3 дня 3:35
Republicans Suffer Embarrassing Defeat In Pennsylvania Special Election
The special election in Pennsylvania was the last chance that the Republican Party had to prove that they aren’t going to suffer enormous losses in this year’s midterm elections. They failed. 14 марта 2018, 16:00
37 910
4 дня 2:55
Republicans Are In Panic Mode As Tax Cut Talking Points Fall Flat
Republicans are starting to realize that the American public isn’t buying their lies about tax cut trickle down, and they’ve nearly stopped running ads touting their much-ballyhooed plan. 13 марта 2018, 17:00
25 758
4 дня 3:02
Trump’s Lawyers Are Getting Desperate As They Realize They Can’t Save Trump
Donald Trump’s lawyers have been working overtime in recent weeks trying to put out the many fires that their client, the President, has created. 13 марта 2018, 18:00
25 312
3 дня 3:13
Alex Jones And InfoWars Being Sued For Spreading Fake News
A private citizen that has been the target of Alex Jones and InfoWars has filed a suit to stop Jones and his group from spreading false information about him. 14 марта 2018, 19:00
21 756
5 дней 2:46
Fox’s Jesse Watters Hit With Divorce Papers After Wife Discovers He’s Cheating With His Producer
Fox News host Jesse Watters has been served with divorce papers from his wife after she discovered that Watters was cheating on her with a Fox producer. 12 марта 2018, 18:00
21 208
4 дня 8:07
BREAKING: Rex Tillerson FIRED As Secretary Of State
On Tuesday morning it was announced that Rex Tillerson was OUT as Secretary of State and that he would be replaced with Mike Pompeo, who is the current director of the CIA. 13 марта 2018, 13:49
19 642
2 дня 7:17
BREAKING: Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization For Documents
The New York Times is reporting that special prosecutor Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents, some of which are related to Russia. 15 марта 2018, 19:40
16 355
5 дней 4:04
Trump Calls Maxine Waters “Low IQ”, Chuck Todd “Sleepy Son Of A B*tch”
In what could likely be one of his most unhinged tirades to date, Donald Trump called Democratic Representative Maxine Waters a “low IQ individual” during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania this past weekend. 12 марта 2018, 16:00
16 227
5 дней 4:13
Qatar Officials Trying To Shield Jared Kushner From Mueller Probe
Officials from Qatar are refusing to hand over information that they have gathered on Jared Kushner and other Trump associates about secret meetings that took place between the individuals and officials from the United 12 марта 2018, 19:00
16 158
4 дня 3:35
House Republicans Try To Vindicate Trump, Fail Miserably
House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee decided to abruptly end their investigation into the Trump administration this week, releasing a draft report that (to no one’s surprise) claims that Trump and his team 13 марта 2018, 16:04
15 576
2 дня 3:17
Trump Brags To Donors About Making Up Facts When Talking To World Leaders
During a fundraiser this week, Donald Trump boasted to his would-be donors about the fact that he like to make up facts, and that he specifically did it recently during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin 15 марта 2018, 16:00
14 886
1 день 3:52
Trump Loyalists Wanted To “Cleanse” Government Of Anti-Trump Employees
According to recently-obtained emails, a group of Donald Trump loyalists, including Newt Gingrich, emailed back and forth at the beginning of the Trump administration talking about the need to purge government agencies 16 марта 2018, 18:00
14 315
3 дня 3:40
Trump Wants To Create A Space Military To Fight Wars In Outer Space
Donald Trump may have finally proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s not all there mentally. 14 марта 2018, 20:00
13 900
2 дня 3:06
Trump’s Lawyer For Mueller Probe Broke The Law With Campaign Contributions
It typically doesn’t bode well for a client when their lawyer gets busted breaking the law, but that’s exactly what has happened with John Dowd, the leader of Trump’s legal team in the Mueller probe. 15 марта 2018, 18:00
13 174
3 дня 3:37
Trump Says The Border Wall Needs To Be “See Through”
Need more proof that Donald Trump isn’t mentally competent enough to be president? 14 марта 2018, 18:00
12 485
5 дней 3:24
Charles Koch Whines That Billionaires Like Him Have Too Much Influence Over Politicians
