6 дней 4:44
MeToo Movement: Singer Chinmayi Sripaada accuses veteran lyricist Vairamuthu of harassment
Singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripaada has accused veteran lyricist and poet Vairamuthu of sexual harassment in a series of tweets where she detailed the incidents she had with him. 10 октября 2018, 7:31
40 481
4 дня 1:40
Cyclone Titli: Brutal winds overturn trucks in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh
People in coastal areas of Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh are have faced the full onslaught of the Cyclone Titli. 'Titli', has been categorised as a 'very severe cyclonic storm'. 12 октября 2018, 1:30
28 610
2 дня 0:46
Cop shoots wife, son of Gurgaon judge in busy market | Goli Scandal
A head constable, working as the security officer of an additional sessions judge of Gurgaon, shot the wife and son of the judge when they were out for shopping. 13 октября 2018, 17:24
18 486
5 дней 1:46
Cyclone Titli makes landfall, heavy rains lash coastal areas of Odisha
Cyclone Titli has hit the coast of Gopalpur in Odisha with wind speed reaching 140-150 kmph. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted heavy rainfall in the coastal areas. 11 октября 2018, 7:23
14 620
4 дня 1:05
Navratri 2018: Colourful dresses and traditional Garba dance in Ahmedabad
On the first day of Navratri, dancers danced the Garba to tunes of traditional songs in colourful dresses. 11 октября 2018, 8:10
13 939
3 дня 1:07
Cyclone Titli leaves widespread destruction across Odisha, Andhra Pradesh
Cyclone Titli continues to create havoc in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, destruction has taken a toll in many parts of both states. 12 октября 2018, 10:38
11 433
4 дня 0:55
People enjoy Garba dance during Navratri festival in Navi Mumbai's Kharghar
People of all age groups participated in Dandiya dance during Navratri festival in Navi Mumbai’s Kharghar area. 12 октября 2018, 1:15
10 711
6 дней 1:00
Cyclone Titli inches close to Odisha, Andhra coast, IMD issues red alert
India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday issued a bulletin saying that the deep depression over the Bay of Bengal has intensified into a cyclonic storm ‘Titli’ and is moving towards | 10 октября 2018, 7:33
8 806
1 день 1:05
Dussehra 2018: Deity at this AP temple decorated with currency notes worth Rs 4.5 crore
The Idol of Goddess Kanyaka Parameswari at the Sri Kanyaka Parameswari temple in Visakhapatnam has been decorated in currency notes worth Rs 4.5 crore. 15 октября 2018, 2:30
6 712
1 день 1:21
Sambhal: Revolver jammed, cops mimic gun sounds to scare criminals during encounter
Uttar Pradesh policemen were left with no option but to mimic gun sounds after their pistol got jammed during an encounter with criminals in Sambhal. 14 октября 2018, 13:14
4 977
6 дней 1:45
Goa MLA Glenn Ticlo’s son mows down 2 girls on Goa-Belgaum highway
Goa MLA Glenn Ticlo’s son Kyle Ticlo mowed down a 20 year old girl on the Goa-Belgaum highway on Monday.The girl died due to her injuries while being taken to a hospital. 9 октября 2018, 9:41
4 709
7 дней 1:04
Odisha: Cyclone warning issued, government advises fishermen, leaves cancelled
A depression over the Bay of Bengal may intensify further and turn into a cyclonic storm on Wednesday and cause heavy rains in Odisha. 9 октября 2018, 7:50
4 580
3 дня 1:32
MeToo Movement: Alok Nath files defamation case against Vinta Nanda
Actor Alok Nath has now filed a defamation suit against Vinta Nanda after she came out and accused Alok Nath in a case of rape and harassment from years ago Subscribe to Times Of India's Youtube | 13 октября 2018, 6:44
4 138
2 дня 2:26
Blast rocks Guwahati early in the morning, several injured
A low intensity blast rocked Guwahati this morning on the bank of the Brahmaputra, near one of the city’s biggest shopping areas. 4 people have been injured in the blast. 13 октября 2018, 9:48
3 928
6 дней 1:18
Caught on cam: IBM techie tries to board running train, crushed under it
A techie working with IBM while heading for trek with friends lost his life as he tried to board a running train at Dadar station. 10 октября 2018, 7:35
