3 дня 1:38
Golden Retriever Saves Baby Deer From Drowning In Amazing Rescue
This golden retriever has a baby deer in his mouth and he's doing something amazing. The dog named "Storm" is rescuing the drowning fawn. 17 июля 2017, 21:43
176 550
1 день 1:53
20-Year-Old Disney Channel Star Terrorizing Neighbors With YouTube Stunts
Jake Paul, who plays Dirk in Disney's show Bizaardvark, is also a YouTube star who lights furniture on fire, rides his dirt bike into his pool, and builds a trampoline in his backyard that people jump onto from his 19 июля 2017, 21:40
171 137
4 дня 1:21
Strangers Step Up After Man With Down Syndrome Loses Movie Collection in Fire
After a man with Down syndrome lost the majority of his movie collection when his family's home burned down in California, kind strangers stepped in to donate hundreds of DVDs and tapes to him. 16 июля 2017, 20:58
146 110
6 дней 1:41
See Moment News Helicopter Spotted Missing Girl From the Air
A news helicopter saved the day after it found a stolen car with a missing toddler in the back seat in Kansas City earlier in the week. 14 июля 2017, 21:32
137 970
4 дня 0:56
Grandpa Freaks Out When First Boy in Generations Is Born Into Family
James Patrick was in shock when he learned his family kept a huge secret from him. After generations of girls, his daughter, Carie Elbe, finally had a little boy. But didn't tell James. 17 июля 2017, 18:35
134 475
2 дня 0:51
How This 18-Day-Old Baby Died From A Kiss
Nicole and Shane Sifrit say their 18-day-old daughter, Mariana, died after contracting a virus from a simple kiss. Now the couple is using their tragedy to warn others about the dangers of handling newborns. 18 июля 2017, 22:24
128 982
3 дня 0:53
The Reason Why This Cat Can't Stop Twerking
A kitten famous for her dance moves has been adopted. The Humane Animal Rescue says the 4-month-old kitten, named Twerk, was brought to them at the East End shelter because her owner was moving. 18 июля 2017, 18:10
109 216
3 дня 1:12
Woman Consoles Crying Child Having A Meltdown During Flight
This was the moment Rochel Groner consoled a crying child during a long international flight. The fellow passengers sat on the floor together, doodling on motion sickness bags. 18 июля 2017, 20:25
96 574
2 дня 1:39
Home Nearly About to Fall Off Cliff is on the Market For $850,000
A California house may be teetering on the edge of a cliff but it will cost its next owner $850,000 to live inside. Located in Lafayette, Calif., the home sits atop a landslide. 18 июля 2017, 21:52
95 875
6 дней 1:06
See President Trump's Awkward Handshake That Lasted Nearly 30 Seconds
President Donald Trump's epic farewell handshake seemed to pull the president of France off balance. The handshake between Trump and Emmanuel Macron, which came as the U.S. 14 июля 2017, 21:32
82 108
6 дней 1:18
Man Accused Of Killing 11-Year-Old Neighbor Charged With Murder
The man accused of murdering an 11-year-old girl appeared in court on murder and weapons charges. 14 июля 2017, 21:31
77 163
3 дня 2:12
Yoga Instructor To Wed Next Month Is Killed By Cops After Calling 911
Justine Damond called cops to report a fight in the alley near her home in Minneapolis. The 40-year-old yoga instructor was apparently shot by cops in her pajamas. 17 июля 2017, 21:43
71 414
2 дня 1:19
Watch Adults Allegedly Use Kids to Steal In Two Different Scenarios
Adults are allegedly using their kids to steal, and it's on camera. New Orleans police say one video shows a man with a baby swipe someone's wallet in a hotel elevator. 19 июля 2017, 20:28
66 379
3 дня 1:04
'Pregnant' Woman Shot at Her Gender Reveal Party Lied About Having a Baby: Cops
Ohio police investigating a fatal shooting at a gender reveal party have revealed the woman was never pregnant. Police say Cheyanne Willis was shot in the leg July 9 and claimed she lost her baby. 18 июля 2017, 13:56
65 498
6 дней 0:55
Beyonce Finally Posts the First Photo of Her Twins: Sir and Rumi
Beyonce is breaking the internet yet again as she celebrates the one-month birthday of her newborn twins. The 'XO' singer also officially revealed their names in the Instagram post. 14 июля 2017, 21:31
63 566
2 дня 1:33
