1 day 8:47
Island Boys Honda Civic pulls off INSANE win at World Cup Finals!
Jason Marsh and the Island Boys came to World Cup Finals in Maryland with their turbo B series Civic and did some CRAZY things!
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4 days 8:37
700hp V8 Nissan Frontier... (Twin Turbo ALL WHEEL DRIVE?!?!)
LOJ Conversions needed something that showed the scale of their engine swaps and conversion business, and this twin turbo, LS, AWD, stick-shift Nissan Frontier turned out to be the perfect candidate.
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10 days 9:50
The FASTEST Stick Shift car in the World (1900hp Mustang)
The overall H-pattern stick shift record is something that Joel Steele has had in his crosshairs for years now.
266 269
13 days 17:05
“We can make 2500HP at 40 pounds of boost” | 4200LB twin turbo street car RIPS!
THIS is our kind of street car! Nice and heavy with full interior and all! How do you make up for being so heavy? WITH A TON OF FREAKING POWER!
259 574
15 days 11:39
6 second Toyota AE86 DOMINATES at World Cup Finals
World Cup Finals: Import vs Domestic brings out the fastest cars from around the world, and this Toyota Ae86 is no exception!
188 425
17 days 7:18
900HP Electric truck! | Tesla powered Squarebody
We've seen all sorts of crazy builds come out of the 2021 Sema show. This Squarebody pickup built but Salvage to Savage is the craziest ALL ELECTRIC build we've ever seen!
102 446
19 days 13:55
3,000hp Lamborghini makes 250mph look EASY (Fastest Gallardo in 1/2 mile)
Gidi is no stranger to our channel or holding records in racing. Until last week, he was the fastest man in a R35 GTR (quarter mile) and still holds the record for fastest Gallardo in the half mile.
288 289
22 days 9:55
R33 Nissan GTR worth over a $1,000,000?? (Super Rare!)
The GTR 400r is one of the rarest GTRs in existence. Only 44 were built, and now just 40 are confirmed to exist. One sold recently for $1,700,000.
133 487
24 days 9:18
Widebody Twin Turbo LSX DeLorean!
Everyone knows about the DeLorean! (Mostly because of Back 2 the Future) Car people know how unreliable they are known for being!
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25 days 8:06
A Tesla with a V8 LS Swap?!? (Rich Rebuilds @ SEMA)
While at the SEMA show this year, we stumbled upon RichRebuilds and his 2015 Tesla Model S. Generally speaking, there isn't a ton of modifications you can do to a Tesla.
236 722
27 days 14:09
2JZ swapped Lamborghini (Coolest car at SEMA?)
Sema 2021 had an abundance of cool cars for us to show you guys, but we had to kick it off with this crazy 2jz swapped Lamborghini Gallardo!
833 314
31 day 10:34
SKETCHY 220+ mph passes on an Airstrip..Promods aren't meant for this!
A promod at a half mile is something you never see! They obviously aren't meant for half mile passes, but this man has the stones to pilot it down the airstrip!
359 234
34 days 34:22
FAST Semi Trucks INVADED the Texas Half Mile Event!
This was a new experience for us! 14 Semi trucks showed up to race and put on a show at this years Texas Half Mile, presented by Shift Sector.
942 542
37 days 45:57
Track getting TORN DOWN after this CRAZY race event!
We love Atlanta Dragway! So many memories created here for us on and off camera. Like many of you, we're sad to see it go.
428 076
40 days 44:15
Street racers COLLIDE at over 100mph (505 Cash Days)
Once again, proper safety equipment prevails and another 505 Cash Days is in the books!
668 323
50 days 53:15
Street Racing at the Mexico BORDER - Police, Wheelies, and $16,000 Pot!
Another MASSIVE Cash Days in the books! Not only was this a big 32 car cash days, it was RIGHT NEXT to the BORDER WALL of the U.S. and Mexico!
599 655
54 days 15:32
Fastest FULL SIZE GM Pickup in the U.S. (stick shift record)
It was hard to miss this Silverado in the pits at StreetCar Takeover - Atlanta, being a full size pickup with a bright green paint job.
225 433
60 days 8:44
Twin turbo Pontiac G8 RIPS! (Dart 427, 1500hp)
It's not often we see Pontiac G8s at the drag strip, especially ones with a parachute, drag radials, and skinnies up front.
120 203
65 days 12:49
200MPH RACE! Twin Turbo R8 VS stretched bike!
We went out to the Indy Airstrip Attack and Kyle decided to take his twin turbo R8 just for fun!
112 592
71 day 10:02
Motor Explodes At 200+Mph!
We have followed this car for YEARS. Recently the car has gone through some changes, including going from FWD to AWD.
249 413
73 days 12:22
The LEGENDARY "Big Red" Camaro goes 216MPH!
This is the biggest wing we have ever seen on a car.. and it has a purpose! Lots of downforce for lots of traction! Not only is this Camaro unique looking, its about just as strange under the hood.
201 896
77 days 49:58
2500HP Javelin WRECKS & ends up on its roof! :( [Hot Rod Drag Week: Day 5]
Well guys..Day 5 of Hot Rod Drag Week was bittersweet to say the least. 300+ cars finished the week, but one of our favorite cars was destroyed on it's last pass of the event.
294 903
78 days 52:34
1100hp Diesel puts on a SHOW! Wheelies, Burnouts, & MORE! (Hot Rod Drag Week: Day 4)
We've officially made it through Day 4 of Hot Rod Drag Week 2021 and we're thrilled to see so many racers have too.
394 211
79 days 50:52
The FASTEST car on Drag Week..and it's turned DOWN..(Hot Rod Drag Week: Day 3)
Dave Schroder is no stranger to mid 6 second passes...but doing it on 2 out of 3 kits of nitrous while LETTING OUT at the 1000ft mark? That's a whole different story!
319 693
80 days 1:03:28
Trailer Burnouts are BACK, 9 second DSM's, & MORE! (Hot Rod Drag Week: Day 2)
And that's a wrap! Day two here at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH was a success!
243 097
81 day 55:29
Rebuilding a motor on the SIDE of the INTERSTATE (Hot Rod Drag Week: Day 1)
Day 1 is in the books and it was one HECK of a day! We had hoods fly off cars, monster wheelies, new records, broken parts, engine swaps, & so much more.
338 916
82 days 42:33
7 second Volvo Wagon, 2JZ 4Runner, & MORE! (Drag Week: Day 0)
Well folks, it's official - Drag Week 2021 is here and we hope you're ready for a week filled with highlights because we've got you covered! We kick the week off in Martin, MI - starting with Day 0.
419 586
85 days 11:23
1700HP Porsche goes over 220MPH on a runway!
Seeing a Porsche with this kind of power is a rarity! This Porsche in particular is RHD and only visiting the states for now!
139 104
88 days 9:44
Beater Bomb DOMINATES it's Home Track & his Son LEAKS Engine info!
It's no surprise to see Beater Bomb sweeping the competition, especially at his home track. What we're excited about is getting one step closer to figuring out what's under the hood.
245 328
90 days 13:28
Grille Mounted Turbo-Charger? Swapped to a manual?! (What is happening)
The first thing that caught our eye was obviously the huge turbo rammed into the grill of this bright yellow Dodge Charger.
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