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12 May 2015
15.12.20 21:25
Roma Diana and their sweetest stories for children
Roma and Diana pretend to play with sweets.
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27.03.21 23:51
Roma and Diana are playing with slimes | Fun games with dad
Diana and Roma are playing with slimes and having fun with their dad.
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28.04.18 4:25
Rain, Rain Go Away Song Nursery Rhymes with Roma, Diana, Mommy and Daddy, Family Songs for Children
Rain Rain Go Away Song nursery rhymes with Roma Diana, Mommy and Daddy! Funny song facing the rain with a request to leave.
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27.04.21 13:26
Roma and Diana learn the alphabet / ABC song
Roma and Diana learn the English Alphabet.
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08.12.20 13:34
Roma and Diana - Wild Animals Stories
Roma and Diana pretend to play with animals.
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23.02.18 4:10
Roma feeding the Horse and learning names of Vegetables
Roma has a new friend - a horse. The boy collects vegetables to feed her and learning names of vegetables.
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17.02.18 3:10
Roma and Diana Ride on Toy Car and pretend play with Toy Puppy
Roma and Diana were playing and then poehale on their mini car to help the toys paw patrol. Now Chase, Skye and Marshal are safe. A fun video for the entertainment of children with Roma and Diana.
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04.10.18 7:19
Roma and Diana pretend play Rescue Mission
Roma helps Diana overcome difficulty.
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14.03.18 2:10
Are You Sleeping Brother John | Kids Songs by Kids Roma Show
It is hard for kids to wake up in the morning, "Are you sleeping" is a fun rhyme to get them up with interest. Children and adults love to get up with a nice inviting tune.
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26.08.18 3:04
Roma pretend play with Noisy toys
Diana is sleeping. Roma pretend play with Noisy toys and prevents sleep younger sister. Papa protects Diana's sleeping.
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14.02.19 6:19
Roma pretend play with toys Explorers kit
Roma does not want to wash her hands before eating. Mom bought him a toy microscope. Having seen microbes under a microscope, the boy washed his hands.
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21.01.18 3:27
Roma and Diana go to the toy store
Roma and Diana go to the toy store, Kids Pretend Play video Subscribe to our channels: Kids Roma Show - bit.ly/2kj62uh Kids Diana Show - bit.ly/2k7NrSx #romaanddiana #roma
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02.02.21 15:07
Roma and Diana play with dad on the beach
Roma and Diana play with dad on the beach. Kids had a Fun Adventures on the Beach! Roma and Diana playing with Sand and other toys.
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16.06.18 2:51
Roma and Diana learn English Food Names
Learn English Food Names, Fruits and Vegetables with Diana and Roma. Сhildren is teaching names of fruits and vegetables while playing! Mom calls fruit or vegetable and children search for them!
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13.05.18 11:12
Diana is playing with Baby Dolls
We have collected the best Kids videos, in which a little girl pretend play with Baby dolls. Have fun watching this funny kids videos with toys by Kids Roma Show!
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30.07.21 22:27
Roma and Diana - funny stories about a new nanny
Diana and Roma in a collection of the best stories for children about new nannies, friendship and kindness ROMA Instagram: instagram.com/kidsromashow Subscribe to Kids Roma Show
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30.03.19 3:57
Roma and Diana play Outdoor Games for Kids
Roma and Diana have a great time playing Outdoor games. Winners receive prizes - toys surprises!
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13.03.18 10:45
Roma and Diana Pretend Play with toys and Playhouse, Top Videos by Kids Roma Show!
Roma and Diana Pretend Play with toys and Playhouses. Fun toys for children great for imaginative play. Top Videos by Kids Roma Show!
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29.09.18 3:11
Roma and Diana Rides the Water Slides at the Water park
Great Outdoor Waterpark for Kids! Roma's Family took a trip to the kids waterpark with play area! We went to the water area and slide down waterslides.
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16.10.16 7:13
Рома играет с Паровозиком Томас, видео для детей / Roma plays with a toy train Thomas
У Ромы появилась волшебная палатка-Паровозик. Роме приснилось что в Палатке есть Подарок - Трек "Паровозик Томас и его Друзья". Он заглянул внутрь палатки и увидел что это был не сон!
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152 days 14:08
Roma and Diana in the Best Amazing Kids Challenge
Roma and Diana play Black vs. Pink Challenge, the floor is Lava Challenge and Hot vs. Cold Challenge. A collection of the most amazing Challenges for kids. Thanks for watching!
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12.01.21 7:14
Roma and Diana Pretend Play Funny Stories about Ice Cream
Roma and Diana play ice cream stories.
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28.02.19 14:55
Roma and Diana Playing Cafe | Compilation video with food toys
A collection of funny videos where Diana, Roma and Papa pretend to play cafe.
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09.02.21 15:40
Roma and Diana - Ghost Stories
The best ghost stories from Diana and Roma Roma's Instagram: instagram.com/kidsromashow Subscribe to Kids Roma Show - bit.ly/2kj62uh #romaanddiana #roma #kidsromashow #kidsvideo
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16.07.21 49:20
Roma and Diana learn the Rules of Conduct for Children / Collection of useful videos
Roma and Diana learn specifically what they’re not supposed to do and Dad explains why.
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13.02.18 4:30
Diana Little Mommy for Baby doll Emili
Diana Little Mommy for Baby doll Emili. A video about how Diana's morning and her dolls begin, our morning routine. Then we eat and play.
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08.03.18 10:50
Roma and Diana pretend play with favorite toys
Roma and Diana pretend play with favorite toys: Paw Patrol, Horse, Teddy Bears. These toys great for imaginative play!
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03.03.21 12:16
Roma and Diana - fun weekend with dad
Roma and Diana spend their weekends with their dad.
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20.03.21 15:59
Roma and Diana - Halloween Adventures for Kids Video
Roma and Diana pretend to play Halloween Adventures. A collection of the best videos for children on the topic of Halloween.
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29.05.21 11:34
Roma and Diana learn colors with baby Oliver / Funny videos for kids
Roma and Diana play with their younger brother Oliver, teach him to distinguish colors and make him his own room.
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