22 hours 4:12
Europe 1957-2017: 60 years of peace, democracy, solidarity
Over its 60 years of existence, the Treaty of Rome has evolved with the European Union. The history of the Union that has been formed under the guidance of this Treaty is of an unprecedented nature in Europe. 24 Mar 2017, 15:30
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20 hours 12:01
French presidential election: Over 40% remain undecided
Subscribe to France 24 now: f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 f24.my/YTliveEN This week, FRANCE 24 are talking to French voters: with less than a month to go before 24 Mar 2017, 17:13
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18 hours 1:40
How 'Jeopardy!' writers come up with the clues
We recently had the opportunity to visit the set of "Jeopardy!" on a taping day and got to talk to the iconic host of the show, Alex Trebek. 24 Mar 2017, 19:00
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20 hours 0:11
Una esperanza para el futuro
Conchi Madson, enfermera del Hospital Shriners de Cincinnati integró el equipo que viajó a Guatemala para ayudar a las víctimas del incendio en Guatemala. 24 Mar 2017, 16:47
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15 hours 1:49
Ryan Bemoans Collapse of Health Care Bill
Speaker Paul Ryan says the collapse of the House Republican health care bill means former President Barack Obama's health care law will be around for the foreseeable future. 24 Mar 2017, 22:01
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17 hours 2:10
State of Palestine: IDF opens fire on anti-settlement protesters, injuring at least 12
At least twelve Palestinians were injured after the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) opened fire on a group of protesters marching against the building of new settlements in east of Ramallah, Friday. 24 Mar 2017, 19:54
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16 hours 0:58
Escaping IS-held Mosul, residents head into unknown
For some west Mosul residents, the nightmare of life under the Islamic State group's rule is over as Iraqi forces have advanced. 24 Mar 2017, 20:41
16 hours 1:51
Trump Marks Greek Independence Day
President Donald Trump marked Greek Independence Day at the White House Friday with a rather ominous message, saying in the years to come "we don't know what will be required to defend our freedom." (March 24) 24 Mar 2017, 20:58
17 hours 1:36
WH: If No on Health Bill, What is Alternative?
White House still remaining optimistic on health care overhaul vote happening Friday afternoon. White House press secretary Sean Spicers says those who vote no, what will be their alternative be. 24 Mar 2017, 20:15
23 hours 2:09
300 Cruise voyages to Korea from China to be canceled by the end of this year
中, 크루즈 한국 입항금지로 연내 300항차 중단…100만 명 못 온다 China continues to target South Korea in retaliation for the deployment of THAAD. 300 cruise voyages will be canceled, according to a Chinese travel industry representative. 24 Mar 2017, 14:18
14 hours 6:59
Republicans pull Obamacare replacement bill amid disarray
Republican leaders in the US have pulled their troubled healthcare overhaul bill off the House floor at President Donald Trump’s request. 24 Mar 2017, 23:14
20 hours 10:24
Export bans hit Brazil amid tainted meat scandal
Subscribe to France 24 now: f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 f24.my/YTliveEN After the discovery by Brazilian police of a corruption network in which some 24 Mar 2017, 17:29
22 hours 3:02
Germany: Illegal Israeli settlements 'violation of international law' - Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Israeli settlements in the West Bank a “violation of international law,” during a joint press conference alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ahead of their meeting in 24 Mar 2017, 15:10
18 hours 5:19
Iraqis blame attack on US-led coalition
Efforts are still underway to pull out bodies from under the rubble a week after a suspected US-led airstrike destroyed several residential buildings in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 24 Mar 2017, 18:51
20 hours 1:05
Grab your ear plugs! This train literally runs straight through a block of flats
Many people would die to have access to public transport right at their doorstep. 24 Mar 2017, 17:22
20 hours 2:48
Serbia: Ceremony mourns victims on 18-year anniversary of NATO bombing
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic led a state ceremony marking the eighteenth anniversary of the start of NATO's bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, in Serbia's Grdelica Gorge, near the 24 Mar 2017, 16:49
15 hours 1:36
Pelosi: Bill Failure 'A Victory' for Americans
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the failure of House Republicans to bring their health care bill to a vote "a victory for the American people." (March 24) Subscribe for more Breaking News: 24 Mar 2017, 22:01
11 hours 3:02
Holy See: Pope Francis urges solidarity against populism, in speech to EU leaders
On the eve of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in the Italian capital, Pope Francis said that solidarity among men and countries is "the most effective antidote to modern forms of 25 Mar 2017, 2:07
22 hours 0:42
Russia: Putin and Security Council discuss attack on National Guard in Chechnya
Russian President Vladimir Putin met with members of Russia’s Security Council to discuss the attack on the Russian National Guard in the Chechen Republic, in Moscow on Friday. 24 Mar 2017, 15:32
22 hours 1:44
Syrian army consolidates ground in northern Hama after heavy clashes
The Syrian Army has managed to push back opposition forces in northern Hama on Thursday after losing ground to the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, formerly known as Jabhet al-Nusra. 24 Mar 2017, 15:20
23 hours 2:17
Sewol-ho ferry being transferred to semi-submersible for transport to Mokpo
세월호 인양: 반잠수선박에 도착, 선적 시도 A late development is occurring at the site of the Sewol-ho ferry salvage operation that took 304 lives after capsizing off Korea's southwestern coast in 2014. 24 Mar 2017, 14:18
22 hours 2:07
Germany: 'Our son was not depressive' says father of Germanwings co-pilot
Guenter Lubitz, the father of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, said his son was not suffering from depression on the day his plane crashed in the French Alps, during a press conference in Berlin on Friday. 24 Mar 2017, 14:47
18 hours 2:53
News in Brief -- March 24th -- 18:30 GMT
1. The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution against Israel’s settlement expansions in the occupied Palestinian territories. 2. 24 Mar 2017, 19:14
20 hours 1:07
Vladimir Putin hosts Marine Le Pen in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. . Report by Conor Mcnally. 24 Mar 2017, 16:40
18 hours 1:48
Iraq: Reports of over 130 civilians buried under rubble after US airstrike in Mosul *GRAPHIC*
Footage shows disturbing images of some of the victims, including children and babies burnt beyond recognition as workers sift through the rubble to search for any remaining survivors and clear the debris. 24 Mar 2017, 18:36
18 hours 16:12
Westminster Attack, Abadi in Washington (part 1)
Subscribe to France 24 now: f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 f24.my/YTliveEN Our international panel of journalists look at the aftermath and reactions to the 24 Mar 2017, 19:09
14 hours 2:23
Russia: Local fans welcome Ivorian supporters ahead of match in Krasnodar
Fans of the Russian national team organised a welcome party right before a game between Russia and Cote d’Ivoire in Kransodar, on Friday. 24 Mar 2017, 22:53
5 hours 1:25
UK: Religious leaders call for unity after London attack
Religious leaders of all faiths gathered near the scene of a deadly attack in London, in which at least five people including the suspect were killed - to call for unity. 25 Mar 2017, 8:26
23 hours 3:25
Salvaging the Sewol-ho: An Expert's View
전화인터뷰: 세월호 인양 관련 전문가 인터뷰 Let's now turn for some expert analysis. We now have live on the line Captain John Noble,... former General Manager of the International Salvage Union. Captain Noble, thanks for joining us. 24 Mar 2017, 14:18
1 hour 2:21
From Brexit to migrants: EU's 60th anniversary marred by internal problems
The European Union's holding a special summit in Rome today to mark the block's 60th anniversary. 25 Mar 2017, 11:55
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