4 дня 4:57
Sex robots will transform human ethics & law – Lionel
A British sex robot manufacturer sparked outrage by bringing his “model” onto a morning show in an attempt to destigmatize the rapidly growing sex robot industry. 15 сентября 2017, 22:37
40 686
3 дня 26:50
Military Spending, Transgender Troops & Veteran’s Affairs
Does increased military spending make America safer? Should transgender troops be allowed to serve? Jesse Ventura and producer Brigida Santos discuss these issues. 16 сентября 2017, 0:49
23 769
8 часов 4:01
Shifting sovereignty: Trump lashes out at "regimes" & socialism at UNGA
US President Donald Trump delivered his first speech at the annual General Debate of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. 19 сентября 2017, 15:43
21 179
5 дней 15:17
US threats escalate North Korea tensions & risk nuclear war - professor
A breakdown of nuclear deterrence could be catastrophic for humanity, Dr. Peter Kuznick of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University tells RT America. 14 сентября 2017, 22:09
11 073
6 дней 3:04
'Airborne pathogen': New Bluetooth hack commandeers your phone in 10 seconds
Over five billion devices may be susceptible to a new type of cyber attack. It's called BlueBorne, and like a real-life virus, is airborne. 13 сентября 2017, 23:26
9 346
1 день 2:52
Trump addresses UN General Assembly
A day ahead of his formal debut before the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump attended a UNGA meeting on Monday, calling on world leaders to overcome “bureaucracy and mismanagement” and urging 18 сентября 2017, 21:06
8 359
4 дня 2:03
'Her identity as a traitor’: Chelsea Manning disinvited from Harvard fellowship
Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government has rescinded a visiting fellowship to Chelsea Manning after CIA Director Mike Pompeo canceled his own appearance there over Harvard’s perceived honoring of Manning. 15 сентября 2017, 21:27
8 220
5 дней 1:56
Ancient treasure unearthed in Egypt
A number of mummies and 3,500 year-old treasure were recently discovered in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian jeweler. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the details. 14 сентября 2017, 22:10
7 729
6 дней 3:28
US threatens China w/ sanctions – but is it all bluster?
Secretary Treasury Steve Mnuchin threatened China with sanctions of their own if they try to circumvent the harsh new UN sanctions on North Korea. RT America’s Manila Chan has the details. 13 сентября 2017, 2:13
6 926
4 дня 2:16
Robert E. Lee Confederate Statue removed from Dallas park
A heavy police presence accompanied crews of removal workers as they dismantled the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas, on Thursday. 15 сентября 2017, 16:26
6 333
5 дней 7:05
As ISIS crumbles, Al-Qaeda waits in the wings
While the Russian-backed Syrian Army and the US-backed Kurdish and Arab militias are making progress against Islamic State, Al-Qaeda is consolidating its grip over Syria’s Idlib Province, Vox News publisher Harry 14 сентября 2017, 22:37
6 067
5 дней 3:48
'It's a puzzle' why Schumer, Pelosi won't back Medicare for All – Fmr congressman
In an interview on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton made disparaging remarks about Bernie Sanders and his healthcare pitch, suggesting that the senator doesn't understand the details of his own bill. 14 сентября 2017, 1:58
5 729
5 дней 2:35
Pentagon involved in over 800 movies from 1911 to 2017
The Independent recently did an investigation into the link between the Pentagon and Hollywood and came up with some startling new figures. 14 сентября 2017, 20:13
5 686
5 дней 2:56
'Assad can stay' as South Korea dreams of decapitation
The South Korean Air Force has performed a live-fire military drill for the long-range Taurus missile, following a series of "decapitation drills" in the country. 14 сентября 2017, 1:58
5 590
22 часа 3:42
Trump ‘going full swamp’ – fmr diplomat
President Donald Trump spoke to the UN General Assembly on Monday, calling on world leaders to reform the UN’s bureaucracy and better share financial and military burdens. 19 сентября 2017, 1:43
5 544
5 дней 4:42
Criminal investigation underway after 8 die in Florida nursing home
Police have begun a criminal investigation into the deaths of eight individuals at a Florida nursing home that lost power in the wake of Hurricane Irma and evacuated more than 100 residents. 14 сентября 2017, 1:58
5 203
2 дня 4:10
Walmart Fires Employee: Was It Legal?
