roller coaster wedding
A unique group wedding ceremony was held on a wooden roller coaster at a Shanghai's amusement park, on Saturday. It's right after Chinese Valentine's Day, which has a history of over 2,000 years. 19 Aug 2018, 7:41
19 hours 16:56
State capture inquiry set to begin
The commission of inquiry into state capture will begin tomorrow. Judge Raymond Zondo is leading the hearings. 19 Aug 2018, 11:47
23 hours 1:31
Dawood Ibrahim's key aide held in London
Dawood Ibrahim's key aide, Jabir Moti, has been arrested in London. The London Police arrested Moti from Hilton hotel. Moti was managing Dawood's investments in the UK and UAE. 19 Aug 2018, 7:40
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