3 days 3:11
Victoria's Secret Show slays Shanghai
This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show goes ahead in Shanghai, with performances from musicians including Harry Styles and Miguel. (Nov. 20 Nov 2017, 16:21
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5 days 44:26
The Psychedelic Toad - HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA (Full Episode)
Hamilton embarks on a quest to answer the most important question in ethnoherpetological history and along the way, he finds the power of love. 17 Nov 2017, 18:30
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2 days 22:29
LaVar Ball: What did Trump do to help me?
LaVar Ball, the father of one of the three UCLA basketball players held in China after they were accused of shoplifting, speaks to CNN's Chris Cuomo in a heated interview about his response to President Donald Trump's 21 Nov 2017, 4:19
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What Happens to You if You Upload Your Mind to a Computer?
Check out Assassin's Creed Origins: bit.ly/2taHyHO Get the new RealLifeLore book here: bit.ly/2zKr1l5 Visit Here's the Bad Version's channel for the next video! 17 Nov 2017, 16:37
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The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain
Tattoos hurt, but for most people, the pain is just a means to an end. Tattoo artists are usually mindful of their client's pain threshold, catering for breaks and mitigating any unnecessary brutality. 21 Nov 2017, 17:31
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Mugabe resigns: activist breaks down in tears of Joy - BBC News
Zimbabwe activist breaks down in tears of joy after Robert Mugabe's resignation saying 'Today is Victory' Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures 21 Nov 2017, 16:50
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5 days 22:10
Live: Miss World 2017 in Sanya
China takes center stage again, as 120 contestants from all over the world compete for the title of “Miss World 2017” in the finale. 18 Nov 2017, 8:39
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5 days 7:33
Zimbabwe : Thousands celebrate end of Mugabe era - BBC News
Jubilant scenes are unfolding on the streets of Zimbabwe's capital Harare, as protests demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have turned to a celebration of the army's role in ending his grip on power. 18 Nov 2017, 10:56
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4 days 6:45
Billionaire Tom Steyer spends $20 million to impeach Trump
Billionaire and Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer has launched a television ad campaign aimed at impeaching President Trump. 18 Nov 2017, 18:01
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3 days 6:48
Sean Hannity faces ad boycott
Fox News Host Sean Hannity is facing an ad boycott campaign by a liberal group called Media Matters. 19 Nov 2017, 17:14
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6 days 2:45
Fact check: Trump's bizarre plane story
CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with FactCheck.org, on President Trump's claim that former President Obama "never got to land" in the Philippines. 17 Nov 2017, 13:13
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6 days 0:49
Be very afraid … robots can now do backflips
Not content with simply walking or carrying objects, Atlas, made by the robotics firm Boston Dynamics, can now jump across gaps, jump and spin 180°, and – most impressive of all – it can backflip, even using its arms 17 Nov 2017, 10:31
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North Korean soldiers shoot defector as he escapes
The UN command has released a dramatic video showing the desperate dash to freedom made by a North Korean soldier. 22 Nov 2017, 12:31
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Why Is The US Fighting In Niger?
Niger made headlines earlier this year after American soldiers were killed in the country, sparking many to ask why American soldiers were in Niger in the first place. To find out, watch this video. 19 Nov 2017, 14:00
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Dramatic Video Shows North Korean Soldier Escape
The US-led UN command released dramatic video showing a North Korean soldier dash across border into South Korea as North Korean troops fire at him. The defector was wounded. 22 Nov 2017, 6:41
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Indian man survives miraculously after train runs over him
An Indian man survived after an entire train ran over him over him. He lied still between the tracks as the mile-long goods train passed over him creating heart-wrenching moments for bystanders, who shrieked in horror. 21 Nov 2017, 0:12
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6 days 33:20
Al Franken accuser Leeann Tweeden shares her story
Radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden speaks with CNN's Jake Tapper after accusing Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of groping her and kissing her without her consent in 2006. 17 Nov 2017, 2:29
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Zimbabwe's Mugabe Full Speech: Mugabe vows to stay on - BBC News
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe goes on national TV and vows to stay on as president, despite pressure for him to resign Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures 19 Nov 2017, 19:42
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4 days 11:26
Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader - BBC News
Zimbabwe's ruling party has sacked President Robert Mugabe as its leader. Zanu-PF has appointed ex-vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had been fired by Mr Mugabe two weeks ago. 19 Nov 2017, 12:28
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Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe makes first public appearance - BBC News
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has made his first public appearance since the country's army took over on Wednesday. He attended a graduation ceremony in the capital, Harare. 17 Nov 2017, 14:55
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Karni Sena THREATENS Deepika Padukone | The Debate With Arnab Goswami
Download World's Lightest English News App - Republic World App ► bit.ly/2ixOuLA INDIA, DON'T LET THE FRINGE RULE US! 17 Nov 2017, 7:27
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'Get out of the way!' Bus parks directly in front of stadium implosion
An Atlanta commuter bus ruins a painstaking livestream of the demolition of the iconic Georgia Dome, by making a stop at exactly the wrong moment. 21 Nov 2017, 7:27
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1 day 1:05
Mugabe Resigns: The resignation letter - BBC News
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has resigned, parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda has said. A letter from Mr Mugabe said that the decision was voluntary and that he had made it to allow a smooth transition of power. 21 Nov 2017, 17:40
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2 days 2:51
BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe's President Mugabe resigns- BBC News
President Robert Mugabe has resigned via letter, speaker of Zimbabwe's parliament says, halting impeachment debate Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures 21 Nov 2017, 15:59
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5 days 0:21
US navy pilots grounded after drawing penis in the sky
Members of an air crew, who used their warplane to in an 'obscene' stunt in the sky above the town of Okanogan, Washington, this week have been grounded, the US navy said Penis in the sky: US navy pilots grounded over 18 Nov 2017, 15:15
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Tesla Makes Big Promises It Probably Can’t Keep With New Semi-Truck (HBO)
On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company's highly anticipated all electric semi-trucks. 20 Nov 2017, 13:29
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Should Padmavati Be Released? | The Sunday Debate With Arnab Goswami
Download World's Lightest English News App - Republic World App ► bit.ly/2ixOuLA Sunday Debate with Arnab after Republic watches Padmavati. 20 Nov 2017, 5:59
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North Korea defector's escape caught on camera
A North Korean soldier who defected across the demilitarized zone has had his escape caught on camera. 22 Nov 2017, 19:12
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BREAKING: Putin Meets Assad in Sochi, Russia
TURN ON THE ENGLISH SUBS Join and subscribe by clicking on the 'bell' notification youtube.com/user/RussiaInsiderTV Support us on Patreon! patreon.com/TeamRussiaInsider Visit us! 21 Nov 2017, 10:28
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Marawi After ISIS & New Delhi Smog: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)
This is the Nov. 13, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. In Marawi, the Philippine Government has declared an end to the five months of heavy clashing between ISIS fighters and the local Special Forces. 20 Nov 2017, 23:00
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