5 дней 2:40
Stephen Hawking, Pop Culture Icon | NYT
Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time, died on Wednesday. He is immortalized by his brilliant research, but also by his pop culture appearances. 14 марта 2018, 23:00
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4 дня 1:56
Scene From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ | Anatomy of a Scene
The director Rian Johnson talks about why he staged a battle sequence on a planet with salt and red sands. 16 марта 2018, 15:00
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1 день 8:14
When Mother's Day Means a Trip to Prison | Op-Docs
Today, Op-Docs brings you Elizabeth Lo’s “Mother’s Day,” which follows some children in California on an annual overnight bus program that brings them to visit their incarcerated parents. 18 марта 2018, 23:00
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5 дней 4:04
Inside Aleppo, a City in Ruins | NYT
As Syria enters its eighth year of conflict, Lina Sergie Attar, a Syrian-American architect, reflects on the devastation that ripped her city apart just over one year ago. 15 марта 2018, 17:00
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22 часа 11:28
How a Community Was Sacrificed to Save Houston | Times Documentaries
Cinco Ranch was designed to be flooded. So after Hurricane Harvey hit, the Texas suburb was sacrificed to save the city of Houston. 19 марта 2018, 23:00
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5 дней 2:51
Students Walked Out. Here Are Their Videos. | NYT
High school students across the United States left their classrooms on Wednesday morning to draw attention to gun violence in schools. 15 марта 2018, 1:00
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5 дней 5:13
Fighting Venezuela's Repression with My Violin | NYT - Opinion
Wuilly Arteaga is a peace icon known for playing his violin during last year's deadly protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The National Guard destroyed his violin and tortured Arteaga in jail. 15 марта 2018, 20:00
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4 часа 3:10
How the Ambush of U.S. Soldiers in Niger Unfolded | NYT - Visual Investigations
One of the American soldiers ambushed by militants in Niger was wearing a helmet camera – we analyzed the footage to understand what happened. 20 марта 2018, 17:00
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1 час 2:52
How Hummingbirds Cheat Death | ScienceTake
A hovering hummingbird burns energy faster than any other bird or mammal — and it often lives just hours from starvation. 20 марта 2018, 20:00
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