25.06.17 45:00
Gunting [Malay telemovie with English subtitles]
Salihin (JA Halim) has to close his barber shop as his diabetes worsens.
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16.01.20 3:01
Birthmark. A Chinese New Year Short Film
Family love is life’s greatest blessing. This Chinese New Year, let’s thank our families for all they’ve done for us. #CNY2020 #MerdekaGeneration
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18.01.19 1:00
The New Zodiac Race – who will be the winner?
12 zodiac animals, 1 epic race, and only 1 winner. Who will it be? With good financial planning habits, you can be a winner too.
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342 days 2:01
PCK - Singapore Be Steady!
“Things different already But Singapore be steady Stay clean and healthy Just use your brain, use your brain” 🎶🎶🎶 Singapore’s Uncle Phua is back again to teach us how to don’t play play with
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15.02.19 1:01
Singapore's digital defence is ours to safeguard
Social media, iBanking, online messaging. As we live more of our lives online, we also have more to lose in the case of a digital attack.
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21 day 3:00
Call Me Steady | Chinese New Year 2021 Short Film [English Subtitle]
It has been a year since COVID-19 changed our lives, and we are celebrating Chinese New Year differently this year. Let’s celebrate safely, stay united and look out for one another. Steady?
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259 days 2:39
Onward Singapore
COVID-19 will not change who we are as a nation and our resolve to rise above challenges. Let’s celebrate our Singapore spirit, look out for one another, stay strong and united.
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18.01.19 1:01
What will tomorrow hold, Singapore?
Who are we building a better tomorrow for? For you, for ‘we’, for friends and family all across our island-city, and in every home.
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25.09.17 1:13
NDR 2017 – Staying Healthy
Are you at risk of getting diabetes? Get the facts shared by PM Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally this year. #ndrsg #ndr17 #letsbeatdiabetes
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30.05.19 4:01
Hari Raya with #HafandHaf
The time has come to gather the family, seek forgiveness and play catch up!
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21.01.17 1:31
Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar
Let's beat diabetes. Watch our latest blockbuster Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar and HUAT this Lunar New Year! 糖分油盐要把关 吃得健康过好年 新年快乐! #letsbeatdiabetes
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44 days 1:33
Together We Soar
Our lives have not been the same again with COVID-19, but we can make this a change for the better. As the new year begins, clap along as we continue to walk this journey together.
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20.09.17 1:16
NDR 2017 – Starting Right
What is Government doing to ensure our children get a good start in life? Here are key initiatives PM Lee Hsien Loong announced at the National Day Rally this year. #ndrsg #ndr17
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281 day 1:36
Hari Raya 2020: The Big Little Things
Hari Raya celebrations will be different this year. But one thing remains - keeping ties with family and friends. So let’s keep the festive spirit alive, while keeping our loved ones safe.
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18.02.16 0:46
Make It Better – Why did the aunty stop the boy?
What caused the tussle between the aunty and the little boy? Was he too playful? Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. Impressions can change when we see the bigger picture.
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63 days 0:30
Discover new job and training opportunities in these growth sectors
Plan for the next step in your career by visiting go.gov.sg/jobsgohere-p2yt Explore opportunities in growth sectors such as Accountancy, Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Education
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35 days 2:00
The Best in Us
A year has passed since our first COVID-19 case. We have faced many challenges, but we have also grown better and stronger as individuals, and as a nation.
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26.09.17 1:16
NDR 2017 – Living Smart
How will Smart Nation initiatives improve our everyday lives and make Singapore an amazing place to live, work and play in?
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25.02.19 1:47
Republic of Food [Movie Trailer]
In a dystopic future where food as we know it is banned due to a deadly plague, a small band of food lovers in Singapore risk their skins and defy global authorities with underground feasts of
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03.02.17 23:30
Happy Can Already! Episode 10 (Chinese Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第十集(华文字幕)
It’s the 7th day of the Lunar New Year and everyone is gathered at #LiangXiMei’s house for the joyous festive celebration.
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26.02.19 0:31
Singapore's digital defence is ours to safeguard [Trailer]
Social media, iBanking, online messaging. As we live more of our lives online, we also have more to lose in the case of a digital attack.
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14.04.18 1:06
Syafiq Yusoff - Riverwood
Syafiq quit his personal trainer job to set up his own logistics company, and started out with just four workers and two vans. How did he stand out amongst the big boys in the logistics industry?
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27.07.15 3:00
The Journey 嘻游记 (Hokkien with Chinese subtitles)
Journey to the best of health in this Hokkien MV!
935 493
05.05.18 1:06
Gillian - Homage
Gillian had a promising career in Silicon Valley but moved back to Singapore to be closer to her aging mother.
928 790
23.04.18 1:05
Pranoti - Rotimatic
Pranoti and her husband wanted to bake a difference by building an automatic roti machine. Will they rise up to the challenge or are they toast? Roll up to new challenges, visit futureeconomy.sg.
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157 days 3:06
Stand By Me – Our SG Edition
They say it’s in the darkest times that our light shines the brightest. Here’s to our fellow Singaporeans who have stepped up to uplift others in the face of this unprecedented crisis.
867 420
26.03.18 1:06
Jeffrey - Dish The Fish
Born into a family of fishmongers, Jeffrey’s connection to the fish trade runs deep. Determined to realise the possibilities he sees, he leaves his cushy day job to dive into the fish business.
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14.11.18 2:06
Choose water - Drink Up!
Leave the fizzy drinks at the door and check out this epic face-off between Shigga Shay and his nemesis Sugar Coat in this music video to commemorate World Diabetes Day.
853 081
22.12.16 23:42
Happy Can Already! Episode 1 (Chinese and English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第1集 (华文字幕)
#LiangXiMei is back on our TV screens and she looks exactly the same as 15 years ago! What does she do to stay fit and healthy?
852 786
01.09.16 2:46
吃饱没?(Eat Already?) MV
"吃饱没” (Jiak ba buay? or Have you eaten?) is a common greeting in Singapore. It is also the title of an info-ed drama series specially created for seniors.
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