Farron Cousins, Executive Editor for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, talks with Mike about a Walmart lawsuit for firing an employee who took a medical day off. 17 сентября 2017, 14:00
5 138
4 дня 2:35
Mass disruption in wake of officer’s acquittal
In St. Louis, Missouri, protests have erupted and the national guard is on standby in the wake of the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley, who had been charged with first-degree murder. 15 сентября 2017, 23:20
5 138
7 часов 2:59
Police car burned as anger over student shooting boils over at Georgia Tech
Three people were arrested, two officers were injured and a police car was burned after a vigil for Pride Alliance leader Scout Schultz at Georgia Tech. Schultz was was fatally shot by police. 19 сентября 2017, 17:22
5 130
4 дня 4:31
‘THAAD not effective to defend S. Korea’ – activist
South Korean President Moon Jae-in struck down an attempt this week by the Liberty Korea Party to relocate US tactical nuclear weapons to the peninsula in an effort to curb the North’s nuclear arms development and 15 сентября 2017, 1:04
5 018
4 дня 5:37
Low-income Texans are last in line for Harvey cleanup
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, more than 80 people are dead and millions are still without power or drinking water. Fears of disease are spreading through Texas. 15 сентября 2017, 23:51
4 611
6 дней 5:05
Bernie Sanders ‘virtually created a new party’ – activist
Democrats are facing rising discontent in their own ranks. The progressive organization “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” gathered 50,000 signatures asking Bernie Sanders for leadership. 13 сентября 2017, 2:15
4 261
1 день 4:50
US ‘unwilling, unable’ to respond to N. Korea – author
Tensions continue to smolder between North Korea and the US, but long experience has taught Pyongyang how to dodge sanctions. 18 сентября 2017, 21:04
4 207
4 дня 5:11
Still room for diplomacy with North Korea – Fmr DoD official
North Korea’s intermediate range ballistic missile launch over Japan “put millions of Japanese into duck and cover” mode, said US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. 15 сентября 2017, 22:06
3 939
4 дня 3:12
Long road to recovery for Florida & Texas
The death toll from hurricanes Irma and Harvey continue to climb as Florida and Texas begin their recovery efforts. 15 сентября 2017, 1:01
3 906
22 часа 4:53
If there are aliens, are they friendly?
Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at SETI Institute, tells RT America about what proof we have by now about extraterrestrial life and explaining how some scientists are looking for ways to message extraterrestrial life. 19 сентября 2017, 2:13
3 771
4 дня 2:39
Kid Rock bans newspaper from concert, might have just secured Senate seat
Robert James Ritchie AKA Kid Rock has been flirting with a senatorial run in next year's Michigan race. 15 сентября 2017, 20:13
3 751
1 день 27:06
On Contact: Creative Forgetfulness with Eric Foner
Eric Foner, historian and author of “Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History” discusses confederate monuments, the role of the historian and the lie of omission with Chris Hedges. 18 сентября 2017, 11:56
3 736
6 дней 4:35
Mattis tours US nuclear arsenal as Pyongyang 'looks for deterrent'
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis is visiting the "ground zero" of American nuclear firepower on Wednesday and is due to visit the STRATCOM headquarters Thursday, RT America's Ashlee Banks reports. 13 сентября 2017, 23:26
2 988
1 день 1:26
Violent protests continue in St. Louis after following officer acquittal
Tear gas was fired and arrests were made as violent demonstrations continued in St Louis, Missouri, Saturday night, following the acquittal of a police officer in the fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. 18 сентября 2017, 16:23
2 781
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