1 Sep 2007
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Protected by Android
Android is all about keeping you and your information safe so you can focus on what matters most.
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A new design for Android Auto
Android Auto’s new design brings universal split-screen support, expanded Assistant features, and enhanced messaging to improve the driving experience.
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Help is on the way with car crash detection on Android
Android can deliver help in critical moments when you need it the most. Hear the story of how Android car crash detection connected first responders to a real user after a crash.
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Lando and Daniel of McLaren Formula 1 take Android for a spin
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo of the McLaren F1 team take their new Android devices and Google apps for a test drive.
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#Shorts New Android features headed your way
💚Organized inbox and nudges in Messages by Google 💚Highlights on Google TV 💚Portrait Blur in Google Photos 💚Live Transcribe offline mode 💚Nearby group share 💚Emoji Kitchen combos 💚Screen time widget
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Google TV Highlights: Keeping up with your favorite shows just got easier on Android
No more FOMO! It’s easy to keep up with all your favorite shows and discover new ones on #Android.
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Add Portrait Blur to old or new photos on Android
It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo of a cat or a houseplant. Or if you snapped the picture ages ago.
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Easily switch to an Android phone
Switching to a new phone should be a seamless and reliable experience.
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Artist Jessica Oddi Empowers the Disability Community Through Accessible Design
Jessica Oddi, a disabled designer, focuses on projects that empower marginalized communities and is rooted in accessible design.
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#Shorts Happy Lunar New Year from Android
Happy Lunar New Year! Use the new Emoji Kitchen combinations on your #Android phone to wish loved ones luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.
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Android Presents: A Conversation about Connected Devices & Equity
On January 7th, Android hosted a special talk with Sabrina Ellis, Mark Risher and Florian Koenigsberger about connected devices and equity to wrap up our virtual presence at #CES2022.
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Android 2022: New helpful features for you
We're changing the way your devices connect.
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#Shorts Stay in touch this holiday season with the Samsung #GalaxyZFlip3 5G
Use the Samsung #GalaxyZFlip3 5G to spend the holidays with friends and family near and far. With Google Duo in Flex mode you can still enjoy dinner or open presents together.
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#Shorts: Helpful Android features for the holiday season
Your #Android phone is the holiday helper you didn’t know you needed. Use features like, Phone Hub, Nearby Share and Family Bell so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.
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#Shorts: Helpful Android features for the holiday season
The newest features for your #Android phone are here. Which ones are you most excited for? Comment below.
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Rediscover photos with the Google Photos People and Pets widget
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.
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Stop sharing data with apps you don’t use with permissions auto-reset
Remember that new mobile game you downloaded a few months ago? We don’t either.
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Keep everyone organized with Family Bell on Android
Whether it’s getting your family out the door in the morning or winding down at night, Family Bell from Google helps you make it happen on time.
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#Shorts: Helpful Android features for the holiday season
The holiday season is around the corner and your #Android phone is here to help you ease into it with features like starred messages and setting reminders with Google Assistant.
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#Shorts: Stay safe with new privacy features in #Android12
New features, new ways to keep you safe. Take a look at the latest #Android12 privacy features that give you more control over important data like your location, mic and camera.
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The newest features for you in Android 12
The next chapter of Android is here!
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#Shorts: Nearby Share on Android
Improved visibility settings on Nearby Share let you take full control of who can discover and share with your #Android device.
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#Shorts: New accessibility features and apps on Android
Communicate using facial gestures with Project Activate and use your phone's camera with Lookout to get more information about the world around you.
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Stay alert with Heads Up on Android
Android helps you focus on your surroundings. With Heads Up, you’ll get a notification that reminds you to stay alert and look up from your phone while you’re walking.
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Control your Google TV with your Android phone
No remote? No problem. Now you can use your phone to find something great to watch on your Google or Android TV.
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Manage day-to-day tasks using Reminders from Assistant
Keeping track of everyday to-dos is even easier with recurring reminders that notify you at the perfect moment.
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Android Accessibility | Communicate using facial gestures and preset actions
The newest Android accessibility app helps people communicate using facial gestures and preset actions if they’re unable to speak or use their phone with their hands.
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Android x Samsung Galaxy | A foldable future
Foldables are redefining what a smartphone can do.
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15.06.21 0:35
Send messages securely with end-to-end encryption in Messages on Android
End-to-end encryption on the Messages app helps keep your chats more secure while sending, so no one can read the content of your messages as they travel between your phone and the phone of the
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