3 days 1:58
Police Are Killing Protesters In Colombia
37 people have been killed by the police during protests in Colombia and over 1,700 cases of police brutality have been reported, says a rights group.
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4 days 11:38
How To End Homelessness In The U.S
The United States is one of the richest countries in the world, but it has a growing homelessness crisis.
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5 days 1:06
‘If I Don’t Steal [Your Home] Someone Else Will’ Israeli Settler Justifies Forcible Takeover
"You are stealing my house." This is what a Palestinian woman told an Israeli settler, as he tried to take over her family's home in occupied East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.
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7 days 9:58
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11 days 1:05
This Woman Found Out Her Mother Died While Waiting For Oxygen
This woman lost her mom to COVID-19 while waiting for hours to refill her oxygen canister.
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11 days 3:40
Is Modi To Blame For India’s COVID Crisis?
Many are calling the Prime Minister Narendra Modi out for hosting election rallies and supporting large congregations during a pandemic.
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12 days 2:29
Police Mock Grandmother With Dementia After Violent Arrest
Newly released video shows police officers in Colorado mocking a grandmother with dementia whose shoulder was dislocated during a violent arrest.
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12 days 11:56
Why Other Countries Are Better At Unionizing Than Americans
In the United States, 44% of Americans are low-wage earners, often working multiple jobs. In fact, wages haven’t increased significantly since the ‘70s, but productivity has continued to rise.
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14 days 2:57
Social Justice Took The Stage At The Oscars This Year
Award winners and other actors highlighted social justice movements and representation in the industry during the 93rd Academy Awards.
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17 days 2:45
Did Racism Cause This Baby's Death?
This man chronicled the experience of losing his son on Twitter while emphasizing what he calls “negligence” from the hospital staff.
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20 days 5:40
Why It’s So Hard To Convict Police Officers
Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd – but that's not the norm when it comes to police trials.
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21 day 2:43
Listen To The Powerful Closing Statement For Derek Chauvin’s Murder Trial
Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell delivered a powerful rebuttal during closing arguments in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial for the police killing of George Floyd. ⁣ ⁣ “You were told that Mr.
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21 day 9:23
Food or Rent? The Face of the Eviction Crisis
Collapsing ceilings, garbage and never-ending infestations. These are the conditions that many residents are facing just outside of Washington, DC, in this apartment complex in Langley Park, Maryland.
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25 days 5:33
The Pandemic Through The Eyes Of Someone With OCD
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a complex condition characterized by intrusive thoughts and irrational urges to engage in repetitive acts. How these manifest can vary wildly.
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26 days 9:18
Why The U.S. Can’t Go Broke
The U.S. national debt is now bigger than its economy. That might sound scary, but we’ll explain how the United States can never go broke and can actually pay all of its debts whenever it wants to.
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28 days 0:59
‘I Just Shot Him’: Bodycam Shows Police Fatally Shooting Daunte Wright
Brookyn Center, Minnesota, police released bodycam footage that shows the events that led police to shoot and kill Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man who was initially stopped for a possible
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31 day 11:34
Here’s Why Taylor Swift And Drake Don’t Own Their Music
Drake, Cardi B, Taylor Swift – these artists are topping the charts. But they don’t own the rights to most of their music.
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32 days 8:46
“Hell On Earth”: Inside The Epicenter Of Brazil’s Mutant COVID-19 Strain
“The act of being vaccinated is an act of resistance for our people.” Brazil has the second highest COVID-19 death rate in the world and with the emergence of a new mutant strain, hospitals are on
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39 days 4:23
Asian Americans Have A Long History Of Activism In The US
At rallies around the country, people are calling for action against anti-Asian racism. Asian Americans are demanding an end to racism. But their activism isn’t new.
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40 days 1:11
Witness Sobs After Watching George Floyd’s Final Moments At Trial
Witness Charles McMillian, 61, was one of the first bystanders to watch George Floyd’s murder. He broke down in tears in court after watching the video of George Floyd’s final moments.
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40 days 14:00
How France’s Colonial Past Explains Its Racism Today
Despite resistance from French elite, there’ve been growing calls for France to recognize and apologize for its violent colonization of millions of people in Africa and Asia.
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42 days 3:04
'They Can't Burn Us All' - China Mac Speaks Out Against Anti-Asian Hate
China Mac wrote “They Can’t Burn Us All” after an 89-year-old Chinese grandmother was set on fire in New York City.
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45 days 2:32
Black Lawmaker Arrested For Knocking On Governor’s Office Door
State troopers arrested a Georgia lawmaker who was knocking on Gov. Brian Kemp’s office door, in protest of the closed-door signing of a bill that would restrict voter access. Critics, including Rep.
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46 days 6:14
The Roots Of Anti-Asian Racism
Anti-Asian hate crime has been escalating, with attacks on elders and vandalism increasing by almost 150% in major cities in 2020 alone.
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48 days 2:53
'Guardian Angels’ Are Patrolling Chinatown Amid Anti-Asian Violence
The Chinatown Block Watch in New York City was started last year as an alternative to increased police presence. Karlin Chan started the patrol when he heard of harassment happening in his community.
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53 days 1:58
Anti-Asian Hate Testimony By Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Dae Kim testified about anti-Asian hate to Congress two days after the deadly shootings in Georgia that killed eight, including six Asians.
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53 days 9:59
The World's Richest Man Is Fighting Amazon Workers Unionizing
It’s hard to overstate just how much Amazon has benefited from the pandemic. Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth grew by around $70 billion. Even if he gave every U.S.
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54 days 10:38
Basketball Is Making People Rich — Except These Guys
Sixty-eight college basketball teams from across the United State compete in March Madness.
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55 days 1:01
100 Arrested As Spring Breakers Flood Miami Beach
A combination of spring break vacation and the easing of COVID restrictions in some states has lead to millions of travelers taking flights in the past couple of days.
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