2 days 20:32
Midwest Street Racing (1000hp R32, Viper, & MORE!)
You know you're in for a good time when you go to "Mexico"! This time we found ourselves a pack of 600-1000hp cars, including Mustangs, Skylines, Corvettes, a supercharged Viper, and plenty more!
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5 days 43:01
Worlds LARGEST R/C Car Race - $25,000 to win!
Tulsa, Oklahoma is no stranger to Cash Days events..but this one is a little out of the ordinary. The cars aren't regular cars, nor is the track. Everything is 1/10 scale..besides the drivers.
270 024
8 days 22:32
The FASTEST Tesla Model S Plaid in the World! (He beat Jay Leno's Record!)
NEW WORLD RECORD! The new 1/4 mile Tesla record set in St Louis 7/24/21 at MITM Elite. The Tesla Model S Plaid is the highest performing sedan ever built.
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14 days 26:16
Texas Street Racing (Controversy, Money, & FAST cars!)
A week long full of action from the Texas Streets PACKED into this one video!
425 148
18 days 31:35
The Fastest Pass Of My Life! (Can The Audi Go 8’S?)
The R8 is back in Denver for Street Car Takeover and we're ready to see what it's capable of.
168 187
19 days 8:50
CRAZY RWD GTR makes 6’s look EASY!! (Straight as an Arrow!)
This T1 Race built R35 looks unlike any GTR we've ever filmed.
322 590
22 days 9:00
OLD E36 M3 with NEW technology (900hp DCT M4 trans)
While cruising through the pits at SCT Charlotte, we stumbled upon this beautiful E36 M3.
138 235
26 days 16:52
GUTTED Audi RS7 becomes the Fastest RS7 in the U.S.!
Nobody has run a 9 in the U.S. with Audi's 4.0L twin turbo platform, until NOW. Eurowise Performance bolted everything they could to this thing and ripped out as much interior as possible!
181 905
29 days 9:28
1300hp STOCK MOTOR R8 goes LOW 8’s!!
Amie Palo is back again, and here to take the stock motor Audi R8 quarter mile record from Sheepey Race, with her 1300hp T1 Race Development built R8.
136 141
32 days 12:10
Flamethrowing Datsun - INSANE 60ft's (Nitrous 474ci LSX)
This car used to have about 80 horsepower from the factory and now it's going 60 feet in 1 second! Bowser is a nitrous car that doesn't mess around.
239 153
34 days 12:46
Big Wheel Chevy Destroys 9-second Challenger (BoostDoctor)
BoostDoctor knew he was going to put on a show when he entered into the Heavy Weights class at SCT Charlotte. With 1300hp at his disposal, he was making 9 second cars look SLOW!
624 838
36 days 13:22
SLEEPER Turbo Yukon = Endless Hooning!!
Mitchell Stapleton, notorious for his "LSXCalade" build - has a knack for turning GM SUV's into something a little more..enjoyable.
329 006
40 days 8:01
Fastest 9th Gen Civic in the WORLD! (And it’s AWD!!)
Harry Sparks is just as much an innovator as he is a true Honda guy.
188 693
42 days 12:14
FASTEST Lambo in the world goes DEEPER into the 7's!! (2000+hp AMS Huracan)
Jordan Martin’s Lamborghini Huracan is a fresh icon in the automotive world, as it’s transformed from a wheelie machine into the QUICKEST Lambo in the WORLD!
345 394
45 days 1:10:07
Replacing Turbo at Hotel Entrance, RV racing, and a GIANT EGG!
Race Week has been nothing short of incredible this year! So many accomplishments, so many struggles! Day 7 is no different!
345 764
46 days 59:36
Over 40 racers have DROPPED OUT of RaceWeek! (RaceWeek Day 6 Highlights)
What an incredible day of racing we had in Kearney. Lots of ups and downs! On our way to the track we found one racer deep in the ditch on our way to the track and luckily nobody was hurt!
245 864
47 days 40:06
109ºf With No Air Conditioning..(This Is Tough!)
THIS is what Race Week is all about! The struggles these racers go through on this grueling road trip is actually insane! Overheating, boiling fuel, motor swaps, all sorts of craziness!
160 480
48 days 1:19:08
Kyle’s in 3rd place, Mullet’s FASTEST pass yet, & MORE!
Rocky Mountain Race Week has been great this year! We start to see some of the highest highs and lowest lows in this video! Cleetus even broke his curse of never running a 7 second pass at RMRW!
435 884
49 days 1:16:15
Kyle Races His First Bike!!
Blayne the 13 year old crew chief has been killing it YET AGAIN on Race Week with his dad! On Day 3 of Rocky Mountain Race Week these two CRUSHED their personal best!
229 872
51 day 1:00:32
Ruby & Mullet Side By Side Intense Pass To Kick Off Day 1 Of Rocky Mountain Race Week!
What a crazy start to RMRW! 320 cars are a part of the craziness this year, one of which including Cleetus's new ride, MULLET!
363 569
52 days 18:26
What was the damage on my R8???
The broken R8 finally arrives at AMS for a tear down and diagnosis! Thankfully the transmission wasn't a total loss, but fixing it (correctly)was NOT cheap.
109 391
55 days 20:34
Can a 1300HP Subaru do a 7 second pass?
We have never seen somebody break this many parts in the span of three days. Something even more impressive is that we have never seen anybody REPLACE this many parts in three days!
208 540
58 days 11:30
Cleetus DRIVES my 1200hp v10 R8 + Reactions (& UPDATE!!)
Well ~400 full-throttle passes later and we finally have our first broken part..I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner!
285 183
60 days 11:33
INSANE Supra: 2200hp, Nitrous, Broken Parts, NEW Personal Best!
Cody Phillips has been chasing the beloved 6 second 1/4 mile pass ever since purchasing his Supra in 2002, something that most people give up on long before getting close.
162 210
62 days 12:26
They tried EVERYTHING to run a 6-Second Pass!
The crew over at The Shop Houston spent a tireless weekend pushing through challenge after challenge as they attempted to break the 7 Second barrier with their shop car, KIMBO.
219 007
67 days 7:49
1/2 Truck + 1/2 Buick = Only $1200 spent!?
While riding in the backwards truck a couple videos ago, we spotted this thing! Just about as bizarre as the backwards truck itself!
80 057
69 days 13:00
World’s QUICKEST Viper! | 9 year old record BROKEN!
A record that stood for 9 years has finally been broken! The World's Quickest Viper now has a new face, The Juggernaut!
262 286
71 day 18:21
3200hp Viper driven by 18 YEAR OLD!! (Can he run a 6??)
Sal Patel holds the record for the fastest 1/4 mile pass EVER made in a Viper at 6.96 | 215mph.
295 325
74 days 14:40
200MPH Honda Lawn Mower! (S2000 Spins Out!)
Stuart has been chasing the dream of a 200mph pass in his Honda S2000 for long enough! He came to the Kansas Airstrip Attack prepared to break the record, or break the car!
247 978
76 days 23:18
Dallas Street Racing - Racer Caught Cheating?!
Oddly enough, it's not often that we find ourselves in Texas for a Cash Days.
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