2 days 12:28
Listen to Omarosa being fired by John Kelly
In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," former White House aide and "Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault-Newman released a recording of her firing by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. 12 Aug 2018, 16:01
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1 day 9:30
Omarosa releases recording of call with Trump
Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former aide to President Donald Trump, provided NBC with what she claims is a recording of a conversation with Trump that took place after White House chief of staff John Kelly fired her. 13 Aug 2018, 12:05
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3 days 13:17
Neo-Nazi says he's emboldened by Trump
A man in Ulysses, Pennsylvania, says "rural America spoke up when they elected Trump." CNN's Sara Sidner speaks to him about his beliefs. 10 Aug 2018, 20:27
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5 days 5:52
Virginia declares state of emergency ahead of Charlottesville anniversary
The group behind last year’s "Unite the Right" rally are organizing a second event on the one-year anniversary of the rally, which left one counter-protester dead. 9 Aug 2018, 13:34
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2 days 10:16
What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At
The first 1,000 people to sign up for Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free; skl.sh/reallifelore15 Get RealLifeLore T-shirts here: standard.tv/reallifelore Please Subscribe: 12 Aug 2018, 13:30
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6 days 8:27
Don Lemon: Who's the real dummy?
CNN’s Don Lemon discusses his reaction to President Trump’s tweet about Lemon’s interview with LeBron James. 7 Aug 2018, 23:54
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6 days 6:03
GOP senator: Trump asked me about Mueller 20 times
South Carolina Republican Sen. 8 Aug 2018, 1:29
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4 days 4:51
What if the Holy Roman Empire Reunited Today?
Check out the Holy Roman Empire explained by WonderWhy next; youtube.com/watch?v=TpKmG7mDaDM Get RealLifeLore T-shirts here: standard.tv/reallifelore Please Subscribe: bit.ly/2dB7VTO 9 Aug 2018, 22:00
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3 days 2:08
South China Sea: 'Leave immediately and keep far off' - BBC News
A BBC team flew over the disputed South China Sea islands in a US military plane. 11 Aug 2018, 11:05
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3 days 5:36
Actor: This is what makes KKK leader so evil
Actor Topher Grace describes how he prepared for his role as KKK leader David Duke in Spike Lee's new film "BlacKkKlansman." 10 Aug 2018, 20:31
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3 days 0:59
Plane stolen from Seattle airport chased by fighter jets
A plane has been stolen from Seattle-Tacoma international airport by an airline employee and crashed, with F-15 fighter jets scrambled and flights grounded in a major security incident. 11 Aug 2018, 16:42
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2 days 9:59
This is the man who stole and crashed the Seattle plane
Before he crashed and died, the airline worker who authorities say stole and flew a passenger plane in the Seattle area had a wide-ranging discussion with air traffic control. 12 Aug 2018, 3:49
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6 days 9:21
Karunanidhi's Funeral Procession | Sea Of Mourners Throng To Chennai's Marina Beach
Karunanidhi's final journey has begun. His body, draped in a tricolour, is currently being taken to Chennai's Marina Beach. 8 Aug 2018, 12:16
309 359
4 days 3:57
Cuomo: If you don't like America, you leave
CNN's Chris Cuomo defends legal immigration amid right-wing criticism from the media and White House. 10 Aug 2018, 3:27
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2 days 11:41
Rudy Giuliani: Trump, Comey never discussed Flynn
President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, talks to CNN's Jake Tapper on the alleged Trump-Comey conversation about Michael Flynn in the Oval Office. 12 Aug 2018, 13:58
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5 days 15:59
Dimebags vs. Dispensaries: Street Dealers to Multi-Million Dollar Weed Startups
In 2016, VICE met business partners in Atlanta who had a dream of getting into the legal weed business, but couldn’t see a way to take their illegal grow off the streets. 8 Aug 2018, 20:20
299 303
3 days 9:00
Michael Avenatti: When they go low, hit them harder
Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, positioned himself in Iowa as the only possible presidential candidate prepared to hit President Donald Trump as hard as Trump hits Democrats. 11 Aug 2018, 3:52
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3 days 11:40
See stolen plane flying moments before crash
Video appears to show the plane that was stolen by an airline worker flying in the sky moments before it crashed in a wooded area near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 11 Aug 2018, 13:13
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1 day 15:05
Peter Strzok fired from the FBI
The FBI has fired Peter Strzok, an agent who was removed from the Russia probe last year for sending text messages disparaging President Donald Trump, Strzok's lawyer said. 13 Aug 2018, 15:42
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6 days 4:33
Frustrated Manafort emailed Gates: WTF?
Paul Manafort's longtime deputy Rick Gates admitted in court Tuesday to having an extramarital affair a decade ago, and he acknowledged under repeated questioning from Manafort's attorneys that he had embezzled money 7 Aug 2018, 23:26
273 422
4 days 11:56
Van Jones: Ingraham comments same as neo-Nazi's
CNN's Van Jones says that Laura Ingraham's commentary on Fox News about the "changing demographics" in the US is the same argument made by white supremacists. 10 Aug 2018, 12:35
271 602
5 days 8:10
Roger Stone says he won’t testify against Trump
Former Trump political adviser Roger Stone tells CNN's Anderson Cooper there "are no circumstances" under which he would testify against President Donald Trump. 9 Aug 2018, 9:02
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5 days 2:01
Video shows teen being pushed off bridge into river
A 16-year-old girl was standing three stories high above the Moulton Falls River in Washington when she was shoved into the water after appearing to yell "no" twice. 9 Aug 2018, 13:32
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5 days 10:52
Cuomo presses Ocasio-Cortez on healthcare
Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans are happy to pay for tax cuts and "unlimited war" but the GOP, and some Democrats, don't see "Medicare-for-all" or other progressive ideas as 9 Aug 2018, 9:31
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2 days 4:24
Airport employee steals plane and crashes 30 miles away
A 29-year-old ground employee halts busy airport in Seattle after taking off in a stolen turbo-prop plane, doing loops and rolls before crashing and dying. 12 Aug 2018, 0:10
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16 hours 10:32
'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis reveals what Mueller's team asked her
Kristin Davis, a former employee and close friend of Roger Stone, says that "there's cause for concern" for Stone with the Mueller investigation. 14 Aug 2018, 2:55
229 640
5 days 11:30
Jake Tapper: Many Trump allies are swamp critters
After the arrest of GOP Rep. 8 Aug 2018, 20:50
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4 days 5:52
Trump to NFL players: Stand or be suspended
President Trump railed against NFL players who protested during preseason games, saying the players are outraged about "something that most of them are unable to define." 10 Aug 2018, 15:16
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3 days 5:59
Black man goes undercover as white supremacist
Theo Wilson talks about going undercover online as a white supremacist ahead of the one-year anniversary of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. 11 Aug 2018, 13:44
221 589
6 days 7:53
Ohio Democrat: Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about
Danny O’Connor, the Democratic candidate in Ohio’s 12th congressional district special election, doesn’t think his Republican opponent Troy Balderson’s support from President Trump “makes too much of a difference.” 8 Aug 2018, 11:51
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