6 дней 6:34
Louisiana Teacher ARRESTED At Meeting For Asking Why School Board Got Raises But Not Teachers
Deyshia Hargrave, a teacher in Vermilion parish in Louisiana, was arrested at a school board meeting for asking the superintendent why he was getting a raise but none of the teachers received raises (in spite of the 9 января 2018, 17:00
33 531
3 дня 3:27
Trump Cancels Visit To Britain Because He Knows He Isn’t Welcome
The White House has confirmed that Donald Trump’s visit to Britain has officially been cancelled. 12 января 2018, 17:00
32 166
5 дней 5:56
Full Fusion GPS Testimony Released And It Looks BAD For Trump
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, with the support of other Democrats, released the full testimony of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, after Republicans had leaked selected information previously in an attempt 10 января 2018, 19:00
31 581
20 часов 3:39
If You Think Trump’s Bad Now, Just Wait Until His Babysitters Quit
Donald Trump has already shown us that he’s an unstable, potentially unhinged individual, and all that has happened while there have been people who are attempting to hold him back. 15 января 2018, 17:00
28 441
6 дней 3:56
Super Patriot Donald Trump Forgets The Words To The National Anthem On Live TV
Donald Trump has made a big deal about athletes standing for the National Anthem, and on Monday he decided to show them what he expects from them. 9 января 2018, 18:00
27 629
1 день 4:13
Our Idiot President: Trump Speaks At A Fourth Grade Level
According to a new analysis of Trump’s vocabulary, the President of the United States regularly speaks at a fourth grade level. 14 января 2018, 16:05
23 797
4 дня 4:35
Chris Cuomo HUMILIATES Kellyanne Conway After She Says White House Doesn’t Talk About Hillary
CNN’s Chris Cuomo decided that it would be a good idea to have White House counselor Kellyanne Conway come on his program to discuss issues, and the interview very quickly went off the rails. 11 января 2018, 20:00
23 542
3 дня 3:28
Trump Screws Up Big Time, Says He Sold Fighter Jets To Norway That Only Exist In “Call Of Duty”
Donald Trump boasted earlier this week about selling several F-52 fighter jets to the Norwegian government. 12 января 2018, 19:00
22 732
4 дня 4:39
Bitter Trump Wants To Change Libel Laws So People Can’t Criticize Him
Donald Trump is still furious about Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury,” and he vowed this week that his administration was going to “take a strong look” at our country’s libel laws. 11 января 2018, 18:00
21 159
5 дней 4:18
Democrat Introduces STABLE GENIUS Act To Require Mental Health Exams For Presidents
Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle has sponsored a piece of legislation that would require mental health examinations for the President of the United States, and possibly even those seeking the office of the 10 января 2018, 20:00
19 423
2 дня 3:57
Democratic Senator Says Trump Could Likely Be Indicted For Obstruction Of Justice
According to Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, there is already more than enough evidence to bring obstruction of justice charges against Donald Trump, as well as other members of the Trump administration. 13 января 2018, 16:30
18 299
3 дня 4:43
Trump Says US Doesn’t Want Immigrants From “Sh**hole Countries”
During a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday, Donald Trump claimed that the United States doesn’t want people coming into the United States if they are coming from “shithole countries.” His remarks have been condemned 12 января 2018, 16:00
17 669
5 дней 4:35
Fox Host Begs Trump To “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER” Meet With Special Prosecutor
Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano had some stern words for President Trump this week saying that the President should “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER” agree to an interview with the special prosecutors investigating 10 января 2018, 17:00
16 322
4 дня 4:15
Trump Hits A New Milestone By Telling His 2,000th Lie Since Taking Office
Donald Trump may not have the same level of legislative accomplishments as his predecessors, but there is one area where he has them all beat – the number of lies told during their first year in office. 11 января 2018, 19:00
14 695
1 день 4:18
White House Refuses To Give Trump Psychiatric Evaluation As Part Of Yearly Physical
