175 days 2:21
Bath Song - Kids educational songs by Mustafa and his sister | Nursery Rhymes
It’s time to get all clean! Let’s have fun playing in the bubbles and washing all over! Don't be single, just join to us!
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173 days 2:05
Head Shoulders Knees & Toes | Kids songs | Nursery Rhymes
Dance along with this classic #nursery rhyme, and have fun #learning about all the different body parts! Don't be single, just joint to us! Lyrics: #Head, #shoulders, #knees and #toes Knees and toes!
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158 days 7:21
Mustafa and daddy making giant satisfying slime | Папа и сын делают гигантский большой СЛАЙМ!
Mustafa is playing with colorful slimes. Papa decided to help and they mixed many colorful slimes and also they added many shiny glitters. What they did at the end? More from Mustafa: 1.
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124 days 3:32
Mustafa became a superhero kid eating Magic chips
Mustafa pretend play with magic super chips that make him superhero! A fun story for kids about a superheroes.
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114 days 4:27
Мустафа и Шоколад или Газировка челлендж
Мустафа учит папу правилам поведения и учит не пить газировку! Мустафа следит за здоровьем папы и играет с маленьким!
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111 days 3:33
Мустафа превращает фрукты в полезные конфеты
Мустафа в смешном видео для детей играет и готовит полезные сладости и показывает папе. Он обладает супер способностью который он использует в разный ситуациях.
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137 days 1:58
BINGO dog song | Children songs with Mustafa | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
Let’s play, sing along and have fun together with Mustafa! We shot own version of popular nursery rhyme BINGO, hope you'll enjoy it!
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122 days 3:57
Мустафа и история про Монстра под кроватью
Мустафа и его монстр под кроватью. Мустафе показалось, что под кроватью кто-то есть. Мальчик думает, что это монстр. Он решает подружиться с ним. Смотрите до конца что бы узнать кто же это был.
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118 days 3:52
Yes Yes Vegetables Song for kids by Mustafa | Nursery Rhymes & Kids songs
It’s the veggie time! Children having fun and eating healthy food, yummy! Sing along with Mustafa and Muslima!
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129 days 2:17
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed | Children Nursery Rhyme by Mustafa
A popular children’s rhyme about five naughty monkeys who jump on the bed and get into trouble, for your kid to watch and sing along!
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134 days 3:07
We are in the Car + Ball Pool | The Wheels On The Bus Song | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs by Mustafa
Subscribe to our channel because new videos are uploaded every week! YouTube - bit.ly/2MIRXX8 Instagram - bit.ly/2YnXAzB Thanks for watching our funny video for kids!
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101 day 4:03
Мустафа и Говорящий Котенок - Уроки правильного поведения
Веселая детская видео про Мустафы и его друга говорящего кота. Мустафа ирает с смешным котом и повторяет поведение за котом из игры.
147 days 6:10
Смешная история про мороженое | Челлендж Игра в съедобное и настоящее | Pretend Play IceCream
Мустафо воспользовался моментами и съел все мороженое! Подпишитесь и ставьте лайки! YouTube - bit.ly/2MIRXX8 Instagram - bit.ly/2YnXAzB Больше видео от Мустафа: 1.
99 days 3:43
Монстр мешает съесть сладости
Мустафа в доме собирается съесть сладости из торта. Но к нему приходит надувной гигант и хочет помешать. Мустафа превращается на маленького динозавра чтобы проучить гиганта.
170 days 4:02
Little Mustafa and Red Toy Car Wash
Car wash for children. Today Mustafa washes his favorite toy car. All the cars are dirty. Now all the cars will be washed and will be clean! Kid pretend to play with toy cars.
103 days 4:21
Мустафа шумит и мешает папе спать
Веселая история - Мустафа играет в игрушки и нечаянно мешает папе спать. Он прячется от него в его комнату, но Мустафо всегда находит его и не дает ему спать.
96 days 3:55
Мустафа и Папа собрались лечить зубы
Веселая История - Мустафа и папа про то как Мустафа собрался лечить зубы у доктора стоматолога дантиста. Папа показывает лечение кариеса и как важно чистить зубы и кушать мало сладостей!
148 days 3:00
Mustafa colored car for daddy with colored stickers
This video teaches children to good habits - brushing teeth, washing hands before eating, using sticky notes. Mustafa made a surprise for dad - a color car using sticky notes. More from Mustafa: 1.
146 days 3:45
Wear Your Mask Song with Mustafa | Wear a mask
A song for children about how Mustafa, his sister and dad wear masks and wash their hands before eating. Please Subscribe!
117 days 3:43
Mustafa and dad make dresses for the party
Mustafa wants to go to the party, but all his dresses are washed. Funny hand made dress up with dad and Mustafa.
159 days 6:03
Mustafa and his adventure with Dad | Collection of mini games
The family spends free time with fun games. They make non-bursting bubbles, paste a baby car with stickers, play with large balloons, and at the end the little princess plays with Tommy.
164 days 3:15
Learn colors with Balloons! Kids and daddy have fun playtime with color song!
Dad teaches #children to distinguish #colors. Join them and #learn the colors! More from Mustafa: 1. Bath song - youtu.be/XEAuXq3Gcv4 2.
19 days 3:56
Superheroes Vending Machine Kids Toy Story
A new story about superheroes and Mustafa 's vending machine. Mustafa open a fun vending machine with snacks and drinks!
126 days 2:33
Rain Rain Go Away Song | Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes & Kid Songs by Mustafa
Mustafa and Muslima play long to the Rain Rain Go Away song! Funny sing-along nursery rhymes facing the rain with a request to leave. Kids will get them up singing and dancing.
165 days 4:42
Mustafa having fun + Nursery Rhymes | A Ticket A Tasket & Springtime Family Band
Vlog with Little Mustafa with #nurseryrhymes. A lot of #entertainment, #beautiful and informative places, as well as #carousels and shops !!!!
140 days 2:06
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive by Mustafa | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes
"Once I Caught a Fish Alive", a super fun animated nursery rhyme! 🐟📢 Subscribe to our channel because new videos are uploaded every week!
166 days 2:32
Little Mustafa and his adventures with a tarantula spider
Don't panic tarantula spider is coming! This video tells us that you can be friend with any animal. My other educational videos: 1. Bath song - youtu.be/XEAuXq3Gcv4 2.
106 days 3:49
Мустафа лопает шарики и получает сюрпризы!
Папа объявляет викторину в котором можно выиграть множество интерактивных игрушек! Мустафо хочет участвовать и выиграть призы!
165 days 3:04
Mustafa at the Zoo in Antalya, Turkey | Hotel Bellis Deluxe.
Little 1.5years old Mustafa on #summerholiday in #Turkey. He meets new #animals and watches them. Subscribe to me :) YouTube - bit.ly/2MIRXX8 Instagram - bit.ly/3flstLT
107 days 5:03
Mustafa and simle rules for children
Mustafa and dad spent all day together: in a street, walk in the park, pet store. Mustafa teases animals, champs loudly, runs around in the grass, and his dad tells him how to behave.
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