16 hours 1:36
Man Killed in San Antonio Mall Shooting Was Getting Wedding Rings Cleaned With Wife
Jonathan Murphy, the good Samaritan who was shot and killed after intervening during an attempted burglary at a mall in San Antonio, Texas, went to the mall with his wife to get their wedding rings cleaned, according 23 Jan 2017, 23:08
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21 hour 2:43
Europe's far-right sets out its vision in Koblenz
Europe's political direction will tilt towards the extreme right this year if elections go as many expect in France, Germany and the Netherlands. 23 Jan 2017, 17:42
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5 hours 10:53
Neocon McCain's Hatred of Russia 'a Disease' Says Russia's #1 News Anchor Kiselyov
Subscribe to Vesti News youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Russian Top Journo trolls neocon McCain by showing origin of his "russophobic disease" in Vietnam Great Russian Report 24 Jan 2017, 9:38
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17 hours 6:05
Gambians await the arrival of President Adama Barrow
We begin in Gambia, where the country is awaiting the arrival of new President Adama Barrow from Dakar, but it's still not quite clear when exactly that will be. 23 Jan 2017, 22:14
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19 hours 1:03
3 puppies found in Hotel Rigopiano- giving hope to rescue workers
What are the top stories today? Click to watch: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeDOz400FlseNGNqReKkFd euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! 23 Jan 2017, 19:25
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16 hours 2:35
Devastating weather hits U.S., killing at least 22
The devastating storms that struck the Southeast could affect other parts of the U.S.. CNN's Jennifer Gray reports. 23 Jan 2017, 23:07
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23 hours 3:22
Trump Administration Battles Inauguration Numbers
The Trump administration held a news conference on his first full day in office to criticize reporters for coverage of the inauguration crowd size, despite what photos taken on Inauguration Day show. 23 Jan 2017, 15:32
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19 hours 1:15
Pentagon's mini-drones swarm like bees
The Pentagon successfully showed off its Perdix miniature drones which can work together to attack enemies like a swarm of killer bees. 23 Jan 2017, 20:00
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1 hour 3:16
Losing Home: Arab family facing eviction after living for 60 years in East Jerusalem apartment
Israel's Supreme Court has decided to halt a deal to relocate an Israeli residential outpost in the West Bank, despite ruling it was built on private Palestinian land. 24 Jan 2017, 13:58
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20 hours 0:27
19 Buildings Demolished in 10 Seconds in China
19 buildings were demolished simultaneously in Wuhan City in Hubei Province, China. Read more here: ntd.tv/2017/01/23/china-demolished-19-buildings-10-seconds 23 Jan 2017, 18:34
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9 hours 47:35
Priyanka Gandhi To Play Vital Role In Assembly Elections?: The Newshour Debate (23rd Jan)
Watch PM Modi's Latest Speech ► bit.ly/2iZEcCS On the NEWSHOUR, TIMES NOW’s Tina Sharma and Navika Kumar along with panellists – Tehseen Poonawala, Political Analyst; Dr Sambit Patra, National Spokesperson, BJP; 24 Jan 2017, 5:56
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20 hours 1:34
Gambia: Gambians celebrate in Banjul after Jammeh flees
People gathered in the streets of Banjul, Sunday, to celebrate the news that President Yahya Jammeh had fled the country. 23 Jan 2017, 19:04
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18 hours 2:15
Mexico: 'Mexico does not believe in walls' - Nieto
Mandatory Credit: Presidencia de la Republica de Mexico President of Mexico Pena Nieto stated "we will work for a border that unites us and not one that divides us," in Mexico City, on Monday. 23 Jan 2017, 21:09
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21 hour 1:32
Lily Collins opens up about past eating disorder
Subscribe for more Breaking News: smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Actress Lily Collins says that her role in her latest movie, "To the Bone" inspired her to talk about her past eating disorder, while co-star Keanu 23 Jan 2017, 17:42
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18 hours 1:36
Raw: Survivors of Georgia Tornado Tell Their Stories
A survivor of the Sunshine Acres Moble home tornado says the storm struck with little warning and the aunt of two mobile home park residents who died in the storm tell their stories. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 21:00
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18 hours 2:25
USA: Protesters rally against Trump's 'fascist regime'
Around 30 protesters rallied today on the Capitol Hill in Washington DC, on Monday, to protest against newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump. 23 Jan 2017, 20:58
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21 hour 0:58
Donald Trump vows to ''massively'' cut regulations and taxes
Donald Trump has vowed to ''massively'' cut regulations and taxes on companies that keep jobs in the US. 23 Jan 2017, 17:58
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20 hours 0:58
Danielle Brooks: Worst Advice
"Orange is the New Black" star, Danielle Brooks, shares the worst advice she’s received throughout her career, on “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis” Worst Advice. 23 Jan 2017, 18:27
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22 hours 24:57
Uganda's School for Life: Educating out of Poverty - Rebel Education
In the 21st century, for many young people "finding a job" is just not an option. 23 Jan 2017, 16:30
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17 hours 1:00
Mexico wants to keep free trade with U.S., Canada, seeks pacts elsewhere
Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto says his country will aim to keep tariff-free commerce with NAFTA partners Canada and the United States in its talks with the new U.S. government. Rough Cut (no reporter narration). 23 Jan 2017, 21:32
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19 hours 2:13
Brexit claimant Gina targeted by threats | DW News
For more DW news go to dw.com/en/top-stories/s-9097 The British Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision on whether or not Article 50 can be invoked without the British Parliament. 23 Jan 2017, 20:01
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18 hours 2:13
USA: White House Press Sec discusses withdrawal from TPP, cooperation with Russia
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke to the press from Washington DC, on Monday, where he discussed the recent decision of newly elected US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership 23 Jan 2017, 20:58
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16 hours 6:11
US pulls out of Trans-Pacific Partnership deal
US President Donald Trump has signed three executive orders, including a directive for withdrawal from the key Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. 23 Jan 2017, 22:46
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33 min 3:33
Divided States of America: Citizens opposed each other after Trump took office
Days after his inauguration, Donald Trump continues to face a wall of resistance. Protesters have been gathering outside the capitol buildings in Washington and Salt Lake City. 24 Jan 2017, 14:43
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22 hours 0:40
Health of Former President, First Lady Improves
Former President George H.W. Bush is set to be moved from intensive care unit after doctors report health improvements. His wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, has been discharged from the same Texas hospital. (Jan. 23 Jan 2017, 17:06
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15 hours 0:57
Iraqi forces claim recapture of eastern Mosul
Hundreds of civilians time their escape from the districts of Hay al-Arabi and Rashidiya, as Iraqi forces flush the last remaining Islamic State militants from eastern Mosul. Jillian Kitchener reports. 23 Jan 2017, 23:55
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21 hour 2:06
Mario Batali Talks About His Success and Inspirations
World-renowned chef, author, and TV personality Mario Batali discusses his rise to stardom and what makes him tick. 23 Jan 2017, 18:05
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14 hours 2:01
President Trump signs executive order withdrawing U.S. from TPP
트럼프 'TPP탈퇴' 행정명령 서명…"美우선 양자무역협정 시대로" He's only a few days into the job,... but U.S. President Donald Trump is already making good on his campaign pledges. Starting his first full week as president,... 24 Jan 2017, 0:28
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22 hours 2:55
UK: UKIP leader joins 150 pro-Brexit demonstrators outside Parliament
About 150 pro-Brexit demonstrators gathered outside Parliament in London, on Monday, to protest against the Supreme Court case which will take place on Tuesday. The date marked seven months after the EU referendum. 23 Jan 2017, 16:26
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