4 дня 0:45
Dramatic L.A. wildfire video looks like driving into hell
This was startling scene along Interstate 405 in Los Angeles as a wildfire engulfed the hills. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at usatoday.com Want even more?! 7 декабря 2017, 12:11
23 261
6 дней 4:08
Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Colin Jost, Michael Che on Flynn flap in Best of Late Night
Trump changes his story and Flynn's words come back to haunt him. Watch our favorite jokes, then vote for yours. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at usatoday.com Want even more?! 4 декабря 2017, 17:57
22 908
4 дня 0:42
Wildfires turn California freeway into wall of flames
As drivers headed down the 405 freeway, they were met with giant flames from the several fires burning in Southern California. 6 декабря 2017, 18:22
21 105
1 день 1:05
Archaeologists in Egypt make an 'exceptional' find
Archaeologists in Luxor, Egypt have discovered two small ancient tombs dating back about 3,500 years. The tombs were likely part of a cemetery for noblemen and top officials. 9 декабря 2017, 20:01
19 965
5 дней 1:52
Coca-Cola has evolved into a total beverage company | Story from the Coca-Cola Co.
Did you know The Coca-Cola Co. offers over 800 beverages? From ultra-filtered milk to organic tea, there's something for everyone. usat.ly/2imv8JB #CocaColaRenew Be Smarter. Faster. 5 декабря 2017, 16:31
14 787
1 день 1:29
‘SNL’ Santa puts Franken, Moore, Trump on ‘naughty list’
Kids put Santa in an uncomfortable situation when they ask questions about sexual misconduct allegations during the opening skit of Saturday Night Live. 10 декабря 2017, 13:36
10 700
2 дня 1:07
California wildfires cause people and their animals to flee
Four active wildfires in southern California have caused people and pets alike to seek shelter. 8 декабря 2017, 15:54
8 246
4 дня 0:34
Duck Dinosaur fossil discovered in Mongolia
The “duck-dinosaur” fossil represents a new species of amphibious dinosaur, one that walked on two legs on land like ducks, but also used its flipper-like forelimbs to maneuver in water like penguins. 6 декабря 2017, 18:40
7 778
20 часов 0:45
Alabama senator: I couldn't vote for Roy Moore
Sen. Richard Shelby told CNN's Jake Tapper that he didn't vote for GOP candidate Roy Moore in the special election. Instead, he says he chose a write-in candidate. 10 декабря 2017, 18:43
7 655
4 дня 1:42
Why moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is such a big deal
There's a reason the U.S. Embassy in Israel has been located in Tel Aviv for decades. Here's why moving it to Jerusalem is raising concerns across the Middle East and beyond. Be Smarter. Faster. 6 декабря 2017, 16:46
7 211
22 часа 0:38
Sanders on Trump impeachment: Don't jump the gun
Senator Bernie Sanders told NBC why Democrats should not rush to pursue impeachment charges against President Donald Trump. 10 декабря 2017, 16:33
7 115
5 дней 0:55
Trump's tweets get a lot less love than Obama's
President Trump loves to tweet, but apparently the feeling isn't mutual for the Twitterverse. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at usatoday.com Want even more?! 5 декабря 2017, 15:39
5 629
3 дня 2:20
What country is Jerusalem in? The State Dept. answered awkwardly
At a press briefing, State Department officials stopped short of sayingwhether the U.S. recognizes that Jerusalem is actually in Israel. 8 декабря 2017, 12:01
5 410
4 дня 0:52
Firefighters battle flames just feet from LA homes
Firefighters in southern California are working overtime to protect homes in Los Angeles. A new wildfire broke out in some of Los Angeles' most exclusive neighborhoods, which includes the upscale Bel Air Estates. 7 декабря 2017, 2:04
4 354
2 дня 1:30
Displaced horses from wildfires find shelter
Horses and other animals displaced by the Lilac fire in San Diego county find shelter at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Southern California. 9 декабря 2017, 3:44
4 054
5 дней 0:51
John Mayer rushed to hospital with appendicitis
John Mayer was admitted to a New Orleans area hospital early Tuesday morning for an emergency appendectomy. Mayer was scheduled to perform in a Dead & Company concert. 5 декабря 2017, 21:59
2 565
6 дней 1:17
Billy Bush confirms it was Trump on 'Access Hollywood' tape
Despite apologizing for making crude remarks about grabbing women years ago, President Trump is now reportedly questioning the authenticity of the leaked 'Access Hollywood' tape, and Billy Bush isn't having it. 4 декабря 2017, 17:14
2 387
2 дня 1:06
Fire and smoke dominate Southern California skylines
Wildfires continue to destroy land and homes in Southern California. Months of dry conditions and whipping Santa Ana winds have created the perfect equation for devastation. 9 декабря 2017, 1:51
2 333
3 дня 0:37
Wildfires blazing in SoCal seen from plane
Billows of smoke in the air are seen outside a plane's widow. The captain of the flight told everyone to take their seats and prepare for turbulence caused by the Santa Ana winds. Be Smarter. Faster. 7 декабря 2017, 23:05
2 050
6 дней 0:42
U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump's travel ban
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Trump Administration's immigration travel ban. The travel ban prohibits some travelers from 6 middle eastern countries from entering the United States. Be Smarter. 5 декабря 2017, 1:49
1 900
5 дней 2:58
Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Conan O'Brien take on tax bill in Best of Late Night
Could members of Congress actually read the entire Senate tax bill? Probably not. Find out what all those scribbles were about. Take a look at our favorite jokes, then vote for yours. 5 декабря 2017, 17:51
1 648
22 часа 0:42
Violence erupts at U.S. embassy in Lebanon
Violence continues amid President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 10 декабря 2017, 16:18
1 592
4 дня 0:56
Stranger sprays receptionist with fire extinguisher
When a man chewed out a hotel receptionist over the phone, she hung up. What happened next was much worse. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at usatoday.com Want even more?! 6 декабря 2017, 21:08
1 524
2 дня 3:32
Samantha Bee, Amber Ruffin, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon on men behaving badly in Best of Late Night
Inappropriate moves and apologies that aren't really apologies. After you watch our favorite jokes, vote for yours. 8 декабря 2017, 20:02
1 490
4 дня 1:43
Get an inside look at an infamous Japanese midget sub in VR
Five Japanese midget submarines were used in the attack on Pearl Harbor. They had an operating temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. 6 декабря 2017, 16:33
1 479
2 дня 1:51
Essential privacy settings for your Amazon Echo
If you've got an Echo or another Alexa-powered device around the house, you'll want to review your privacy settings. Kim Komando tells you how. 8 декабря 2017, 19:18
1 375
1 день 1:31
Neighbors report minor damage after Atlanta snowstorm
People who live in communities surrounding Atlanta, Georgia are picking up after a snow storm caused minor damage. 9 декабря 2017, 17:00
1 349
4 дня 0:38
Hooray! Starbucks releases a Christmas Tree Frappuccino
Starbucks is embracing the holiday spirit with a Christmas Tree Frappuccino. The festive drink starts with a Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino, and is then topped with Matcha whipped cream. Be Smarter. Faster. 6 декабря 2017, 23:50
1 341
2 дня 1:31
Elf on the Shelf’s mischief sends him to the ER
Elf on the Shelf got into a little too much mischief, but luckily this ER knew how to save Christmas. 8 декабря 2017, 15:50
1 260
4 дня 1:44
Bold criticisms, praises amid Trump's Jerusalem decision
President Trump has announced he will break with decades of U.S. foreign policy and move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The move has already stirred up a polarized response. Be Smarter. Faster. 6 декабря 2017, 20:37
1 100
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