192 days 1:01
Microsoft Super Bowl 2020 Commercial: Be The One / Katie Sowers
Microsoft is committed to empowering the next generation of game-changers, like Katie Sowers.
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11.02.18 1:01
Microsoft AI ft. Common
With innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality, we have more power at our fingertips than entire generations that came before us.
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03.12.18 4:10
Welthungerhilfe relies on AI to fight hunger
More than 800 million people are currently suffering from hunger - and every day 15,000 children die from the consequences of malnutrition.
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23.04.18 1:01
Microsoft AI + Iconem: Preserving History ft. Common
If you don't know where you come from, you won't know where you're going.
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04.09.18 5:47
Zach Anner Tries the Xbox Adaptive Controller
Zach Anner tries out the Xbox Adaptive Controller in a game against Josh Flanagan of Rooster Teeth.
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06.09.17 1:49
Microsoft AI: Amplifying Human Ingenuity
Behind every great achievement, you’ll find that it’s people, not technology alone, that move the world forward.
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01.06.17 2:48
Meet Mikaila: CEO, entrepreneur and bee conservationist
At the age of four, Mikaila Ulmer used her determination and great-grandmother’s recipe to turn her lemonade stand into a full lemonade enterprise, proving that "something special can be born out of
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10.05.18 4:55
Today in Technology: How the spirit of Louis Braille lives on in today’s AI innovators
How did Louis Braille, a young man living in the 1800s, create his namesake system enabling those who are blind to read?
798 239
22.10.12 5:13
Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft Surface
Microsoft's Chairman Bill Gates chats about Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Natural User Interface and Microsoft Surface.
781 257
24.05.17 45:01
Microsoft China Event: Introducing the new Surface Pro
We unveiled the next generation of the Surface Pro line, which delivers up to 13.5 hours of battery life and operates as a mobile creative studio, with a vibrant 12.3” PixelSense touch display that
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25.03.19 4:06
ShaoLan’s art of learning Chinese │ Microsoft In Culture
When ShaoLan left her startup in the early 2000s, a door opened: Chineasy. Her method for learning Chinese uses bright illustrations to help people recognize.
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01.10.15 3:46
The Quietest Place on Earth?
Microsoft Building 87: When precision is paramount, every decibel counts.
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28.08.18 2:07
How I composed the Windows 10 calendar alert
Learn how Microsoft sound designer Matthew Bennett is cutting through the noise to create a more useful, beautiful ‘sound world’ for technology.
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18.07.19 4:02
Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019
What if neither distance nor language mattered? What if technology could help you be anywhere you need to be and speak any language?
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08.10.18 3:46
Project xCloud: Gaming with you at the center
The future of gaming is a world where you are empowered to play the games you want, with the people you want, whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device of your choosing.
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22.02.18 3:35
The animated guide to quantum computing (Explanimators episode 6)
A short, easy-to-understand look at the world of quantum computing.
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04.04.18 2:06
From shopping to indoor skiing: Majid Al Futtaim Ventures goes digital to delight customers
A leading lifestyle conglomerate in the Middle East, Majid Al Futtaim Ventures is about delighting customers, whether they’re shopping at the luxurious Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, watching movies
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06.05.19 0:55
What’s Minecraft up to?
What’s Minecraft up to? Tune into minecraft.net on May 17 to find out.
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161 day 8:16
Quantum Impact: Teaching the next generation of quantum (Ep. 2)
The school of quantum computing is now in session.
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02.08.17 2:05
Music x Technology: Alison Wonderland
Alison Wonderland’s first full length album, Run, landed at #1 on the US Billboard electronic music charts and went gold in Australia.
399 377
17.01.19 3:30
The voices behind Microsoft’s $500 million affordable housing initiative
First responders, teachers, police: These are some among the many critical people who contribute to the health of our communities in Seattle and the Puget Sound region, and they are being priced out.
397 548
09.10.18 2:58
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30.03.16 2:45
Seeing AI 2016 Prototype - A Microsoft research project
Update : To get this technology into the hands of as many people as possible, this research project has evolved to be a free smartphone app, released in 2017.
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275 days 9:34
Breaking free of datacenter legacy thinking
What if we could store data in such a way that we never had to worry about quality loss or degradation?
388 654
19.12.18 1:15
Ava Lee Scott: Is there a role for tech in building communities?
As an actor, creator, and artist, Ava Lee Scott has always seen worlds in her head.
359 906
10.01.19 1:59
Abbey Road RED is hacking the future of the music industry
Nearly 100 participants from around Europe and the US spent 36 hours in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio One, working on ways to transform the music industry as part of the inaugural Abbey Road RED
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170 days 0:26
Quantum Impact: Series Trailer
Quantum solutions deliver astonishing innovation and impact on a global scale. This is Quantum Impact, a brand new series launching this week.
345 900
19.12.18 1:50
Curtis Hickman: How to integrate tech into the experience?
Curtis Hickman’s The Void is a hyper-reality company that brings together storytelling and magic in an entirely new way.
307 825
17.01.18 4:43
Brad Anderson's Lunch Break / s8 e1 / Rhonda Vetere, CTO, Estée Lauder Co.
Season 8 kicks off with one of “Lunch Break’s” most entertaining guests – Rhonda Vetere, the CTO at Estée Lauder Companies.
302 282
29.10.18 1:08
Immersing Martin Garrix fans for the launch of Life=Crazy
Martin Garrix fans in Amsterdam got the experience of a lifetime, thanks to a huge kaleidoscope powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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