31.01.18 3:50
Melania Trump HATES Donald, And Proved It At State Of The Union
Melania Trump rode to Tuesday night’s State of the Union address separately from Donald Trump. While that may not seem too conspicuous, her reaction to Trump’s speech clearly gave away her mood.
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19.05.18 4:16
Trump Supporters Admit They Were “Stupid” & “Tricked By The Devil” As They Face Financial Ruin
Many Trump supporters in the Midwest are starting to realize how stupid their decision to vote for Donald really was. And those are the words that THEY are using.
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03.10.17 3:50
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Roasted In SNL Season Premiere
Saturday Night Live began their new season this past weekend, and now that Sean Spicer is out of the picture, they are skewering new White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
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146 days 5:12
Donald Jr. Thinks His Family Will Go To Jail If Trump Loses The Election
The only reason that Donald Trump was not prosecuted for obstruction of justice by Robert Mueller is because Mueller relied on the outdated code that the DOJ wouldn't prosecute a sitting president.
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76 days 3:21
New York Attorney General Warns Trump She's Coming For Him After Election
On MSNBC this past weekend, New York Attorney General Letitia James had some terrifying words for Donald Trump.
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10 days 3:35
Aide Says Trump Lost It After His Insurrection Failed
According to new reports, Donald Trump was furious when his insurrection failed, and he has now completely "lost it." This makes sense: The storming of the Capitol was supposed to be a show of
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69 days 4:13
Pfizer Shuts Down Mike Pence For Taking Credit For COVID Vaccine
On Monday, Pfizer announced that their vaccine trials were going incredibly well, and that 90% of the subjects so far had a reported immunity to COVID-19.
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26.09.18 3:38
Internet DESTROYS Tomi Lahren After She Picks A Fight With Michelle Obama
Tomi Lahren thought it would be a good idea to attack Michelle Obama over a recent speech where Mrs. Obama advised people to vote for what they believe in.
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106 days 4:42
The Disgusting Truth About Why Trump Jr 's Girlfriend Was Fired From Fox Has Been Revealed
According to a bombshell new report this week, the reason that Kimberly Guilfoyle was let go from Fox News was because she was a lewd and vile person to her staff.
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06.11.17 3:24
Saturday Night Live DUNKS On Sarah Huckabee Sanders And Her Lies
Saturday Night Live once again went after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her apparent inability to tell the truth to reporters, this time intersplicing her press conference
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176 days 5:00
Trump Left Stunned After Senate Republicans Finally Stand Up To Him
A shocking thing happened this week when Republicans finally found a tax cut that they weren't in favor of passing.
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05.07.19 5:39
Kellyanne Conway Has Complete Nervous Breakdown On Reporter For Asking Simple Question
Kellyanne Conway does not like being asked tough questions, and apparently she doesn’t like being asked easy questions, either.
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160 days 5:08
Republicans Furious At Trump After He Yells At Billionaire Donor
Donald Trump had a phone call with conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson last week, and the call could not have gone worse.
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7 days 3:49
Forbes Warns Companies That Hiring Former Trump Officials Will Destroy Their Reputations
Forbes Magazine is warning the biggest companies in the country that if they hire former members of the Trump administration, they will destroy their reputations.
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30.10.18 4:21
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Storms Out Of Press Briefing After Yelling At Reporter
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in no mood to deal with reporters asking about Donald Trump’s hypocrisy with regards to civility and how he treats media outlets, and after one
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109 days 3:57
Trump Family Is Terrified That Parscale Is About To Snitch On Them
According to reports, Trump World is currently in a state of panic over former campaign manager Brad Parscale, and there is reportedly a concern that he is going to start talking to the authorities.
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14.05.17 4:04
902 609
65 days 4:29
Trump's Niece Warns That He'll Go Nuts And Start Breaking Stuff During Final Days In Office
Mary Trump, the niece of the outgoing President, penned an op-ed recently warning that her vengeful uncle will absolutely give us the worst version of himself during his final two months in office
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67 days 4:41
Lawyers Worry About Losing Their Licenses After Filing Trump's Fraudulent Lawsuits
The lawyers who are filing the phony voter fraud claims on behalf of Trump in court are starting to realize that this isn't worth it, and that they could actually lose their licenses if they
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213 days 4:23
Trump Sits In Total Silence When Asked Why He Hires Liars And Wackos
As a gathering with reporters was wrapping up on Thursday, a dejected Donald Trump was asked by a reporter why he always hires people who are "liars" and "wackos." The reporter was using Trump's own
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06.11.17 4:12
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119 days 5:06
Trump Threatens To Sign Order Preventing Biden From Running For President
Either Donald Trump doesn't understand what powers the President actually has, or he genuinely believes that his supporters have the collective IQ of a potato.
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11.10.18 3:47
The Truth Comes Out: Nikki Haley Busted Taking Kickbacks From Donors
The reason why Donald Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley abruptly resigned this week just became a little clearer, as new reports indicate that she was the beneficiary of multiple kickbacks from
819 278
12.07.19 5:42
Kellyanne Conway Gets Verbal Beatdown By Congresswoman
Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends recently to whine about the fact that her 1st Amendment rights were being trampled by Congress, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley wasn’t going to allow
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50 days 3:12
Trump Is About To Be Sued For Not Paying His Debts For His Rallies
The city of El Paso, Texas has hired outside legal counsel to force Donald Trump to pay his debts to the city.
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71 day 4:21
Deutsche Bank Could Seize Trump's Assets When He Leaves Office
Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to Deutsche Bank, and that debt is coming due VERY soon.
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19 days 3:38
784 182
62 days 3:19
Eric Trump Reclaims The Title Of Dumbest Trump Kid With Idiotic Rant
The battle for most idiotic offspring of Donald Trump has been a back-and-forth throughout the entire administration, but it looks like Eric Trump is going to walk away with the title.
768 615
22 days 3:11
Trump Supporters Are Suing Mike Pence For The Dumbest Reason Ever
A group of Trump supporters have now filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence that has one election lawyer saying the suit is "just so dumb." These supporters are suing Pence because he has
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146 days 5:38
Melania Trump Caught On Tape Trashing Donald And His Kids
Use code ROF to get 15% off a Vincero watch at vincerowatches.com/rof According to reporter Yashar Ali, a former friend and advisor to Melania Trump is about to release a book detailing
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