30.06.15 3:15
Is the South racist? We asked South Carolinians | AJ+
Watch More Direct From With Dena Takruri: ajplus.co/directfrom AJ+ wanted to explore the stereotype that the South is more racist than the North.
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18.02.16 1:24
Aid Worker Saves Nigerian Boy Accused Of Being A Witch
Aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén says she found and cared for Hope, a 2-year-old boy who was abandoned in Uyo, Nigeria, after he was accused of being a witch.
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03.02.19 3:21
The Kids Nobody Wants: Meet Mohammad Bezek, LA’s Muslim Foster Father | AJ+
He’s fostered over 80 terminally ill children in the Los Angeles county.
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06.05.15 1:30
Meet Pakistan's Woman Commandos
Watch Next: Inside Trump's Era Of Guns: The NRA, Silencers And Deregulation youtu.be/dorZmt3SOKw?list=PLZd3QRtSy5LPxCITRJZL5fBVECHOJfL2t To strengthen its elite police forces, the Khyber
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13.11.14 10:28
Myanmar's Anti-Muslim Monks | AJ+ Docs
Watch Our Latest Documentaries: ajplus.co/ajplusdocsnew Buddhist monks were a symbol of hope and defiance during the dark years of Myanmar’s military dictatorship.
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11.12.15 1:40
These People Are Saving Endangered Baby Turtles In Brazil
It's the peak of hatching season for these endangered sea turtles, but their breeding and nesting grounds are red with toxic mud after the worst mining disaster in Brazil's history.
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12.09.17 6:36
North Korea's dangerous border: Inside the DMZ [Pt.1] | AJ+
Did you know North Korea and China are still technically at war with South Korea and the U.S.? That's because the Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice agreement, not a peace treaty.
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16.08.17 8:21
The Untold Story Of America's Southern Chinese [Chinese Food: An All-American Cuisine, Pt. 2] | AJ+
There's a rather unknown community of Chinese-Americans who've lived in the Mississippi Delta for more than a hundred years.
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22.10.14 1:23
These Karachi Bikers Have No Limits
Motorcycle racing is dangerous enough even with helmets and tracks but Atif Siraj introduces AJ+ to racing on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, where the excitement is taken to a whole new level.
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08.04.18 8:53
Why Inmates Are Converting to Islam | AJ+
Islam isn't just the fastest-growing religion in the world, it's also the fastest-growing faith in U.S. prisons. But why do so many inmates turn to this religion? 10 to 15% of U.S.
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24.04.15 0:56
Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?
Watch full video here: youtube.com/watch?v=dDAB35SYIr0 Four vacationing Swedish police officers subdued a fight on an NYC subway while waiting for the NYPD to arrive.
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24.03.19 5:06
I Wanted To Kill Muslims — Now I Am One | AJ+
Richard McKinney planned to blow up an Islamic Center, but in a heated moment witnessed by his young daughter, the former U.S.
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92 days 1:15
Passengers Cheer As Trump Supporters Kicked Off Plane After Capitol Riot
Some of the Trump supporters who took part in the riot at the Capitol have been kicked off of their flights.
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14.08.18 11:23
Why Do People Freak Out About MSG in Chinese Food? | AJ+
People used to think the MSG in Chinese food made them sick. Here's why it had more to do with rumors – and racism – than science.
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24.05.18 12:07
How Nestle makes billions bottling free water | AJ+
Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company, bottles Michigan’s water for next to nothing and sells it at great profit.
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16.07.17 7:16
Does The U.S. Need India More Than India Needs The U.S.? | AJ+
India and the United States have a pretty tight relationship, but maybe the U.S. needs India more than India needs it?
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06.03.20 5:34
I'm A Chinese Cowboy With A Southern Accent
Meet Chinese cowboy Bruce Wang, an international student in Texas who decided to transform to fit in. He learned a Southern accent by watching Duck Dynasty and got a job on a ranch.
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32 days 9:59
‘I Shouted For Help, But Nobody Helped Me’: Asian Americans Are Under Attack
There has been a significant surge in hate crimes against Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, according to New York City police data.
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25.08.16 4:24
Why Walls Won't Secure The U.S.–Mexico Border | AJ+
Watch Next: Inside Trump's Era Of Guns: The NRA, Silencers And Deregulation youtu.be/dorZmt3SOKw?list=PLZd3QRtSy5LPxCITRJZL5fBVECHOJfL2t Part 2 – Are Immigrants Stealing American Jobs?
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04.12.15 1:06
Cutting Hair With Swords And Fire
Swords, rings, fire... Alberto Olmedo has a unique method of cutting hair in his Madrid shop.
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16.09.15 8:15
Wolf Hunting In Siberia: Saving The Reindeer (Part 1) | AJ+ Docs
Watch Our Latest Documentaries: ajplus.co/ajplusdocsnew In Siberia, wolves are killing reindeer by the thousands, pushing the government to create a bounty system to curtail the wolf
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17.12.13 2:57
Apartheid Explained
Nelson Mandela is remembered for his legacy in fighting apartheid and helping South Africa seek healing and forgiveness. But what exactly was apartheid?
1 254 916
13.09.17 13:20
Is the U.S. military prepping for war with North Korea? [Pt.2] | AJ+
Tensions are heating up on the Korean peninsula, with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump exchanging heated threats. AJ+'s Dena Takruri visits a U.S.
1 242 254
06.12.16 1:59
Afro-Mexicans: Dancing Their Way Back To Their Roots
Obatala is an Afro-Mexican dance troop that travels and performs throughout southern Mexico. The dancers learned the steps by watching YouTube videos.
1 225 881
23.02.17 13:39
Chicago’s Struggle With Gun Violence, Part 1 | AJ+ Docs
It's easy to buy a gun on the streets of Chicago, where violence has recently soared to record highs.
1 185 996
21.01.17 14:11
Inside The Underage Sex Trafficking Brothels Of Peru’s Illegal Gold Mines
Watch Our Latest Documentaries: ajplus.co/ajplusdocsnew As illegal gold mining in Peru's remote Amazon ramps up, ramshackle brothels are sprouting up to cater to laborers with money to spend.
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14.11.14 0:58
This Woman Was Assaulted For What She Was Wearing
People have turned to Twitter using #MyDressMyChoice to express their outrage over a recent video of men assaulting a woman in Nairobi, Kenya. She was reportedly assaulted because of "indecent" dress.
1 148 903
16.12.14 3:09
The Life Of An Eight Ball Of Cocaine | AJ+
Watch Next: Inside Trump's Era Of Guns: The NRA, Silencers And Deregulation youtu.be/dorZmt3SOKw?list=PLZd3QRtSy5LPxCITRJZL5fBVECHOJfL2t Cocaine, coke, blow or snow – whatever you call it
1 128 376
26.05.16 10:34
Armed and Vigilant: In Fear of a Muslim Uprising in Texas | AJ+ Docs
Watch Our Latest Documentaries: ajplus.co/ajplusdocsnew Attacks on Muslims are on the rise, and a group in Dallas, Texas is arming up in fear of a Muslim uprising.
1 106 056
13.08.19 10:57
Why So Many Black People In The U.S. Can't Swim
In the United States, 64% of Black children can’t swim. As a result, they are 3x more likely to drown than white children their same age. But how did this happen?
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