In a recent op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post, Charles Koch whined about the fact that the wealthy elite and corporations have too much power over politicians in the United States. 12 марта 2018, 17:00
10 727
1 день 3:23
Staffers Describe White House As “Most Toxic Working Environment On The Planet”
Staffers inside the White House are apparently longing for the days when things at work were just “bad,” because with the current environment inside the White House they’re saying that things have become almost 16 марта 2018, 16:00
10 519
13 часов 3:40
Evangelical Women Say They Are Embarrassed By Trump, Want Better Options For 2020
According to recent interviews given to the New York Times, evangelical women in the United States are saying that they are absolutely “embarrassed” by Donald Trump and they are praying that an alternative Republican 17 марта 2018, 16:01
9 909
1 день 3:37
Trump Wants New Advisers, And He’s Looking For Them On His TV
According to a new report, the President is unhappy with many members of his staff – including John Kelly and HR McMaster – and he wants to find suitable replacements. 16 марта 2018, 19:00
9 473
14 часов 3:34
Ivanka Trump Making $1.5 Million Per Year From Businesses She Was Supposed To Cut Ties With
Ivanka Trump, much like her father, never fully divested from the Trump businesses before accepting a position in the White House, and she stands to make as much as $1.5 million from her holdings this year. 17 марта 2018, 14:31
8 657
2 дня 5:48
Poor Pharma Bro Cries His Eyes Out, Gets Sentenced to 7 Years
Last week, Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli was sentenced to 7 years in prison for securities fraud. 15 марта 2018, 15:00
8 112
1 день 3:42
One Puppy Dies, Republicans Demand Action. Dozens Of Kids Die, Republicans Do Nothing
The death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight has sparked national outrage, but it also sparked a Republican Senator to demand that his colleagues take action to prevent this from happening again. 16 марта 2018, 17:00
6 973
5 дней 3:34
Democratic Party Actually Considered Getting Rid Of Superdelegates
6 491
15 часов 2:52
Scientists Find Link Between Brain Damage And Religious Fundamentalism
A group of scientists at Northwestern University have concluded a study where they found that there is a direct connection between damage to the prefrontal cortex in the brain and religious fundamentalism. 17 марта 2018, 14:01
6 227
4 дня 3:03
Incoming CIA Director Approved Torture Methods During Bush Administration
Gina Haspel, the woman that Donald Trump has said will replace Mike Pompeo as the director of the CIA, spent her time during the Bush administration overseeing the use of secretive CIA “black sites” and perfecting 13 марта 2018, 19:00
5 979
12 часов 4:04
Trump’s Secretary Of State Pick Is Top All-Time Recipient Of Koch Campaign Money
Mike Pompeo, the man that Donald Trump has selected as his pick to be the next Secretary of State, is the number 1 all-time recipient of Koch Brothers money for his political campaigns. 17 марта 2018, 16:30
4 866
6 дней 4:56
Scott Walker PROVES How Corrupt He Is, Gets Sued For Suspending Democracy
Scott Walker - the Republican governor of Wisconsin - is being sued by a Democratic-led group for refusing to hold special elections to fill empty state house seats. 11 марта 2018, 14:30
4 843
1 день 1:52
Court Says Hospitals Can Absolutely Discriminate
The Second Circuit court has said that a hospital in New York is absolutely allowed to discriminate against patients if they choose, because the court says that it is within their religious to discriminate against 16 марта 2018, 20:00
4 279
6 дней 3:48
Trump Is Asking Witnesses About Their Interviews With Robert Mueller
According to a new report by The New York Times, Donald Trump has been asking several witnesses about their experience with the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. 11 марта 2018, 14:00
4 161
14 часов 2:19
NRA Sues Florida Because They Value Guns More Than Children
The NRA is suing the state of Florida for passing legislation that raises the age to buy firearms to 21. The group claims that the age increase violates the rights of people under the age of 21. 17 марта 2018, 15:00
4 024
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