27.05.15 2:29
Black Rod on his role in State Opening | House of Lords
Black Rod, Lieutenant General David Leakey, explains why the doors of the House of Commons chamber are slammed shut in his face during the State Opening of Parliament.
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11.04.13 32:21
Tributes to Baroness Thatcher | House of Lords
The House of Lords met on Wednesday 10 April to pay tribute to Baroness Thatcher. For more information visit: parliament.uk/business/news/2013/april/lords-tribute-to-baroness-thatcher
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05.11.19 17:19
Royal Approbation | Speaker of the House of Commons | House of Lords
On Monday 4 November Sir Lindsay Hoyle became the Speaker of the House of Commons. Following his election he was called to the House of Lords to receive the Royal Approbation.
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19.11.14 4:44
Role, work and impact | Select committees | House of Lords
For more information visit parliament.uk/lordsselectcommitteefilm Lords Select Committees investigate broad, long-term issues and publish their findings in reports.
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13.11.14 1:03:09
Lord Speaker Lecture: Bill Gates | House of Lords
The Lord Speaker, Baroness D'Souza, welcomed Bill Gates to the House of Lords on Monday 10 November.
15 380
19.11.13 4:00
Baroness Boothroyd | Women in democracy | House of Lords
Baroness Boothroyd talks about the importance of female role models and her own political career - including her election as the first female speaker of the House of Commons.
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15.07.13 3:57
How the Lords works with the Commons to make a bill law | A day in the life | House of Lords
This video shows how draft laws travel between the House of Commons and the House of Lords and how each chamber amends a bill.
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31.10.17 2:12
Lord Speaker's committee on the size of the House | House of Lords
The Lord Speaker's committee on the size of the House of Lords has recommended the House be reduced to 600 Members, and its size capped at that number, in a move that would - for the first time in
10 243
25.04.19 2:21
Tackling intergenerational unfairness | Intergenerational Fairness Committee | House of Lords
The House of Lords Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision has called on the Government to take steps to deliver a fairer society and support younger people in the UK and ensure our
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25.10.19 2:48:27
Hong Kong debate | Thursday 24 October | House of Lords
On Thursday 24 October, members of the House of Lords, including a former shadow spokesperson for foreign and commonwealth affairs, debated the recent political unrest in Hong Kong and calls to
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15.07.13 5:46
What the Lords does | A day in the life | House of Lords
Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, Lord Inglewood, Lord Haskel, Lord Faulks and Baroness Parminter take you on a tour around the House of Lords.
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69 days 11:34
Members raise lorry driver shortages in Lords questions | 07 July 2021 | House of Lords
Members raise the lorry driver shortage in this latest highlight from the House of Lords chamber. Watch members challenge the government and press for action to address the shortage.
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03.12.14 1:40:42
Decision-making in a digital society | Chamber Event 2014 | House of Lords
On Friday 28 November 2014, over 190 people from across the UK came together to have their say from the red benches on democracy in a digital age.
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25.03.15 3:56
HS2 report | Economic Affairs Committee | House of Lords
Lord Hollick discusses the recommendations outlined in the new HS2 report from the Lords Economic Affairs Committee. For more information visit parliament.uk/hleconomicaffairs
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27.11.17 0:36
Lord Speaker welcomes Royal Engagement | House of Lords
The House of Lords hears from the Lord Speaker Lord Fowler as business begins on Monday 27 November, welcoming the announcement of the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
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138 days 1:11:28
Lord Clarke of Nottingham in conversation with Lord Mandelson | Lord Speaker Lecture
Lord Fowler's final Lord Speaker Lecture took place on 27 April 2021. For this lecture, Lord Clarke of Nottingham was in conversation with Lord Mandelson.
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20.06.17 1:41
Introducing State Opening of Parliament 2017 | House of Lords
The Queen's representative in Parliament, Black Rod, introduces the State Opening of Parliament 2017.
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10.12.14 3:27
What are the different types? | Select committees | House of Lords
For more information visit parliament.uk/lordsselectcommitteefilm Learn more about the different types of committee in the Lords.
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20.11.15 3:13
Introducing the House of Lords Library
The House of Lords Library provides impartial research and information services to members of the House of Lords, their staff and the staff of the House of Lords.
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15.07.13 3:41
Who is the Lord Speaker | A day in the life | House of Lords
Baroness D'Souza, Lord Speaker of the House of Lords describes a typical day at the the House of Lords. Baroness D’Souza was Lord Speaker from 2011 to 2016.
4 395
07.05.13 5:22
Yeoman Usher: Getting ready for State Opening | House of Lords
The Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, Lieutenant Colonel Ted Lloyd-Jukes OBE, speaks about the organisation and significance of State Opening.
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16.09.20 16:23
Lords challenges government on Internal Market Bill | House of Lords | 10 September 2020
Lord Falconer of Thoroton (Labour) asked a Private Notice Question (an urgent question) on the Internal Market Bill and the Northern Ireland Protocol.
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296 days 16:14
Lords raise concerns over conflict in Tigray | House of Lords | 24 November 2020
Lord Alton of Liverpool (Crossbench) asked the government an urgent question on the war in the Ethiopian province of Tigray and government plans to coordinate international action.
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26.07.19 30:32
Thursday 25 July | Lords Questions | House of Lords
At the start of business every sitting day Monday to Thursday, the House of Lords quizzes government on any topic it is responsible for.
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24.08.20 1:32
House of Lords: A second opinion | House of Lords
The UK Parliament is made up of two separate Houses: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They both have to agree for a new law to be made.
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13.03.14 8:15
Report publication | Mental Capacity Act 2005 | House of Lords
Lord Hardie, Chairman of the Committee that conducted post-legislative scrutiny on the Mental Capacity Act 2005, talks about the Committee's inqiury and the main findings published in its final
3 234
01.03.19 1:05:42
Second reading | Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill | House of Lords
The Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on Friday 1 March. Debate begins at 0:07:10.
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01.10.19 2:36
Black History Month | Lord Constantine | House of Lords
Cricketer, barrister, politician, campaigner against racial injustice and member of House of Lords. Lord Constantine became the first black member in 1969.
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01.05.18 3:20
60 years of the Life Peerages Act 1958 | House of Lords
60 years ago, the Life Peerages Act opened up membership of the House of Lords. Members are now drawn from all walks of life and represent a range of professional and personal backgrounds.
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10.01.20 1:42
How does a bill become a law? | House of Lords
A bill is a proposal for a new law, or a proposal to change an existing law, presented for debate before Parliament.
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