3 882
5 дней 0:51
Nitin Gadkari reveals, BJP was advised to make 'tall promises' to win 2014 elections
Union minister for road transport and tourism Nitin Gadkari's comments may embarrassment for the ruling BJP. 10 октября 2018, 8:56
3 792
6 дней 0:47
IMD issues warning to Odisha, West Bengal over Cyclone Titli
The IMD on Tuesday warned that Cyclone Titli which is brewing over the Bay of Bengal, will be causing extremely heavy rainfall over Odisha and West Bengal, causing worries over celebrations of Durga | 10 октября 2018, 6:34
3 755
4 дня 0:56
Caught on cam: 75-year-old stabbed to death in broad daylight
A 75-year-old stabbed to death in broad daylight. The Coimbatore man was stabbed to death over a property dispute. His body was recovered with multiple stab injuries. 12 октября 2018, 2:00
3 750
23 часа 1:05
Vijayawada: Gujaratis celebrate Navratri with traditional Garba and Dandiya
Navratri celebrations are on a full swing across the country, and members of the Gujarati community of Vijayawada are celebrating the nine-day festival with enthusiasm. 15 октября 2018, 8:51
3 440
6 дней 2:34
MeToo Movement: Singer Abhijeet says I don't pay attention to fat and ugly females
Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya has been accused by an air hostess of harassing her in 1998 to which he has responded by saying that he doesn't pay attention to fat and ugly females since they’re just | 10 октября 2018, 4:15
3 375
6 дней 1:39
Gujarat govt is responsible for mass exodus of north Indians: Owaisi PKGOwaisi toi
AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi slammed BJP and Gujarat government, saying that the saffron party is responsible for the mass exodus of north Indians from different parts of Gujarat. 9 октября 2018, 14:56
2 919
6 дней 0:47
World Mental Health Day is observed annually on October 10
World Mental Health Day is a day to raise awareness about the mental health education and issues around the world to support mental health. 9 октября 2018, 22:30
2 737
2 дня 0:56
Durga Puja 2018: Celebrations to kick-start from today
Durga Puja or Durgotsava is an annual Hindu festival in the Indian subcontinent. 14 октября 2018, 0:00
2 700
5 дней 3:30
Cyclone Titli: Storm hits Gopalpur coast, 3 lakh evacuated, 15 rescue teams deployed
Cyclone Titli has hit the coast of Gopalpur in Odisha with wind speeds above 100 kmph. Trains running anywhere near the area have been suspended and schools and workplaces closed. 11 октября 2018, 3:02
2 576
2 дня 1:25
Odisha:Cyclone Titli causes damage, parts of state witness flood like situation
Titli Cyclone has caused severe damage in the coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. There is a flood like situation in many parts of Odisha. 13 октября 2018, 8:45
2 380
2 дня 1:59
Yunnan province themed Durga puja pandal made in collaboration with Chinese Consulate
Salt Lake BJ Block Puja Committee has collaborated with the Chinese Consulate to make a Yunan themed Durga Puja pandal this year. 14 октября 2018, 5:37
2 273
5 дней 1:06
Khabib Nurmagomedov: Vladimir Putin sympathises with him over Conor McGregor brawl
Khabib Nurmagomedov has won Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contest on Saturday over mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor. 11 октября 2018, 6:47
2 242
4 дня 1:18
IITian-turned-seer Professor GD Agarwal dies after fasting for 112 days for a clean Ganga
IITian-turned-seer Professor GD Agarwal (also known as Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand) passed away at AIIMS-Rishikesh on 11th October 2018. 11 октября 2018, 16:54
2 236
3 дня 1:05
Durga Puja 2018: Artists give final touches to Durga idols in Pune
Artists in Pune are giving final touches to the idols of Durga ahead of the upcoming Durga Puja. 13 октября 2018, 0:30
2 094
6 дней 4:42
Jammu & Kashmir: 2nd phase underway for local body elections
The voting for the second phase in the Jammu & Kashmir local body elections are underway today amid terror threats. The elections cover 384 wards spanning 13 districts across J&K. 10 октября 2018, 4:43
2 042
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