09.10.16 2:19
Jeremy Corbyn - Remembering Cable Street
Today we remembered and celebrated the Battle of Cable Street. 80 years ago local people, trade unionists, socialists, those of faith and no faith, took to the streets to defeat fascism.
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14.09.16 8:23
Rebuild and Transform Britain | Paul Mason Interviews John McDonnell
Watch Paul Mason​ interview Labour's Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell​, on how we will transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.
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22.08.16 2:02
Jeremy Corbyn - No one and no community left behind
Ballots for the Labour leadership will start to arrive, by email, today.
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287 days 3:11
Jeremy Corbyn | Rosh Hashanah 2019/5780
For Rosh Hashanah, I met Jewish Labour Party members who told me what it means for them this year as we shared apples and honey.
13 408
08.06.15 5:03
Jeremy Corbyn on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Jeremy Corbyn on 15 January 2015 in the House of Commons. He asks "why there is secrecy surrounding the negotiations.
13 270
07.06.17 2:01
No Child Should Ever Feel Like This
"All of a sudden this bright and able little girl was replaced with someone who was really just stupid and not good enough to be their friend." No child should ever feel like this.
13 027
26.07.16 0:50
11 157
12.06.15 4:50
Jeremy Corbyn MP on the EU, UKIP and Orgreave
Jeremy Corbyn is interviewed on the World at One on 12 June 2015 about the General Election 2015 result, austerity, the EU and the IPCC's decision not to investigate what happened at Orgreave in 1984.
11 068
27.01.19 2:18
Lord Alf Dubs | Holocaust Memorial Day
"It’s important that we say resolutely: it must never be allowed to happen again." Lord Alf Dubs shares his powerful story on Holocaust Memorial Day.
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09.05.17 2:46
Party Election Broadcast | Maxine Peake | For the many, not the few (FULL)
Our first TV broadcast of the #GeneralElection campaign will be aired tonight, but you can watch it here first.
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27.05.17 1:12
Jeremy Corbyn | Ramadan Mubarak
I would like to wish Muslims in Britain, and across the world, Ramadan Mubarak.
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17.11.16 0:47
Jeremy Corbyn - I, Daniel Blake
At Prime Minister's Questions I suggested that Theresa May see I, Daniel Blake as I thought it might help her realise the damage her Government is causing to the lives of people across Britain.
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19.05.17 2:33
Jeremy Corbyn | Labour's Manifesto: For the Many
Yesterday, the Conservatives​ launched their manifesto: for the few. Watch The Labour Party​'s launch of our manifesto: for the many.
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08.06.17 2:00
Jeremy Corbyn | A Different Country
We've left no place and no stone unturned, to get the message out: that this country could be very different with a Labour government. Vote Labour today, for the many, not the few.
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09.06.17 1:48
Jeremy Corbyn | We Offer Real Hope
Theresa May thought that with the backing of the billionaires and the corporate elite, she could take your vote for granted.
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352 days 1:46
Jeremy Corbyn | Boris Johnson Has No Plan
Yesterday Boris Johnson showed us that he’s got no plan.
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182 days 1:30
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213 days 0:41
Get back to your lessons.
Get back to your lessons. Polling closes at 10pm. Find your polling station here, and vote for the many, not the few: labour.org.uk/pollingstationfinder
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13.11.16 15:36
Jeremy Corbyn - Andrew Marr Show - Trump Needs To Grow Up
Watch my full interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning where we discussed how Donald Trump taps into real problems left behind America faces, but does not offer the solutions or the resources
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05.05.19 2:04
Jeremy Corbyn | Ramadan Mubarak 2019
As Ramadan begins, I would like to wish Muslims in our country and around the world Ramadan Mubarak.
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01.01.18 1:29
8 832
21.05.17 0:46
8 757
12.09.16 0:52
Jeremy Corbyn - Eid Mubarak
On behalf of the Labour Party, I want to send my best wishes to all Muslims in the United Kingdom celebrating Eid al-Adha.
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212 days 5:21
General Election 2019 Result
It was a very disappointing night. But I'm proud that we took our message of hope, unity and justice to every part of this country.
8 671
12.07.15 8:36
Jeremy Corbyn on the Labour leadership, the Budget and IS
Jeremy Corbyn on Murnaghan, Sky News, 12.07.2015.
8 618
21.06.17 1:09
Jeremy Corbyn | Queen’s Speech 2017
Today’s Queen’s Speech was a threadbare legislative programme from a government that has no majority, no mandate and no plan.
8 490
14.01.19 1:46
Jeremy Corbyn | This week
This is such an important week for our country.
8 341
201 day 2:33
Jeremy Corbyn | Happy Christmas 2019
At Christmas the scale of injustice and inequality is in plain sight, but so is the generosity and solidarity of our communities.
8 296
13.07.15 1:33
Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas, Hezbollah, Likud & Sinn Fein
Jeremy Corbyn stated "I chaired a meeting discussing the Middle East and the Middle East Peace Process, I have indeed met people with whom I profoundly disagree on many things in order to try and
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