4 дня 0:39
Surveillance footage showing murder of Kim Jong Nam released
Surveillance footage purportedly showing the attack that killed Kim Jong Nam has been released, in which Kim is seen walking in a suit inside the Kuala Lumpur airport. 20 февраля 2017, 2:27
49 898
1 день 0:39
Ouch! Siberian tigers take down drone
Drones have become increasingly popular for filming wild animals from a close distance. But on Wednesday, one poor drone fell victim to the very subject it was trying to capture: a group of Siberian tigers. 23 февраля 2017, 6:33
30 491
4 дня 0:41
Amateur video: Man walking dogs goes viral on Chinese internet
Recently, video captured by a cell phone shows that a man did more than walking his dogs on the walkway in Qingdao, Shandong Province. 20 февраля 2017, 6:49
11 761
6 дней 0:28
Special phenomenon ‘firewall’ appears at Yosemite National Park
A special phenomenon known as “firefall” was recently seen at the Yosemite National Park in the US. The extraordinary scene only lasts for a few days in February every year. 18 февраля 2017, 12:07
7 002
5 дней 0:53
Iraqi forces begin military offensive to retake west Mosul from ISIL
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday announced the launch of an offensive to drive the extremist ISIL militant group out of western Mosul. 19 февраля 2017, 8:09
4 815
1 день 0:23
Footage: Two men save girl hanging by neck from fourth-story window
Two men saved a girl hanging from a fourth-story window of a residential building in the city of Meizhou, south China’s Guangdong Province. 23 февраля 2017, 4:18
4 760
6 дней 0:37
Lee Jae-yong undergoes more questioning in South Korea scandal
Samsung Group chief Lee Jae-yong has been undergoing more questioning at a special prosecutor's office. He was arrested on Friday over his alleged role in the country's corruption scandal. 18 февраля 2017, 7:26
4 041
5 дней 2:16
Photos of key suspects in Kim Jong Nam murder released
Malaysian police are seeking four DPRK men who are considered key suspects in the murder of Kim Jong Nam. 19 февраля 2017, 14:59
3 186
2 дня 10:46
Malaysian police: Two additional DPRK suspects linked to Kim Jong Nam death
During a press conference held by the Royal Malaysian Police on Wednesday, Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar announced two additional DPRK suspects linked to Kim Jong Nam’s death, both of whom are still in 22 февраля 2017, 3:52
3 113
4 дня 0:34
Heartwarming footage shows old woman rescued by young woman
Surveillance camera footage in from a subway in the city of Nanning in Guangxi captured a heart-warming scene recently. 20 февраля 2017, 6:31
3 049
4 дня 1:33
Chinese excavation technology at forefront of Tel Aviv's railway tunnels
Crews broke ground in Tel Aviv on Sunday on the city's light rail mass transit system, which is due to be operational in 2024. 20 февраля 2017, 15:13
2 942
13 часов 3:57
Malaysian police say the nerve agent VX found on Kim Jong Nam’s body
Malaysian police said Friday a nerve agent was used during the attack on Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un, at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport on February 13. 24 февраля 2017, 3:07
2 904
6 дней 0:17
Footage: Skydiving instructor catches child falling off counter
Surveillance video at an indoor skydiving facility in Houston shows an instructor quickly catching a toddler as the child fell off a counter. 18 февраля 2017, 13:58
2 335
3 дня 0:38
50-year-old captures the knife-wielding man with bare hands
A knife-wielding man tried to rob a bank in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, last week but fortunately, failed thanks to a 50-year-old security guard. 21 февраля 2017, 8:04
1 982
1 день 22:00
Malaysia-DPRK Kim Jong Nam row: Will war of words harm bilateral ties?
Since Kim Jong Nam was killed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13, Malaysian police have so far identified a total of eight DPRK nationals suspected of being linked to his death, while the DPRK still 23 февраля 2017, 10:12
1 955
4 дня 1:07
US Navy operations in South China Sea
Through the years, the US Navy has conducted training operations and patrols in the South China Sea citing the principle of "freedom of navigation.” CGTN’s Lorna Shaddick has more about past US deployments to the waters. 20 февраля 2017, 7:21
1 941
4 дня 11:34
DPRK's ambassador denies man killed in Malaysia is Kim Jong Nam
The DPRK's ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol held on Monday a news conference in Kuala Lumpur following a meeting at Malaysia's foreign ministry. 20 февраля 2017, 9:31
1 890
6 дней 0:33
Online pictures show China’s aircraft carrier building progress
More progress is being made on China's first domestic-built aircraft carrier. Photos have emerged online showing the scaffolding being removed from the hull of what is believed to be China's second aircraft carrier. 18 февраля 2017, 15:38
1 436
3 дня 1:27
Footage: Sandstorm sweeps across northwest China
A sandstorm swept across northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Gansu Province on Sunday night, bringing strong winds and cold weather to locals. Wind speeds in the area reached 88 kilometers per hour. 21 февраля 2017, 1:54
1 427
6 дней 0:29
Footage: Tiger shark 'plays' with diver in Fijian open waters
A video, shot off the coast of Fiji last year, has emerged showing a “playful” tiger shark interacting with a diver at a very close distance. 18 февраля 2017, 11:47
1 427
3 дня 6:07
Can or should China "control" the DPRK?
For a long time, the US, as well as many other countries, have argued that China has full control over the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and should make greater efforts to deal with the nuclear issue. 21 февраля 2017, 14:35
1 263
5 дней 0:27
Escalator alternative: Chinese mall builds slide
People were filmed riding a 16-meter-high slide from the fourth floor to the ground floor in a shopping mall in southwestern China’s Chongqing city on Wednesday. 19 февраля 2017, 2:13
1 260
4 дня 1:52
Exchanges between China and US on South China Sea in 2017
The interaction between China and the US over the South China Sea in recent days is hardly new. In fact, this tit-for-tat exchange has not softened since the start of 2017. 20 февраля 2017, 14:45
1 217
6 дней 0:40
Scientists excited about new continent 'Zealandia'
A new study has presented evidence that earth might have an eighth continent called Zealandia. 18 февраля 2017, 10:26
1 214
2 дня 2:01
Panda Bao Bao leaves Washington zoo for new home in China
Bao Bao, a three-year-old giant panda at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC, departed from Dulles airport Tuesday. 21 февраля 2017, 23:47
1 201
4 дня 0:46
China opposes US infringement of territorial sovereignty in South China Sea
As soon as reports emerged that the US would send an aircraft carrier strike group to the South China Sea, China issued a stern rebuke, warning Washington against challenging its sovereignty. 20 февраля 2017, 7:13
1 026
2 дня 3:13
Convicted former Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive sentenced to 20 months in jail
Former Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Donald Tsang is facing a court sentencing on Wednesday. 22 февраля 2017, 2:49
1 020
2 дня 1:40
Chinese companies join the 13th International Defense Exhibition and Conference
The 13th International Defense Exhibition and Conference, the largest of its kind in the Middle East, is taking place in Abu Dhabi. 22 февраля 2017, 15:22
1 день 1:54
Trump Administration takes protection away from transgender students
The Trump administration on Wednesday lifted federal guidelines that said transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identity. 23 февраля 2017, 2:03
3 дня 1:53
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters say 'not my president'
About 10,000 anti-Trump protesters marched in New York to shouts of "not my president!" Monday, joined by others in cities across the United States as the nation celebrated its President's Day holiday. 21 февраля 2017, 1:40
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