Remains of WWII Pilot Who Disappeared 72 Years Ago Found In a Tree
The remains of WWII Fighter Pilot, Lt. William Gray were finally returned to his family. Gray's remains were recently found in a tree in Germany where witnesses say they saw his single-seat plane go down in 1945. 19 июля 2017, 16:09
62 704
3 дня 1:47
How To Safeguard Your Home From Package Thieves
A brazen bandit was caught red-handed on camera in broad daylight. You can see her calmly walk up to a house, then cross the lawn of a home in San Jose, California, and grab a package that had been left on the porch. 17 июля 2017, 21:47
62 077
2 дня 2:00
See Mom's Reaction as Military Hero Returns Home From Middle East
An American soldier gave his mother the surprise of a lifetime when he unexpectedly walked into her Maryland home after the family hadn't seen him in nearly a year. 19 июля 2017, 17:31
61 433
23 часа 1:29
This Is How WWE Shane McMahon's Life Was Saved Following Helicopter Crash
It's the amazing technology that may have saved the life of WWE heir Shane McMahon. These floats deploy like airbags, allowing helicopters to land on water during emergencies. 20 июля 2017, 21:06
61 426
4 дня 0:49
UPS Driver Adopts A Dog On Her Route After Owner Dies
UPS driver Katie Newhouser said Leo the pit bull would hop in her truck when she drove into his owner Tina's condo complex. When Tina died, Newhouser wanted help. 17 июля 2017, 0:44
60 724
2 дня 1:06
1-Year-Old Helps Mom Clean Up After She's Caught Covered in Baby Powder
Shelia Boevers says she was shocked to find her 18-month-old daughter Julianne covered in baby powder. She caught the moment on camera as she discovered what Juliann did in the power room. 19 июля 2017, 19:21
55 792
3 дня 2:07
Fiance of Minneapolis Yoga Teacher Demands Answers After Cop Fatally Shoots Her
The fiance of the Minneapolis yoga teacher who was shot dead by a police officer over the weekend is demanding answers. 18 июля 2017, 15:40
53 491
1 день 1:09
Baby Dies In Hot Car While Mom Gets Hair Done: Cops
A beautiful baby girl dies after police say her mother left her alone in a hot car while she got her hair done. Dijanelle Fowler, 25, faces charges including second degree murder and concealing death. 19 июля 2017, 21:39
53 223
2 дня 2:53
Grieving Families Of Teens Killed on Indiana Hike Come Together For First Time
The families of the two teenage girls found dead off an Indiana hiking trail came together to speak about their beloved daughters and ask for help bringing their killer to justice. 18 июля 2017, 21:59
51 529
2 дня 1:16
Listen to Police Dispatcher Call Made Moments Before Yoga Teacher Killed
A recording from police dispatchers about Justine Damond has been released. Damond was shot by police minutes after she reported an assault in an alleyway next to her home in Minneapolis. 18 июля 2017, 21:51
50 234
1 день 1:13
Watch Foster Kids' Reaction When Mickey Mouse Tells Them They're Getting Adopted
A 12-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy go from complete shock to tears of happiness after Mickey Mouse helps tell them they're getting adopted. 20 июля 2017, 16:15
50 202
6 дней 1:02
Couple Married 65 Years Compare Their Love Story to 'The Notebook'
One couple whose love has stood the test of time is posing for a heartwarming photoshoot to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. 15 июля 2017, 14:02
49 805
4 дня 0:41
Bus Driver Hailed as Hero After Stopping to Help Lost 2-Year-Old Boy
Bus driver Duane Butler didn't hesitate to help when a lost little boy stepped on board. 17 июля 2017, 19:41
48 365
1 день 2:37
Family Claims They Were Booted From JetBlue Flight After Baby Kicked Seat
A family of five was kicked off a JetBlue flight after they say their 1-year-old daughter kicked another passenger's seat. Mandy Ifrah says airline staff refused to address why they were ordered to leave the plane. 19 июля 2017, 21:43
45 713
6 дней 1:21
Boy Dubbed 'Darth Vader Kid' From Super Bowl Commercial Lobbies For Sick Kids
Max Page, best known as the 'Darth Vader Kid,' is lobbying Congress at just 12 years-old. 14 июля 2017, 21:31
45 189
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