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The military coup in Zimbabwe, explained
Why the Zimbabwe coup is not a revolution. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO On November 14th 2017, Zimbabwe military troops drove tanks into the capital city, Harare. 18 ноября 2017, 16:09
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Walking while black
Jacksonville’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling: propub.li/2hCCBaE After watching a viral video of a Jacksonville cop stopping a young black man 16 ноября 2017, 12:55
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The environmental cost of free two-day shipping
What’s the environmental impact of online shopping and what are the solutions to make it more sustainable? Climate Lab is produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. 17 ноября 2017, 13:00
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How job surveillance is transforming trucking in America
Automation is coming for truckers – but first, they're being watched. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO The promise of self-driving trucks will radically reshape one of America's most common jobs. 20 ноября 2017, 13:01
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How the US outsourced border security to Mexico
Mexico is doing America's immigration dirty work. 21 ноября 2017, 13:00
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How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist
Hannity has transformed from typical right-wing pundit into Fox News' leading conspiracy theorist, and that's making the network's advertisers nervous. Follow Strikethrough on Facebook! 22 ноября 2017, 13:00
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