47 days 2:06
Homeless Man Evicted From Paid Motel Room During Ice Storm
This Virginia man, who is homeless, was kicked out of a motel during an ice storm.
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47 days 2:44
U.S. Marine Calls Out Military For Botching Sexual Assault Case
This Marine accused the military of mishandling her allegation of sexual assault.
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48 days 11:35
Can The Blackest State Go Blue?
Mississippi native Stacey Abrams declared the state a “battleground state” as she and other activists work to flip one of the most reliably Republican states blue.
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49 days 4:28
What Really Went On In Texas
Last week, Texas’s power grid completely collapsed in the face of a winter storm that caused subzero temperatures throughout the state.
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53 days 3:13
Rise In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Sparks Reaction From Activists and Celebrities
This civil rights activist is sounding the alarm about the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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53 days 2:53
11-Year-Old Activist Receives Death Threats
An 11-year-old Colombian environmental activist was the target of a death threat on Twitter.
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54 days 2:39
Expert Debunks Texas Governor Who Blames Power Outage On Green New Deal
Texas Governor Greg Abbott blamed the entirety of the power outage on renewable energy. This energy expert explains why Abbott is wrong.
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54 days 10:00
In Texas, These Residents Are Dying To Breathe Clean Air
This neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, has been the victim of racist zoning policies and poor city oversight for years.
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55 days 12:11
Why Saying "Periodt, Sis" Is Not Bad English
Have you ever heard someone say “periodt,” “sis” or “chile”? Most likely if you’ve been on social media. You might think that it’s just internet slang — and you’d be wrong.
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55 days 2:23
92-Year-Old 'Comfort Woman' Demands Justice from Japan
This survivor of sex slavery burst into tears during her plea to Japan to finally apologize to thousands of women forced into sex slavery.
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56 days 1:34
While Millions In Texas Out Of Power, Some Blame The Green New Deal
A deadly winter storm swept the midwest and the south, knocking out Texas’ power grid and leaving millions across the state without power for at least two days.
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58 days 15:44
Where's My $2,000 Stimulus? We Asked Rashida Tlaib
0:00 - Intro 0:27 - Do Democrats Get What Life Is Like For Working People? 4:24 - Where Are the $2000 Checks?
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60 days 1:48
Police Officers Who Shoved 75-Year-Old Protester Won’t Face Felony Charges
Two Buffalo, New York, police officers, who shoved a 75-year-old protester to the ground, won’t face felony assault charges, a grand jury ruled.
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61 day 1:24
New Capitol Riot Video Footage Is Terrifying
During Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, lawmakers showed new security footage from inside the Capitol riot. The videos show the real threat that Congress members faced that day.
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61 day 12:03
This Texas Town Hasn’t Had Running Water In Its 142 Year History
Every drop of drinkable water in Sandbranch, Texas, is shipped in. The small community has never had running water in its entire 142-year existence and its groundwater is contaminated.
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61 day 2:03
After Refusing To Wear 'Colonial Noose,' Māori Politician Is Kicked Out of Parliament
A Māori politician in New Zealand was forced to leave Parliament’s chambers for not wearing a necktie. Rawiri Waititi, co-leader of the Māori Party, was wearing a traditional Māori pendant.
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63 days 3:07
Black Officer Dies By Suicide, After Blasting Police Brutality
A Black police officer shared a video criticizing police brutality before he took his own life.
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66 days 14:52
How (Not) To Stop Right-Wing Extremists
Trump unleashed his mob onto Congress on January 6, and the fallout continues.
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67 days 2:08
Lawmaker Admits Using White Privilege During Capitol Riots
This lawmaker said the Capitol riots showed him his white privilege when he tried to blend in with Republicans.
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69 days 10:24
Is Capitalism Anti-Black?
The U.S. is a capitalist society – but does it need to be?
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70 days 1:59
Bodycam Exposes Georgia Police Chief’s Take On Slavery, Shootings, And Stacey Abrams
A Georgia police chief and an officer have been ousted after bodycam footage revealed them making misogynistic, racist comments about slavery and using racial slurs.
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71 day 3:02
Police Arrest And Pepper Spray 9-Year-Old Girl
Rochester police pepper-sprayed a 9-year-old Black girl after she refused to get into a police car and pleaded to see her dad.
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71 day 1:41
Mass Arrests And Police Beatings In Russia Over Navalny Protests
“Stop tasering me, b*tches. Stop tasering me.”. "I can't breathe." Thousands of protesters have suffered police brutality during a mass demonstration across Russia.
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73 days 13:53
Twitter Banned Trump: Is Tech The Good Guy?
Trump has been removed from the nation’s capital and the nation’s social media feeds.
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74 days 1:15
Bernie Sanders Viral Meme Makes $2 Million
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ meme from President Biden’s inauguration has raised almost $2 million over the past week, all of the money raised will be donated charities in Vermont.
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75 days 3:09
How Reddit Beat Wall Street As Explained By TikTok
What’s going on with GameStop and the stock market? We got you covered. These TikTok users break down how collective action works to take down the rich.
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76 days 12:33
'Stop This Vaccine Sh*t': Inside One of the Most Anti-Vax States in the U.S.
Anti-vaxxers in Ohio are a powerful and vocal minority who could have a real impact on widespread vaccination efforts in the state.
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79 days 10:15
Biden Needs To Undo Trump’s Greatest Success
There you have it, folks: Trump is gone and Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States of America. It’s been a long four years and there’s a huge mess to clean up. It’s not ...
20 224
82 days 1:50
AOC Joins Union Strikers Asking For $1 Raise In NYC
AOC joined the Teamsters strike on Jan. 20 and let them know that they have her support and the support of New York City. Hundreds of workers from the Hunts Point Produce Market are on strike.
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82 days 1:45
Bernie Sanders Reacts To Inauguration Mittens Meme
Bernie Sanders’ fashionable look at the Biden-Harris inauguration blew up. Here’s what Bernie has to say about it.
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