6 дней 2:17
Scene From 'I, Tonya' | Anatomy of a Scene
The director Craig Gillespie narrates a scene from "I, Tonya," featuring Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding. 12 января 2018, 2:00
56 495
5 дней 1:46
Racist or Not? How TV News Reacted to Trump’s Comment
After President Trump used vulgar language about immigrants, TV news grappled with a question: Were his comments racist? 12 января 2018, 21:30
53 909
6 дней 2:27
James Franco and the Time's Up Movement
James Franco’s support of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements at the Golden Globes Awards prompted calls of hypocrisy from five women who have accused him of “inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior.” Read the 12 января 2018, 3:34
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1 день 2:20
How the Cranberries Rose to Fame
Dave Fanning, an Irish music journalist and one of the first to discover the Cranberries, talks about how Dolores O'Riordan found a place between grunge and Brit pop that catapulted the band to international stardom. 17 января 2018, 2:00
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5 дней 1:17
Trump Hates the Iran Deal. Why Won't He Kill It?
Despite tough talk on Iran, President Trump announced that he would waive certain sanctions, keeping the nuclear deal in place. 12 января 2018, 16:30
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1 день 1:51
Venezuelan Rebel Leader Oscar Perez Records His Last Stand
Óscar Pérez was killed on Monday after authorities cornered him in his hideout outside of Caracas. He had uploaded several videos on social media in the hours before his death saying that he wanted to surrender. 17 января 2018, 4:00
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6 дней 2:08
Dolphins Mug for Camera in Awareness Test | ScienceTake
In a three-year study using mirrors, bottle-nosed dolphins were found to recognize themselves much earlier than other animals — even humans. 12 января 2018, 0:00
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6 дней 2:10
Trump Contradicts His Team. Then He Doesn’t.
President Trump tweeted in support of an amendment to FISA on Thursday. It was the latest example of him contradicting his administration, his party and even himself. 11 января 2018, 22:43
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1 день 1:52
What Motherhood Is Really Like | Conception
There is no singular experience of becoming a mother. Our video series tells your stories, inspired by more than 1,300 submissions. Watch the episodes: nytimes.com/conception. 16 января 2018, 23:40
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5 дней 1:46
Why Politicians Love and Hate Earmarks
Earmarks were banned by Congress in 2011. But some in Washington — including President Trump — say it might be time to reintroduce the practice. 12 января 2018, 19:00
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5 дней 1:27
Once an ISIS Recruiter, She Now Wants Out
A woman who left France and became a prominent propagandist and recruiter for the Islamic State has asked her family, friends and country for a pardon. This is how she went from a Paris suburb to the Syrian battlefield. 12 января 2018, 14:00
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17 часов 16:17
Ten Meter Tower | Op-Docs
Would you jump? Or would you chicken out? 17 января 2018, 18:54
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