Donald Trump heads in for his routine yearly physical this week, and when asked whether or not this would include a psychiatric evaluation, the White House insisted that it will not. 14 января 2018, 15:50
14 178
22 часа 4:22
Cowardly Trump Refuses To Visit US Troops In Combat Zones
While Trump and his Republican allies in Congress like to talk a big game about supporting US troops from the comfort and safety of their offices, they’ve done very little to insure the safety of our troops in combat 15 января 2018, 15:00
13 765
6 дней 3:41
Not A Single Republican Lawmaker Will Agree That Trump Is A Genius
Over the weekend, Trump proclaimed himself to be a “genius,” so naturally cable news outlets wanted to find out if Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C. 9 января 2018, 20:00
12 424
2 дня 4:29
As Trump Gets Crazier, Republicans In Congress Shower Him With Love
In the early days of the Trump administration, there were a handful of Republicans who were willing to tell the public that Trump is a madman that shouldn’t be trusted. 13 января 2018, 15:00
12 164
19 часов 11:37
Donald Trump Attacks U.S. Post Office, Thinks They Should Charge More
During the holiday break, Donald Trump criticized the U.S. 15 января 2018, 18:00
12 053
4 дня 3:53
Democrats Are Bringing Sexual Assault Victims To Trump’s State Of The Union Address
Every now and then, the Democratic Party shows that they still have some fight left in them. 11 января 2018, 17:00
12 041
1 день 4:08
Another Trump Lie Busted: Tax Cuts Aren’t Going To Get You A Raise
Several large corporations announced that they would be handing out $1,000 bonuses as a result of the recently-passed tax cut package. 14 января 2018, 15:16
11 994
6 дней 5:09
Trump Clears His Schedule For More “Executive Time,” Which Means Tweeting & Watching TV
During his first year in office, Trump has proven that he is certainly one of the laziest people to hold the office of the Presidency. 9 января 2018, 19:00
11 096
5 дней 3:28
Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart After Public Feud With Trump
On Tuesday, it was announced that Steve Bannon has stepped down as the chief executive of Breitbart News, a position that he has held since 2012. 10 января 2018, 18:00
9 545
21 час 9:08
Republicans Can’t Shake The Trump Brand Stench In 2018
Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder is joined by co-host of the UnPresidented Podcast, Cliff Schecter, to discuss some of the more interesting stories revolving around this year’s mid-term elections. Ring of Fire needs your help! 15 января 2018, 16:00
9 535
3 дня 5:00
Cybersecurity Firm Says Russian Hackers Will Start Targeting US Senators
According to a report by the cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, the very same Russian hacker group that broke into DNC servers has been laying the groundwork to do the same thing to sitting members of the US Senate. 12 января 2018, 18:00
8 062
1 день 3:47
After Getting Massive Tax Breaks, Big Pharma Ending Research Into Alzheimer’s Treatments
Major drug companies in the United States were just treated to a huge windfall in the form of tax breaks by the Trump administration, and rather than reinvesting that money into their own company or using it to expand 14 января 2018, 15:33
7 158
2 дня 4:07
Trump Wants To Make It Easier To Sell Weapons Of War To Previously Prohibited Countries
According to reports, the Trump Administration is working on a plan that would make it easier to sell jets, drones, and other weapons of war all around the globe, including selling them to countries that are known 13 января 2018, 16:00
6 742
4 дня 1:05
Court Tells EPA That They Have To Do Their Job And Protect The Environment
To learn more about this topic, visit AL.Law Via America’s Lawyer: Attorney Peter Mougey highlights a court order that says the EPA must update it’s lead warning standards after the EPA argued it wasn’t their 12 января 2018, 1:30
5 039
2 дня 4:09
Climate Change Cost The United States More Than $300 Billion Last Year
According to a new report from the NOAA, climate change-related weather disaster cost the United States more than $300 billion in 2017. 13 января 2018, 15:33
4 470
4 дня 5:44
E-Cigarette Battery Explosions Are Leaving Users Disfigured
To learn more about this topic, visit AL.Law Via America’s Lawyer: Mollye Barrows, Legal Journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine, explains why more than 100 lawsuits have been filed after e-cigarettes exploded on 12 января 2018, 1:00
2 817
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