11 days 1:45
Android 11: New ways to communicate and control smart devices
Android 11 brings you a more intuitive mobile experience, so you can get to what’s important on your phone.
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11 days 1:41
Top Features in Android 11
Android 11 is here!
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23 days 1:19
Get your tasks done with Google Assistant Snapshot on Android
The new Google Assistant Snapshot on Android is here. Gather your most important to-dos into one accessible place, to help you get all of your tasks done.
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39 days 3:32
Earthquake detection and alerts now on Android
The Android Earthquake Alerts System turns your Android phone into a mini seismometer to detect earthquakes when they start.
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39 days 0:45
Android Emergency Location Service
In an emergency situation, your Android can’t put out a fire or restart a heart, but it can help the heroes who do those things arrive sooner.
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39 days 0:45
Earthquake alerts, now part of Android
Animals don’t have to be the only ones in the know about an incoming earthquake. Get precious seconds to drop, cover and hold on with earthquake alerts on Android, starting in California.
26 457
39 days 0:47
Bedtime tools on Android
Don’t let endless cat videos keep you up all night. With Bedtime mode and the new bedtime tools in the Clock app, you can easily maintain a consistent sleep schedule.
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46 days 1:45
Share links, photos and more with Nearby Share on Android
Nearby Share on Android is a way to seamlessly share content with other Android phones near you.
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121 day 1:57
Android Accessibility: Introducing Action Blocks
Over 630 million people in the world have a cognitive disability. Enabled by the Google Assistant, Action Blocks is helping people simplify interactions on their Android phone.
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121 day 3:08
Android presents: Paul + Voice Access
Paul Lane is a loving husband, tech enthusiast, and a quadriplegic. He uses his platform to tell others how important adaptive technology is.
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149 days 1:07
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip powered by Android
Android and Samsung collaborated to bring you hands-free interactions on the Galaxy Z Flip.
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171 day 1:53
Google Duo and Samsung bring 5G video calls to Android
As video calling becomes more common, Samsung and Android are bringing you better video calls on the Galaxy S20 lineup.
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184 days 1:35
Introducing Camera Go on Android (Go edition)
Android (Go edition) is bringing the power of mobile to 100 million+ active users around the world.
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242 days 1:53
Smart home with Android: More control for more devices
Android and Google Assistant make it easy to automate your home.
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256 days 2:47
Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages
Check out a preview of the new Google Assistant experience “Read It” that enables natural reading of long form content on your phone, like a news article, blog, or short story, out loud.
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278 days 0:31
Digital Wellbeing on Android: Wind Down, your way
Your phone shouldn’t distract you from getting sleep. The Wind Down feature on Android reminds you that it's time for bed, based on a schedule you set.
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278 days 1:54
How Google makes emoji easy on Android
Express yourself with emoji on Android 😀. Hear from Android product manager Seb Grubb on how Google invests in improving emoji with Unicode.
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299 days 1:24
Ambient Mode: Android's proactive Google Assistant
Ambient Mode brings a proactive Google Assistant experience to your Android phone.
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301 day 1:47
Android Accessibility: What’s new with Sound Amplifier
Change and enhance the sounds around you on your phone with Sound Amplifier. Software engineer Ricardo Garcia, shares the newest additions that make it easier to use.
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301 day 1:06
Sound Amplifier in Action on Android
Software engineer Ricardo Garcia is demonstrating the Sound Amplifier in Action. Find out how this feature helps filter and amplify what you want to hear.
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325 days 1:27
How to protect yourself from phishing with Android
Today, phishing is one of the most common causes of data breaches. Hear how your Android phone can double up as a security key to become your best defense against phishing.
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325 days 1:03
How to protect your privacy with Android
For peace of mind, protecting your tech is key. Android is dedicated to keeping its 2.5 billion+ active devices secure every day.
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338 days 1:54
Hearing aid support on Android
For the first time, hearing aids can pair directly with your Android phone.
69 631
18.09.19 1:33
Family Link: Digital Wellbeing for the family
New Family Link tools help parents manage their kids’ digital lives.
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03.09.19 1:46
10 ways Android 10 will help you
Introducing Android 10 - accessible, inclusive and safe. See the latest features that make it our most helpful release yet.
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22.08.19 2:42
Say hello to Android’s new brand identity
Android’s brand identity is evolving with new colors and an updated logo.
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22.08.19 1:01
The next evolution of Android
Android’s brand identity is evolving. As we continue to build Android for everyone, we want to make sure that our brand is as inclusive as possible.
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24.07.19 1:41
Bringing Sound Amplifier to life across billions of Android users
Using machine learning, Sound Amplifier on Android augments sound and filters out background noise for people who have hearing loss. Hear from Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr.
143 135
27.06.19 0:56
AR in Search: A new way to learn
Discover 3D augmented reality models directly in Google search. Hear from product manager director of AR experiences Jennifer Liu on how Android’s AR Core brings visual experiences to a new level.
102 951
14.05.19 1:15
Android Digital Wellbeing: Tools for balance
We’re committed to helping you find the right balance with technology.
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